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if the game for move are fun, i'll give it a shot.

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I want to but I won't...unless its REALLY cool.

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Prehaps, not sure on Kinect yet.
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No to both.

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Nope, taking 14 credits this semester and barley working. Don't have money for anything =(.

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Nope, already got a Wii.

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Fuck no, I already have a Wii.

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How has it come to this...

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Kinect probably

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I'm gonna wait for the first round and see what actual games come out rather than "proof of concept"  tech demos and wii wannabee's...
Not thrilled with the price tags, relocating furniture to accommodate the camera's or waving my arms around looking like an idiot in my living room either

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Not quite yet. Maybe farther in the hardware life cycle, who knows.
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I said no, because it will take several really excellent titles to win me over towards the Move or Kinect peripherals.  I'm pretty skeptical of this happening.
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Isn't there a option for "maybe"?

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Nope. At least not right now. I'm not a motion control fan. I have a Wii that I don't play. The price tags are kind of high barriers to entry. And finally, the software looks like HD shovelware.

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At launch? No. Eventually? Yes.

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I'm going to wait around Christmas time to see what there is to offer then. Got enough games coming in the next couple months that I want more.

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No. Already have a Wii and don't see anything as of right now on either the move or kinetic that will pull me into buying either of this.

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No. The Wii was already too different from the way I like to play games, and these peripherals are even further in that direction.

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maybe depending on what comes out of it. so far it just kind of seems like sony and Microsoft are just making these for a quick buck. the only thing different from the wii and the rest of them are the graphics are better. it is pretty much it for it.

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Not at launch. None of the games interest me at the moment.

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Not at launch, though...

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As much as I hate dancing, I want one for dance central; but one game isn't enough for me to buy kinect.

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I'm giving it a good wait. see if any good games still come out for them 6 months ahead of their release. I doubt I'd ever get them though

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Not at this point. I've been so disappointed in the Wii that I'm in need of some convincing before I jump into more motion controls. I'm more interested in Kinect than Move (which is a little too like the Wii for my tastes), but there's no killer app yet as far as I can see. I fully expect to never purchase it.

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No. Heavy Rain Move seems cool but I can't justify buying Move just for one game.

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Maybe in the future, but right now the answer is no.

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No. It's just too damn expensive right now and I really don't see a good reason to buy one.

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If they can make game mechanisms more than a wagglefest and fix the input lag, I will consider it. The Wii has put me off motion controls for a long time.  

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No. None of the games for them interest me. 

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I already ordered my Move.

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nope don't have the room for it, even if i cared about motion control

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Not unless something fucking awesome comes out.

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Not for a while, at least.

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Not right away no, I want to see how they settle in first, then I'll decide.

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Yeah, probably. I'm definitely interested in both, especially since I don't have a Wii and I'm not sure I really want a Wii (even though there are games that appeal to me that are exclusive to the system). Dance Central looks fun and I'm interested in how the Move controllers will be used in stuff like Socom 4 and Resident Evil 5 (or even Dead Space Extraction!)

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probably going to get a Kinect, assuming I can figure out if my living room actually has enough room 

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My apartment in Japan probably can't handle the space required, without some serious furniture shuffling, and neither product has convinced me it is worth the hassle yet.