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Nope. I plan on keeping everything. I see my collection of games as a library, like someone who would collect book on a bookshelf. I wish I had done this back when I was a kid but I was just so intent on having the newest consoles that I would sell everything, haha.

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Nah, I've kept all my past consoles so I don't see why I'd do any different with my 360. Nostalgia you know?

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Probably not. Game collection aside, my ps3 is still useful as a blu-ray/streaming box for one of my tvs.

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No I'm keeping both PS3's for Blu Rays.

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My 360 is an original 20GB Premium model so it's not worth anything, I don't play it very much at all but there's no point in selling it.

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I recently bought a 500 gig HDD for my PS3 and downloaded all of my digital games onto it. It's not going anywhere.

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Only if the new Xbox is backwards compatible, which I'm sure it won't be. I have way too many movies and XBLA games on my HDD to walk away from.

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Where's the 'I don't have a PS3 of Xbox 360 to trade in' option?

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My 360 maybe, that thing is just a glorified DVD player now. 
At the same time I've felt the pain of trading in games I've wanted to play later on before, so it'll be a sad goodbye nonetheless.

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Why are you making non stop polls?

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Fuck no! I'm probably not even gonna buy the consoles until a year or two into the new cycle.

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I'm going to give my 360 a viking funeral and replace it with an HTPC.

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No. I plan on keeping my Ps3 and 360. I've been saving my money and will have enough to buy a new console. I also don't know how the transfer of all my digital games will play out on the new consoles.

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A few months ago i decided to get rid of all my Retail games, this is all that i kept. I am $1,000+ richer than i was and i do not have a pile of games i probably will never touch again, so i'll keep my xbox but i wont have any games for it.