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Well, I'm pretty hyped about Europa Universalis 4 (grand strategy UP IN HURRRRRRRR) so I've been reading their dev diaries, which they have been doing once a week for a while now and are going to do it until release (which is like 9 months away? crazy swedes), but I was wondering how many of y'all read/watch stuff like that; videos or diaries basically hyping up features. Sure, it's very... positive (THIS IS HOW IT WILL ALL WORK IF THERE AREN'T BUGS) (EVEN THOUGH THERE WILL BE BUGS BECAUSE THIS IS A PC GAME) but they're still a decent way of seeing the game.

by the way that new trade system will be amazing, unf

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Watching the trailer now!

Hm. That was not very illuminating. Look -- a nicely rendered map! Haha, laughed at my own joke. In all seriousness I'm pretty excited for EU4. I've yet to get Crusader Kings and that itch has really been, uh, itchin.

Your question: I watch/read them for games I'm really excited about, but I don't really search them out all that often. Not sure why, honestly.

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League of Legends Champion Spotlights

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Nah. I just want to play the games. I don't care about the developer's creative process.

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I tend to ignore all coverage for games I'm most excited about, and don't really care enough about most other games to want that sort of insight. Its when I have no idea what to think about a game that I'm most interested in developer diaries. Like if there was one for Dragon Age 3, I would watch the hell out of that right now.

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I tend to, but only for games I have already completed, more often than not there is spoilerish material in these things, such as enemy designs from near the end of the game. I do sometimes even watch them for games I have no interest in playing for example I would totally watch the shit out of Eve Online behind the scenes stuff.

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no, i didn't know that developers did these. i only saw a few because they were on tv, which means theyre popular. i think i watched a halo 3 one.

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No, don't find them that interesting

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Depends on the game. If their blog is good, sure, I'll read it, even if I have no intention to (or can't) get the game. I like seeing the art process, the works in progress, all the rejected designs. Sometimes the devs can be really funny, too.