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That is of course providing entering a CD-Key from your boxed games don't work.

Nearly every game I own on disk I have re-bought, mainly when they are on sale (For example just bought Medival 2 complete collection for £2.99) Its so much more convenient having them stored on a server one click away then having to find the disk, install the disk and insert the disk everytime to play it (Going out of your way to get a NOCD crack is not convenient )

So what about you guys? Do you do the same?

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For a second there I thought you meant buy an actual boxed version after buying it on Steam. That woulda been psychonuts. oh and yes to your question

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Yes, I buy too many games.

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I don't repurchase them, I'll usually just pirate them.

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@Feanor said:

I don't repurchase them, I'll usually just pirate them.

How does one pirate a box?

*visions of sweded game boxes*

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@Silock: I've bought games that I owned on the 360 before, does that count? I have something against buying games that I already own elsewhere even though I have bought Braid like three times already.

Lemme make a list of games that I have bought more than once on Steam or otherwise:

  • Toki Tori
  • Super Meat Boy
  • Bastion
  • Gratuitous Space Battles
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • Braid

I must've bought Super Meat Boy 12 times by now. The bundles are just so much cheaper.

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Boxed versions of PC games? No. Retail versions of console games? Yes. Most recently Saints Row the Third. I had the PS3 version and loved it, but I wanted to play the DLC. I saw that I could get the whole thing off Steam for less than the cost of just buying the DLC on PSN.

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If there's a problem running the disc-based version and the price is right, yes. Some of my discs are lost or their associated CD keys are.

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Uh, I'll rebuy games on console. There is no need for two copes of the game on steam though.

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I bought Portal ⁊ Braid, both of which I had previously completed on a friend's copy. That's about as close as I've come to re-buying a game.

EDIT: Oh wait! I bought Bioshock again, because I got it in a deal with Bioshock 2 for $7.50.

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@Lunar_Aura said:
For a second there I thought you meant buy an actual boxed version after buying it on Steam. That woulda been psychonuts. oh and yes to your question
Ah same here. The wording in the title certainly makes it seem like that was the question.
And I mostly do. The fact is I didn't buy a whole lot of PC games back before 2004.
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I rebought Longest Journey because I am not sure where my discs are. And I bought both Arkham games on Steam even though I own them on PS3 just because they are still a great replay, especially on PC with the better graphics/framerate.

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I technically re-bought Sins of a Solar Empire, since i got the Trinity Edition (the original game plus two of the expansions)

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Yes but they are always PS3 games originally. Like I've owned everything Assassin's Creed on PS3 at one point or another and beaten them, but I still bought the AC Pack so I could have them forever tied to my steam account and enjoy better graphics.

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Yeah, I did that with The Orange Box.

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I've only done it a few times, and only to games that I either couldn't run anymore with a disc, or where it was just easier to have it on steam rather than a stand alone install. I'd say... Maybe 5 games total, and like I said, most are older games that won't run on Windows 7 without DOSbox.

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If I think it's a decent game or would be better on PC, I do.

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For games I owned on consoles, yes. For PC box games I have not done so yet, and don't plan to, but I won't avoid it as a rule.

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Yeah, it's part of the reason I have four copies of GTA IV somehow.

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I have re-bought a few games if they are cheap in sales, because using a disc in 2012 feels stupid. I don't even have my DVD drive plugged in now.

Shogun 2 took like 40 minutes to install from disc, I can download and install it in half the time from Steam.

I threw out all my boxed PC games.

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Yes :(

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@Feanor said:

I don't repurchase them, I'll usually just pirate them.

Why would you need to do that if you already have the game?

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Yes, I mostly buy games on console the first time and then realize how awesome the modder community is for most of these games so then I buy it on PC...

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@MordeaniisChaos said:

@Feanor said:

I don't repurchase them, I'll usually just pirate them.

Why would you need to do that if you already have the game?

Too lazy to dig out the box and find the CDs. Or in my case, I don't even have a DVD drive connected to my PC anymore. I could spend ages searching around for my Age of Empires 2 CD (and then plug in a CD-drive...) or I could torrent it. Services like GOG mitigate this, of course, but a huge part of it is convenience.

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I often buy boxed copies as I really hate large download files. Most modern games need to be run through steam as basic DRM so in effect they are steam games, just installed from a disk.

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Its why i dont buy games on steam unless there is a boxed option available in my country. Because i dont feel like i "own" my so called games on Steam. Thus i buy stuff like Amnesia, ie that isent available (here at least) in physical form.

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I tend to do this, but in reverse. I'll buy something on steam, and if I really like it and respect it as a piece of art I tend to go and buy a boxed copy, especially if it has nice packaging.

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If the boxed game is a slow pain in the ass to install from CD/DVD and patch up and maintain, yes :/

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Nope, every game I have on steam I never owned before in disc form.
I still have several games I install from disc, why pay twice? I've got enough bills to pay and savings to do.

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I managed to resist doing this until maybe 2 days ago when I caved and decided that not having to dig up my Thief 2 CD was worth $2.50.

I feel so weak D:

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I believe I have four copies of BioShock 2. A sealed PS3 copy, a sealed 360 Special Edition, an XBLM version (because I didn't want to open the special edition), and a Steam version.

I have four copies of Bastion. XBLA, Steam, Origin and Humble Bundle.

Oh. I have five copies of Dragon Age Origins. A PS3 Collector's Edition, a 360 version, an XBLM version, an Origin version and an Amazon version that I haven't used the Cd Key for yet.

Four copies of Dragon Age 2 (another sealed Special Editon) four of Burnout Paradise.

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No, but I have bought some games on Steam that I already bought on XBLA before.

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No, that's just ludicrous, who would be idiotic enough to do that?

Well, ok maybe one or two...OK ALL OF THEM! I HAVE A PROBLEM!

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At this point, I don't even own any games on physical media anymore.

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I dont buy physical PC games. all digital or I dont bother. much easier

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What is this..."Steam" you speak of?

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I am actually in the process of going completely digital. So, I'm re-buying every boxed PC game via GOG or Steam. I think it is worthwhile, especially when the games are on sale. Having the digital copy gives me access to the game anywhere, sometimes there are even cloud saves, and I get the patches/updates automatically through GOG or Steam. And in the case of GOG, I can run the games much easier due to their work.

Before making this decision, though, I actually did buy a couple boxed games that I already had digital copies of... I know it sounds crazy, but there was a time when I was nervous about trusting my entire gaming catalog to a digital distribution platform. I know Valve has said they will un-DRM Steam if they ever go under (at this point, I doubt that will ever happen, and if Valve went under, I'm confident Steam would just be sold and continue to run). However, if Steam ever did go down completely without that happening, those games would not exist. My box copies would.

I've just decided, at this point, that the risk is small for such a disaster, so I'm going all digital and re-buying every PC game I own, though it may take me another year or so to get fully caught up (just because I don't want to spend all that money at once).

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Nope I never buy games twice not even for different platforms. I didn't even download some of the free PS+ games because I have them on steam already.

The only exception is for bundles. I own World of Goo about 5 times.

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no, thats crazy. im not crazy.

i HAVE bought the PC version of a couple games i own on 360, and even bought the 360 version of some games i own on PC. (call me crazy, but i actually prefer skyrim on my 360.)