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So I bought a brand new controller for the PS3 a few weeks ago for local co-op play and I was wondering if anyone on GB still use their first controller that came with the console?

I still use my first PS3/Xbox 360 controllers that came with the consoles back in 2007(360) / 2008(PS3) and I think they can keep going for a few more years.

Have you replaced them all yet or are they still going strong?

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I'm still using the original controller that came with my PS3. Which, like yours, is from 2008. Battery life is getting a little short on it, but other than that, it still works perfectly.

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I'm still using the original controllers I got for the 360. Two wireless and one wired. Pretty solid.

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Still using the DualShock 3 that came with my slim PS3, but I switched to a black wired controller for my 360. Got tired emptying TV remotes for some quick double A batteries.

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Haven't used a Sixaxis controller in years since I started using my Red DS3.

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I'm on my second dualshock 3, third 360 controller.

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I think I've been through 5 dualshocks and one sixaxis. They don't exactly stop working, but L2, R2, and commonly used face buttons like X eventually get to a point where they're not as responsive as I'd like them to be. Been through like 4 360 controllers, I replaced the initial one with a wired version so I didn't have to worry about batteries, but it just stopped working for some reason, then I got the rechargeable one for the same reason and for the better dpad. The rechargeable battery pack it comes with is awful though, it was so bad at holding a charge that I just had to play with it plugged in. So since I had it plugged in anyways and thought the dpad still sucked I just got a regular black wired one since they're way more comfortable. It's working out okay for my pc gaming, though I think I'll replace it with a new gen controller once support gets where it needs to be.

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Edit: Didn't read the question right. Made some changes.

This is my 3rd PS3 controller, I think. First had a sixaxis with my launch (or near launch) PS3, I upgraded to DS3 when it came out. I then had the spring on the R2 break, so I opened up my sixaxis, took one from there and swapped it, broke again. I then bought another DS3, with digital camo. It looks pretty nice.

I bought my 360 pretty late and definitely didn't use it as much, so everything is still fine.

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I still have my PS3 controller from like 2008 but thats because I almost never use my PS3. I've gone through about 5-6 360 controllers since 07 because I keep dropping them.

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For the 360/PC I use the Halo 4 controller (I know, I bought that thing) as it has the rotational D-Pad, and for my PS3 I use the Dualshock 3 that came with it. Although the PS3 is a special case as it is my second PS3 console, so technically it's not the first controller I used (the first being a Six-Axis that came with my first-gen PS3).

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I still use the PS3 controller on PS3. For PC I use my PS4 controller and will probably buy a second at some time in the future. I recently got rid of my last 360 gamepad that I was using on PC and it feels gooooood.

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My wireless 360 controllers batteries are dead, so I can only use it with the play-and-charge kit. And the rubber from both the wireless and the wired controllers analogue sticks is starting to come off. Other than that they both still work fine.

My ps3 controller better not be having any problems anytime soon, since I just recently got it along with the console itself.

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I have 2 PS3 controllers from 2008 and 2 360 controllers from 2010, all of them working flawlessly.

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No. The Sixaxis was the flimsiest first party controller I've ever owned. My DS3 is much more durable.

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I remember my Sixaxis controller just broke one day, I figured the battery died and I threw it in a box. Years later, I find it in the box and it starts working again. Though, since I bought a Dualshock after I thought my controller broke, I've used that one since.

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I still have my first DS3 controller but it is back up, occasionally use it.

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Nope. Went through a bunch of PS3 controllers, they seemed to break far quicker than the 360 ones, but I've been through quite a few of those too. I had one PS2 controller for the duration of its life.

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I had to replace my original 360 controller due to stick drift (plus the nubs had worn off, which just looked bad). The replacement is still kicking along just fine.

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Nope. My original Xbox 360 controllers works, but the thumbsticks are worn down and clicking in the left stick only works half the time. I bought a wired 360 controller to replace it. Now I don't have to worry about batteries anymore, and I can easily use it with a PC. Yaaay.

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I still have all of my original controllers, though I bought a PS3 in 2010 or around there, so that doesn't mean all that much yet. My 360 controllers from back in 2007 were once wireless but I think the part of them that connects to the batteries has somehow stopped working. Neither a play-and-charge-set nor regular AA batteries work anymore, but I just plug them into the console and that keeps them going. When playing a game, they function quite perfectly, so I'm not about to replace them just yet.

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I think aside from my original Playstation all my consoles still have the pack-in controllers in working order, PSOne DS is working, PS2 DS2 is working fine (sometimes the select button doesn't react on the first press), launch PS3's sixaxis still works perfectly fine and I use it when I'm tired and with the way my arms are messed up I like that it is lighter than DS3.

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I still have all my original controllers from PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox and Xbox 360.

Now back in the Sega Genesis days, I would go through those controllers constantly!! I think as I've grown up I've learned to not throw the $50 dollar controllers across the room.

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I have three 360 controllers, and they are still fine. Can't say the same for the first Xbox 360 I owned. I'm more inclined to use my newest one because the little nubs on the sticks aren't as worn. Although I did have a problem with rechargeable battery backs not holding a charge. After buying some third party packs and having the same issue I just started using AAs.

I haven't had a PS3 as long, only have one controller and no issues.

Before all of that I've only owned Nintendo consoles and the controllers all still work great. The one possible exception of the N64 sticks not being as tight as they once were, but still very usable. One of my NES controllers was once submerged in sand, but works fine. I can't tell it apart from the sand free controller.

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Broke my controller that came with my PS3, bought a replacement and it started acting up and replaced recently with a White DS3.

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Screw that I still use my PS1 controller!

Also use my PS3 controller for my PS3.

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@shagge said:

I had to replace my original 360 controller due to stick drift (plus the nubs had worn off, which just looked bad). The replacement is still kicking along just fine.

Ah I have the drift problem too.

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I think I must be on my 5th ps3 controller, or maybe even more.I have kinda lost count. When I rage, its those poor controllers that gets to feel my fury :(

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I bought a wired ps3 controller, the mini-pro one that has built in lights and the analogue layout of a 360. I use it for PC games too.

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My dad got a PS3 in 06 which I used at the time, and he still has the same old controllers, but I personally got the MGS4 PS3 edition in 08, and so with that, I also have and use the original controls. I also have and use the original controls for 360 as well. I don't actually believe I have held a black 360 controller for a long amount of time before. I think now, at least for the PS3, I'll need to start getting a new controller. It's not broken or anything, but it doesn't feel as great as it used it. I still have the original controllers for all of the consoles I bought actually, and they all, aside from N64 controller, work fine. The N64's stick is pretty bad.

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Yeah I have a raw sixaxis sitting around somewhere. Every now and then I pick it up by accident, instantly feel its cheap, light plastic, and put it down in disgust.

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@geraltitude: Lol, I do that ALL the time. I bought mine on accident when it was on sale for $25 at a store thinking it was a dualshock 3.

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@cbyrne said:


Lol, I do that ALL the time. I bought mine on accident when it was on sale for $25 at a store thinking it was a dualshock 3.

haha yeah, the feeling when you pick it up is just like awh man. So cheap feeling.

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I bought a replacement PS 3 controller a couple of years ago after my original PS 3 controller started getting a bit flakey, probably because I wore the buttons out on it.

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Still use my old original Xbox S controller I rewired for usb on my PC ages ago.

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Yup, still using the original 2 360 controllers I bought at launch. I'm on my third 360 so I got another two I haven't even used.

I used the sixaxis until the dualshock 3 came out and they all work fine. On my second PS3 so there's another unused dualshock somewhere.

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Yes and yes. But in the case of the 360 I have a wired one that i use more frequently for PC games.

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I'm still using my original Dualshock 3, but I just bought my fourth 360 controller. This is mainly because I use my 360 way more than my PS3 though. I got a 360 at the end of 2006, then bought the 360 Slim when it came out, then bought one of those silver controllers with the transforming D-Pads when it came out. Been using that for years now, and the stick is starting to get a bit too sensitive for my tastes, plus my play and charge pack is dead so I figured I might as well replace the whole controller.

PS3 I got when the Slim came out, but don't use it much. There's probably only four or five games I really got into on my PS3. At some point my DualShock 3 started to randomly register inputs when moving the analog sticks, but I took the controller apart and fixed the problem myself.

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I still use my original DS3. I spilled water on my second one and it no longer works. I use the 360 controller that has the D-pad you can twist now, but my original 360 controller still works, I just don't use it as much.

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I've easily worn out 4 Xbox 360 controllers.

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Still use the wireless 360 controller I bought at launch, but I use it on the PC with the wireless dongle.

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I've still got my original PS3 SIXAXIS as my PC controller despite the original console having passed on many years ago now. I hate the lack of weight in it but I can't be bothered to sync my either of my Dualshock 3's back and forward between the PC and PS3.