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(Single player)

So I was reading Jeff's review of Crysis 3 and I noticed he called enemy tagging "cool." He's free to his opinion it's not like I give a damn, but I was wondering, in what way is enemy tagging cool to someone who is a seasoned video game player?

I can see the mechanic being used by people who don't play much games and might be intimidated by suddenly getting gang-banged by enemies, but if you're someone who's played hundreds of games and wants a challenge, why would you equip your binoculars, put a marker on the 10-12 enemies populating an entire level, and then start moving forward while looking at the moving markers and popping the enemies underneath them when they get in your line of sight?

Isn't part of the fun supposed to be about you memorizing the locations you saw enemies and then successfully finding and killing them? Crysis 3 lets you be invisible and lets you tag enemies so you can see them until they die.. does the word "cheats" ring any bells for you? It does for me.

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I do it all the time in multiplayer games. I feel like I can be useful to my team by spotting enemies for my teammates who are better at shooting dudes in the face than I am.

I don't really give a crap about it in singleplayer.

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Then don't do it.

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im currently playing far cry 3. and tagging in this game is amazing.

without it i'd probably just end up winging it and slopping my way through the game.

but because your camera and marking guys is a big mechanic, i end up playing real methodical and doing recon on every outpost and mission. i go around marking guys, then carefully plan my assault. "ok, i'll stealth kill that guy, drag his body behind that shack, sneak up and deactivate the alarm, stealth through those boxes to do a heavy takedown on that heavy, pull out by bow pop the sniper. ect."

without that feature i'd probably just end up trying to stealth every outpost, eventually get caught, and sloppily shoot my way through the rest.

its a good mechanic that encourages caution, thinking and planning ahead.

in multiplayer games, i LOVE it, i always do it when i get the chance, its again, a great mechanic that encourages teamwork and helps communication. if i have an SMG and way far away i see an enemy sniper, i can spot him for my teams snipers since trying to outshoot a sniper at long range with an SMG is foolish.

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Until Far Cry 3 I'd never used any tagging system given to me. Maybe I tagged one enemy in Crysis 2 but then stopped playing because I thought it was garbage. The Farcry one is really neat and quite essential in the earlier parts of the game. Found myself outnumbered and out muscled on a few occasions. It also just adds that extra little bit of depth to the tactics of the game.

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Then don't do it.

Ya I don't get when someone is essentially complaining about an option part of single player.

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In Battlefield, sometimes when I remember to.

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Crysis 3 lets you be invisible and lets you tag enemies so you can see them until they die.. does the word "cheats" ring any bells for you? It does for me.

You also happen to be an absurdly powerful super soldier in Crysis 3. You're supposed to feel like you have an unfair advantage.

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If it is an option I do. It was really helpful in Farcry 3 and I do so in BF3.

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Yeah, when I play Battlefield I hammer on Q all the time even just so it shows me people that I might not have noticed.

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In Battlefield, sometimes when I remember to.

Yeah, I kinda see it as an essential part of being a good team-player. Would expect real-life soldiers to be something like ''Oh buddy, see that tripwire over there? Yeah, properly don't wanna play crazy-cocaine-monkey near that'' :D Also, as somebody in this thread pointed out earlier, depending on your load-out (At least in Battlefield 3), it can very well be an excellent idea to spot for your teammates. A personal example follows, also from BF3.

I was playing a team death-match on that island map, the one that has basically been featured in most of the BF games ever since 1942, and got pinned by a sniper. I believe I was playing as an engineer, so equipped with the standard M4 and SMAW I had very little of a chance to walk out alive. I managed to mark the sniper on the map and a few seconds following my spot, another guy from the team looped a grenade over the sniper's position, using a mortar, and die did he indeed.

Now that I think of it again, I realize how awesome that match was.

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never not tagging. planetside 2 is the worst. i tag everything i see. tanks, ATVs, airships, whatever.

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It's basically required to tag guys in Gears of War 3 given the nature of the shooting mechanics. You might see a guy pass by and only land a bullet or two (it takes a lot of ammo to kill someone), but if you tagged him the moment you saw him someone else knows where they are going.

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No. But to be fair, it was kind of cool in Crysis 3 so it did deserve some mention in Jeff's review.

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Since I honestly suck at most FPS games, I tag opposing forces just so I can have more than 0 points in the round. Tagging jets is fun.

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I always tag enemies in any game that allows it. Its helpful for me especially since I'm not the best at FPSs.

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Only in games that I can do it, like BF3. I tag the crap out of enemies that way I always get bonus points when my team kills them.

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Only in online games and only when they let me bind it to a key I have no other gameplay use for that's easily reachable like the Q key, or the back side button on my mouse.

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I did in Gears 3.

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In BF it is a must, so yes.

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I always tagged everything all day when I was doing takeover missions in Far Cry 3.

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Pretty much only in online games. I mash my Spot key pretty much nonstop when I'm playing Planetside 2.

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Gears 3