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I have a slight interest in the Ouya given how open it is. With such a setup, there's no telling what some indies will try to do. :P

Absolutely no interest in the Shield though- as it seems to fit a niche that can already be satisfied relatively easily. And is a niche I hardly ever feel a need for.

Oh, and Steam's Piston/Steam Box? Also absolutely no interest. Though of the three, its the most likely to succeed.

Also, Given Ouya's success at Kickstarter, I'd say the Ouya has a better chance than many seem to think- though that 'chance/success' will probably be nothing more than a larger than expected cult following. :P

I don't see Shield doing well at all though- it'll probably be too expensive.

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Shield is worth it alone if it can stream my PC games. In fact, I think they might be shooting themselves in the foot by not making that the only feature. Shield should be a PC accessory like the Track IR or a racing wheel, not a separate thing. Then again, not everyone has at least a GTX 650 (required to stream), so they'd be limiting themselves that way. I'm going to buy it if the price is right and the battery life, etc is right.

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Nope, but Ouya and Project Shield are trying to be very different things compared to the other home consoles.

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how could you not take The Shield seriously? They've been beating everyone's ass on a weekly basis since they did a run-in on Ryback.

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Gaming is serious business so yeah, i do. Why not have new ways for different people to play games? Whilst i dont mind dropping 50 notes on a massive rpg, a lot of my friends and family would much rather pay a fraction of that and play games on an Ouya or similar platform. Just because you dont like android/ios games dosent mean there are not thousands of people out there who would jump at the chance to play those games on their TV. Ill have one on launch and im sure all those kickstarter produced games will work just fine on them.

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@kagato said:

Gaming is serious business so yeah, i do. Why not have new ways for different people to play games? Whilst i dont mind dropping 50 notes on a massive rpg, a lot of my friends and family would much rather pay a fraction of that and play games on an Ouya or similar platform. Just because you dont like android/ios games dosent mean there are not thousands of people out there who would jump at the chance to play those games on their TV. Ill have one on launch and im sure all those kickstarter produced games will work just fine on them.

They should have made it the NES of 2013 with a two/four button controller. Older people were able to wrap their heads around games back in those days because it's not hard to remember 2 buttons.

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I honestly don't think they have a chance to succeed. It is such a hard market to break into, people will be skeptical of them and that hurts how they perform.

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No, be it ouya or onlive it's just people without a vision.

Even if the companies don't go broke and deliver a good product you still need about 2 or 3 generations for devs to actually work on your console as much as they work on Xbox and PS3 and thus have the same amount of games, and in that time the concept of "gaming device" and "device with other" uses will be gone because (hopefully) both tech will advance enough so that the money differentiation between hardware with a good graphic card and a lot of RAM and hardware that doesn't have it will be around 50 to 100$ and the newer generations will not be bound to concepts such as " a console is for games and PC/phone is not ".

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Nope. They have not shown anything that merits taking it seriously.

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I don't take consoles seriously at all. They could end up being serious competitors, probably not, but it would make the market interesting if it did!

I'm way more stoked about the Xi3 / Valve piston project however.

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For me, the OUYA is going to be an emulation platform, a home streaming solution and a general "look at what these guys made for this weird thing" piece of technology. I also like the look of that controller.

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I think the OUYA sounds cool as a indy console. The shield not so much.

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No because in the end big studios don't and indie games make up 10% of my gaming.

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I don't yet, but I probably should.

Isn't SHIELD more of a PC streaming device? I'm a bit baffled as to what that thing does. If I'm accurate, it seems as minimal as a Steam Box, which is just about taking the work out of playing PC games on your TV. Which is cool! But I'd honestly rather play most of those games at a desk.

As for OUYA, I don't really take that thing very seriously. The Android market isn't "bad," but it's significantly smaller than any other notable games market. Not to mention the lack of signed-on developers and exclusive titles. There's no reason it couldn't be cool in the end, but they've generally lost me on the use case.

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I think Ouya could have some possible potential, I haven't had enough time to process Shield.

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Of course not. Playing PC games with a controller only is a bit stupid in my book.

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I think this is where a lot of hate stems from. Do I take it seriously in terms of competition for Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft? Hell no. Do I take it seriously as a gateway for indie devs and a media device comparable to things such as the Roku? Hell yes. I say judge it for what it is, and I believe what it offers is more than enough reason to justify dropping $99.

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I don't see them as a major competitor for say PS3 and 360 but I really hope they are successful. I still don't know much about the Shield yet, haven't had time to research it, but I hope Ouya really takes off just because they want it to all be open for the user to manipulate. I hope more consoles allow you to hack it with ease and do whatever you want with it. It might, MIGHT, just get me back into console gaming, although highly unlikely with the massive library I've built on Steam. =P

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I'm open about it.

If we reject new options, then we are doomed. Seriously.

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every time i hear the name The Shield i either think of a) the FX show or b) the team of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns not a hand held console. That and most of the talk has been about playing a PC game on the same wifi network, which makes me wonder why the hell i wouldn't just play it on the PC with a 20"+ monitor instead of a 5" screen. The ouya might be cool, but that depends on what happens with it.

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Ouya seems ok.

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I put the Ouya in the same league as those 50 in 1 machines.

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The Ouya? Absolutely not, I am just now rationalizing the thing, and think android games are much better played on a phone or tablet connected to a controller.

The shield, although it's visually challenged, I can see as a semi portable console system. I say semi portable because even though it's technically small, the shape and thickness rule out pocket carrying, so it's portable in the sense of you can take it to a party or special outing where you know you're going to play it. It's not meant for time killing portable games, it just seems like a more portable solution for console like gaming, but then if we go that far, why wouldn't someone just buy a vita?

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I take them as seriously as I take your username.

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Shield is the new N-Gage

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Not yet. I can't predict the future.

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Shield is actually kind of awesome. Full controller. You could do some great emulation and streaming from your PC on that thing. I doubt I get one but it's something I like the idea of.

Android based consoles I have no damn interest in at all but who knows. If it got support eventually I'd check it out. I'm not against it in theory.

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They are indications of things to come. We are going to see some pretty interesting changes in the gaming world over the next few years. Buckle up!

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I see the SHIELD as a tech demo. The concepts behind it can be interesting for future consoles/PC stuff, I just don't see myself ever buying one.

Ouya seems like a waste of cash.

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I don't take them seriously.
Of course I don't take seriously the toys most people play games on like their ecksbawks and their pee ess three.

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SHIELD is a mistake. Nvidia would've been better off releasing a premium gaming PC, like Razor, instead. Ouya could be real interesting due to the attractive price point and growing popularity of free-to-play games. The determining factors, imo, are 3rd party support and how they'll handle multiplayer.

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I haven't thought about the Ouya one bit.

So no

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I don't even know what those are. I think I heard them say these words on the Bombcast but that's all a blur.

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I think these are blatant cash grab attempts during a market prime for a cash grab. This is basically cellphone quality hardware being marketed as a standalone product, because cellphone quality games have raked in billions.

The success of cell phone quality games is out of the convenience in the fact it can be played on something you already own, not something you have to actively seek out and purchase a 100-400$ product separately to play in some boxed living room environment.

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How can you compare new technology in an unproven market to console developers who have spent decades establishing and developing an industry? Make sense.

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I take them seriously. It's people wanting to shake up the way that consoles handle themselves, how they build their systems, and how they work within the market.

I don't think they are going to nab a bit market share, but I do think that guys like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Valve look at what those guys are doing and see what is working and what isn't.

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If they work correctly and actually ever come out, then yeah. But this all reeks of the Phantom.

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I think this could be best answered in a hypertext format 

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The Steam Box experiment? I take that very seriously.

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I guess I can see why people wouldn't be decided yet on these consoles, but it's weird that you're all so negative. I guess everyone is loyal to something. Probably just adverse to a fractured market, in which case I hear you. But brother, this generation is only going to get crazier, mark my words.

Shield could be really interesting, but it needs a design overhaul. For one, you could use it as a set-top box to stream PC games to your TV, which I think is a cool feature, specially with people who have PCs far from their living rooms. Additionally, you can use it to play on the couch when the TV is being used, which several articles have praised the Wii U for. So I wouldn't write off Shield, especially when its backed as big a company as nvidia.

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No, It is like a PC except more toned back. And not as good? I guess I am not in the market for this kind of stuff.

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I'm more interested in seeing what it can do beyond games such as be a good set-top media streaming player which accepts all formats and options. Can it run CCCP with ffmpeg natively? Games are an afterthought.

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no, i don't take them seriously.. OUYA is just a cellphone that can plug into the tv to play games.