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Poll: Do you think junk or disappointing games are bad for more than just the publisher/dev? (17 votes)

Yes, bad games may turn casual buyers off of buying any games in the future. 18%
Yes, there is a small effect, but people see games as being different and will try another title. 24%
No, people may be disappointed, but they understand that a junk game does not mean games are junk. 47%
No, there is little to no effect when a bad game is released. 12%

Thinking about this with Aliens: Colonial Marines and Resident Evil 6, and some other recent titles, like even Dead Space 3 - do these kind of poorly received or generally disappointing games have an overall detrimental effect on the viability of producing videogames?

As in, joe blow consumer sees hype videos for Aliens:Colonial Marines, sees the ads in gamestop and gets pressured to pre-order, picks up the game because he doesn't follow game press or blogs, just sees commercials on TV.

If these kind of consumers (there are a lot of them) find the game to be crap, does their general impression of videogames as an entertainment option vs TV or movies or whatever else degrade and make them more likely to say this is bullshit i won't buy another game?

I think it's certainly possible - the way games are hyped in the media and pushed at retail, a lot of casual game buyers (maybe 1-2 games a year) never see much of anything except TV ads and what gets plastered on their local gamestop's walls to pre-order. Not the most trustworthy direction for your entertainment budget.

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I don't think so. There is always a certain degree of bad in any entertainment categories. Then again, I wonder if people who are out of the loop video game wise actually know that bad games are, well bad.

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I'm pretty sure Joe Schmo is familiar with the concept of an overhyped bomb, as it's not exclusive to video games.

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No, not at all. Average Joe understands that sometimes you buy a product that looked appealing on the shelf but when you get it home, you find that it's actually not all that great. You might occasionally find someone who will put down video games forever for a crappy game, but not many.

Besides, when someone gets into video games enough to go into a Gamestop or a Wal-Mart and buy a brand-new $60 game, they've probably researched it a bit. You don't spend $300 on a console and then $60 on a game without asking your friends what you should buy or going to several different websites and finding what's popular. And if you're like the average Giantbomb user, well, you most definitely understand that some games are total turds.

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Are there really people who preorder games that don't visit enthusiast websites? Outside of the Madden's and Call of Duty's of course. I would assume if Joe Blow cares enough about a game to preorder it's because of either word of mouth or positive hype from games press.

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Would that kind of person even realize Colonial Marines is a bad game? Like, it's not completely broken, right? You can pick it up and shoot things. Maybe it's worse than my perception, but it's not Superman 64 bad. They might be mildly disappointed that it isn't as good as Call of Duty, but I doubt that would cause them not to buy other games.

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Yes absolutely, but I think it's just as likely if not more likely for a "joe blow consumer" to be turned off from gaming not from low quality games, but high quality games that are too complicated for him.

edit: However you can't really blame the company for releasing the bad game anyway. Even if there was an unspoken rule to only market good games, that would go all out the window the first time any company breaks this rule. At which point it's every game publisher for itself. Which is what we have now.

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I hear bad games kill children. And are sexist.

EDIT: By the way I'm joking everyone. On both remarks. It's ok to laugh again everyone.

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Bad games can taint consumer confidence in a developer/franchise of several games. Not so bad if the franchise has a mediocre reputation to begin with, but pretty damaging to sales if traditionally strong series has one or more poor releases. Resident Evil, for example, had a strong reputation from RE1 to RE4 and most off numbered games released during that time. Now? I don't think Capcom can bank on a new Resident Evil to sell above a particular threshold.

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I feel like a Joe Blow might actually enjoy those games. He likely isn't as critical as the hardcore, forum-going crowd, and just wants to shoot shit for a handful of hours.

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@project343 I'm a firm believer that if a game isn't broken, there is an audience out there that will enjoy it regardless of what the reviews say.

Also, nice forum name.

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No way man. If that were true why would anyone still be going to the watching TV, going to theatre or buying music? Ratio of shit to quality in those industries is on another level.

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I think it might affect a minority group but not all.