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I have been thinking deeply about my life lately, and where i want to go with it. I'm 20 right now, will be 21 in a few weeks, and i have some more years of college to complete. I've been wondering if Gaming is hindering my abilities to do some things. I know that some people think that gaming is only for kids, but lets be honest, it's awesome and it's for every age group it may seem. We can see this with the Wii especially.
But I want to move on steadily with my life, and have even thought deeply about life-changing stuff like getting married, getting my own place, having kids and all that crap :P But i love my gaming.

So do you think that there is a certain age to stop gaming at? Mid 30's? Late 20's maybe? An age where you may feel that gaming is no longer accepted?  I think i might stop when I'm in my mid-20's. Is this a foolish idea, or do you think that is acceptable?
I'd like some insight from the older generation of gamers here at GiantBomb. I guess i have just came to a point of realisation of real life.

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I will play video games until I get so old my fingers will fall off if I continue. Video Games are for all ages, and all ages enjoy them. I will still be playing video games when I'm like 70. What the hell else am I supposed to do all day while I'm retired? :P

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Death, so age varies from person to person

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Hell naw.

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never quit what you love. i'm younger so i suppose my view doesn't count. 

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What? You want more? What more is there to say?

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There might be less time for them as you grow up and have more responsibilities, but that is no reason to stop doing something you enjoy.

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I am only 23 years old so I'm not much older than you, but I am married and I go to school full time and work part time.  I go out and have fun and do many other activities other than game.  I believe there is no age to stop gaming because you shouldn't  ever stop doing something that you love doing.  I know plenty of people that work, married, and have kids and still find time to play games when they want to.  It's all about balance.  There will come a time when you will have to cancel your WoW account and pulling all nighters lol but you should never have to give it up completely.  

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I was 31 when the N64 was released and that's when I really hit my stride. I had a better job and bought more consoles and games than I ever had. I'm still rolling at 45.
As for quitting, it's up to the individual. If you think it's hindering you, hit the power button and turn it off. That's my only advice.

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I guess this would come from how when you get older, you have to quit certain things because of conditions like bad hips etc.
I mean it's a form of entertainment, and probably the last possible thing to do if you can't do anything else truly...

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The older I get the more I enjoy videogames, my stepdad is in his late forties and still likes to keep up with all the new releases even If he isn't very good at them and has a good job and a family so I don't see why age has any impact on whether you should be playing videogames or not. 
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I think this song explains it all

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im 30, 31 next month, and gaming more than ever

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@Interfect said:

" I think this song explains it all

But we will NEVER get enough,
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Then don't stop 'till you get enough.
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When your life clock turns black and you are hunted down and killed. Good enough for Logan's Run, good enough for me.

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My grandfather is in his 70s and he activly plays his 360 so, no there really isnt an age.
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I am almost 33 and I have been gaming since the original Nintendo.  I played games a lot up until my teen years and then I slowed down at times as my life dictated but I have always owned a system and I usually upgrade within a year or so of the new system coming out.  If the spirit hits you to quit then by all means do so.  However, if you enjoy it then continue to do so but just adjust it to your lifestyle. 

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No. To think otherwise is ridiculous.

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@Vito_Raliffe said:
" No. To think otherwise is ridiculous. "
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well we might be the first generation where we never really have to stop, i'm not sure, old people still watch movies and, to us at least, gaming is at that level of quality. There will be times when we're too busy to do too much especially those of us who get really hard, tough jobs... but i don't see why we won't come back to it all the time. 
there's more responsiblity when you start a family though, so i'm sure when we get to that point our time will be severly cut. We'll play with our kids sure, but any free time will probably be spent elsewhere.

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i'm 14 right now, and i can imagine myself playing MORE in the future.

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@Rhaknar said:

" im 30, 31 next month, and gaming more than ever "

 31 and still going strong no Viagra needed .

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You're 20?  You should let someone else handle your joystick from now on, brah.

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no, there is no age at stopping video games. there are people that still play video games, married, have kids and have a job.

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Nope. I'm 30, married with kids, and I still game. It gets harder to do it a LOT as there are a lot of demands on my time (job, family, home ownership, chores, etc.), but I still game quite a bit. If it's something you love, stick with it!

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Do you think he'll ever stop?
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83. Because that is as old as the Giantbomb age gateway will let you be.

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If i stopped, i'd be screwed, considering i'm going into games programming. 
There's no reason to completely stop gaming... 
Now if you're totally addicted to WoW, like certain people i know, and it's screwing over your life, like certain people i know, then you should probably stop playing it, permanantly, unlike certain people i know.
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@Toxin066 said:
" 83. Because that is as old as the Giantbomb age gateway will let you be. "
This is a valid point. At 83, you're not welcome on Giantbomb anymore.
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not in this day and age

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I don't think you force yourself to suddenly be "too old" for games. If you are that person, it'll just happen. Your life will take up more and more gaming time, till eventually you don't care that much. You know you're pretty much done when a new console rolls around and you're just about indifferent about owning it.

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No, there's certainly no age when you should quit gaming. 
If you are interested in a woman yet she won't be in a relationship with you or marry you because you play video games then she isn't worth wasting your life with. Gaming is apparently part of who you are, and you shouldn't fight that.

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I've never seen anyone "quit" gaming and I've been playing for 24 years. As you grow older your interests within it will certainly change, but outright termination? Doubtful.

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I will still play games if I want to. Obviously I will have different priorities then from now that will mostly restrict my time gaming but it won't bother me.

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@CornontheCobbe: Bro, I had something similar happen to me, I am currently 22 years old, finish college and beginning my career in law enforcement this year, I have friends who I work with (NYPD) who are gamers and are much older 25-33. They tend not to play as much as you would expect because of the lives they live i.e kids, overtime. Sometimes I get into games with them like COD:MW2 and they absolutely suck so it worries me. I think if you are a true gamer you will always remain a gamer just find new interests. When I was 14-18 I was a huge RPG fan, now I am more into FPS and MGS has always been my favorite since I played the first one when I was around 14. I would say don't worry about it and game on, BTW when I use to play Socom 3 couple of years back, I came across a 51 year old gamer, he was average and a lot of motivation.
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I think at some point you need to slow down, consider doing more real things.

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Video games are entertainment they should hold you back from doing what you wish as much as movies or music. The idea that gaming must be let go or it will hinder your abilities to lead a better life are your own decision. It is this thought process that keeps video games from being mainstream and accepted as a cultural influence. 

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Realistically, if your busy, yeah. If you want to do other things, yeah. If you are worried about getting arthritis, sure. Otherwise play to your heart's content.
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I'll be 30 years old in 3 days and i don't plan to stop gaming. truth is sometimes i'll go for months without playing anything and then i'll have months where every free moment i get i'm playin a game.
gaming is just what i do to unwind. I'm more of an interactive minded person..i don't really watch TV at all and don't watch too many movies. I prefer to interact with my entertainment, be it games or other hobbies, rather then passively absorb it. music being the only acception.
so, no, there's no realistic age you should move away from gaming, that's just weird due process ideology that ya find in the minds of the youths. I'll put a bullet in my head before i feel the need to watch American Idol just so i can have somethin relatable ta talk about with the common folk.
...but then again i'm just F'in weird, so bare that in mind.

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It's just as good a hobby as any other.
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I don't game as much as I used to, when I could blow off homework indefinitely and roll through RPG's in two days.  I still like gaming, however, so although my habits and priorities have changed, my gaming hobby has continued.
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Started when i was 12 took my first class using a tr-80 playing Oregon trail and still play today. I did slow down a little in my middle 20's and 30's but in my book, there is no industry better for entertainment. 
After i read some posts i was thinking gaming includes so much more than just a console or computer. I still play pick up football,  volleyball and golf in the summer and am snowboarding now in the winter. Gaming is just about having fun, if you are having fun, why would you quit?

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Why quit something that you love to do.

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@CornontheCobbe: The core gaming age is... 28 I think? I'm 28 and have owned at least one console of every generation starting with the Atari 2600, so basically when I was 7 the core gaming age was 7... sega master system 1989, which is the year you were born? Granted I recently had a hiatus of gaming for about two years and just got back into it last year, things haven't changed a bit!.. Meaning, as I mature... the games mature. As you get older games will too, sure they'll still make them for kids, but games aren't being made for the kids of today, they are being made for the kids of the 80's and 90's and are only going to get bigger and better!... think "Virtual Reality". Maybe take a break, but you'll never be too old for gaming... when you're actually too young in theory.
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For some reason every year I get older I enjoy video games less and less. I don't play that often because I'm 17 now and can drive. The reason I used to play so many video games in the first place was because I was so bored all of the time.

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Yeah. The age you're at when you die. 

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Everything in moderation is just perfect.

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If you're 50 and still gaming, you're a whole new level of cool.