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Posted by Choi (540 posts) 1 year, 3 months ago

Poll: Do you "vote with your dollar" and refuse to give your money to some digital or retail stores? (Steam, Origin, Gamestop, etc.) (184 votes)

Yes 61%
No 39%

I refuse to give money to EA via Origin, because I already have all my games on Steam and I'd like to see a future where all my PC games are "under one roof". On the other hand that's why I totally support Humble bundles (you get steam keys for all games) and GOG because there is no DRM.

It's not that I'm "boycotting" EA, just hope that more people think that way and vote with their dollar.
They're a business, if they see that they can make more money putting games on Steam then sticking with Origin, they would do that, right?

What do you guys think and do, and what do you think the future holds for all that stuff?

#51 Posted by Divina_Rex (351 posts) -

I would never want my PC games to only be available through one seller. That would be awful. There are so many PC sellers that they slash prices so they can move stock. It only benefits me.

As far as EA is evil and all that shit. I don't care. If there is something I wish to buy, then I will buy it. If I don't wish to buy it, then I won't.

#52 Posted by UnlimitedSheep (33 posts) -

I do. I don't buy any games digitally because I like to have something physical to show ownership. In fact, I don't buy any media digitally unless I already own a physical copy. I suppose I'm just old fashioned. I also use money to support things as well; I bought a copy of Deadly Premonition despite not owning an Xbox because quirky games like that are awesome.

I don't know whether "voting with your dollar" is effective or not, but I'll make the consumer choices that are best for me. The businesses that provide what I'm looking for will get my money, and the ones that don't, won't.