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Poll: Do you want Drew to be on the 'Bombcast' (507 votes)

Hell yeah, Drew is awesome and should be a permanent on the Bombcast 86%
No way, he adds nothing to the conversation 2%
Don't care 8%
Let's get someone new in! 3%

Let me preface this:

@drewbert is awesome! He is into indie games and simulations (barely represented in the bombcast) and he knows a lot about the mainstream games as well.

He travels a lot into exotic and interesting places. It is a blast to hear/watch him share his experience of his voyages.

I believe it would be awesome to have him be a part of the 'Bombcast' as a permanent member.

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No, he isn't "down" enough with the "rap music".

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I think I already saw a poll about this earlier in the week.

Of course I'd be fine with Drew getting in there. He's a much-needed younger presence.

(your choices don't appear that nuanced though)

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Literally another poll about this exact thing that has been circulating quite well over the last few weeks.

#4 Posted by TMBaker (230 posts) -

I always favor more of Drew.

#5 Posted by Nightriff (4866 posts) -

Don't care is more my answer but I think Drew is great as an alternate like he was this past week. So my answer is No I don't want him to join because that makes his appearances more memorable and enjoyable just like Dave, Will, Alex, etc. Felt the same way about Patrick in 2011 and eventually he became a full time bombcaster and he got on my nerves

#6 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (887 posts) -

Hell yea, more Drew is always great.

#7 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2178 posts) -


#8 Posted by Zajtalan (1163 posts) -

drew is a blessing but you should never have too much of a good thing

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Do we really need another topic on this?

#10 Posted by EchoEcho (813 posts) -

Drew is awesome, but he should stay as an occasional guest (maybe a more frequent guest than he's been in the past, though.) Five people on the cast usually results in either too much talking over each other, or one person ending up being abnormally quiet -- likely because they can't find a good place to chime in.

Like I said in the other thread about this exact same thing, I think it'd be better to just start a second podcast altogether with Drew, Matt Rorie, and (if he's down with it) Dave Snider. They could have a rotating fourth seat that the rest of the Bomb Crew can sit in on every week.

#11 Posted by Clonedzero (4040 posts) -

Why is 'Bombcast' in 'quotations'?

#12 Posted by h0lgr (908 posts) -

Drew is great. He doesn't try to take over the podcast or always has an opinion, instead he chooses to pick his battles and say things when it fits, or when he has something to say.
He's also very insightful and knows alot - plus he's got character. Keep him on!

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1. The poll options are poorly selected.

2. I don't think Drew wants to be a permanent role, maybe a fill-in when the normal cast is away but I'm sure he has many other responsibilities to handle for the site. He's insight and facts on gaming/life are awesome though.

3. Dave has also filled in a few times but he's busy as well. With Scoops gone I think they'll keep it as is right now but have special guest aka developers aka friends of bombcast appear.

#14 Posted by Grillbar (1792 posts) -

i want drew on more often, but i dont want him permanently since he has enough to do allready. but i would not mind him and rorrie to be on fairly often when theres time for it.

#15 Posted by Akyho (1584 posts) -

Id love to have him in more often. Except Vinny and Drew both are needed for video editing, Vinny has became so important to the bombcast he HAS to sit in and that is only allowed because Drew can work away for those 3HRS! and keep the ship running.

We love our content and these dudes already stay up till midnight sometimes to make sure that a vid goes up of a live stream with in 24hrs of it being filmed. Even coming in on the weekends to fix it when a video go awry.

To have the video crew not only lose 3 man hours with Vinny in the Bombcast seat as they do now. Instead lose 6!? with Drew.

Its sounds nice but impractical.

#16 Posted by JJWeatherman (14553 posts) -

It's entirely possible that Drew doesn't want to be on the Bombcast, which I would personally understand. Let's just let whatever happens happen.

#17 Posted by crusader8463 (14411 posts) -

I do, but I get the feeling that Drew doesn't play enough games to ever really have much insight into most conversations they have on the podcast. He seems to like a few games and plays the hell out of them and doesn't really dabble in everything like the rest of the guys do. Like when he is on the live streams he just sits in the corner not saying much unless it's his turn to talk about his game. I would imagine him being on the podcast would be like that.

#18 Posted by kagato (886 posts) -

If Drew is up for being on the bombcast then sure, id love to hear more from him, but we are assuming he has the time to be there.

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This was a short but very Drew heavy week. I always like when drew or even Alexis gets to be on camera or on podcast. Still waiting for Dave to make a stop by and do a Flight club.

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@crusader8463: Id rather Drew be an expert on a few games then skimming the surface on a bunch of them. Ad much as I love the bomb crew it's often frustrating listening to them talk about games that they only tangentially know about. Patrick admitted he was guilty of this himself in his latest Q&A video. Which excited me that he will finally get to deep dive on games now.

#21 Posted by Jackhole (356 posts) -

I like the old school 4 man casts - Ryan, Jeff, Vinny, Brad. It just feels right. That's not to say I don't like mixing it up every now and then, but I prefer the classic crew.

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Clearly, Drew is great. Anytime he wants to be on the 'cast is fine with me!

Whether or not he wants to be a permanent member should probably be up to him to decide. I imagine he's a busy dude.

Personally, I would love to see a rotating, optional five-hole comprised of Drew, Rorie, friends of the site like Brad Muir and Jared Rea, and occasional Skype segments with Patrick where he comes cutting in with HUGE, BREAKING SCOOPS~

I think that would be cool.

Regardless, I look forward to an exciting, dynamic future for GIANT BOMBCAST (tm)!

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Only if he wants to.

#24 Posted by LTSmash (598 posts) -

No, but I DO think he should occasionally break in with hints if the regular Bombcast crew gets stuck on a difficult topic.

#25 Posted by RonGalaxy (2835 posts) -

Id rather have cool guests

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Yes, I "do" want "Drew" to be on the "Bombcast."

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Sure, if he's got the time.

#28 Posted by The_Nubster (2037 posts) -

I'd like that, but seeing as Monday is Bombcast recording day and also video-filming-and-cutting day, I don't think that would be the best use of his time. Vinny is already indisposed by it, the site would grind to a total halt if both video duders were on it.

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@the_nubster: you could just have a north Korea news section with him in then :P

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Giving Drew, Rorie and Alexis opportunities to get in there would be fun. Drew was great this week, and I'd look forward to seeing more appearances. But I hope they keep the spot open for guests, I want another Johnny V/Adam Boyes type episode!

(As your poll didn't reflect my thoughts, I didn't vote)

#31 Posted by Subbeh (90 posts) -

When Patrick joined I thought five people was a little much, without him the Bombcast doesn't seem the same.

Always enjoyed it when Drew or Dave were on though and if he can find the time it'd be great to hear Drew on more often.

#32 Posted by Darson (440 posts) -

More Drew is good Drew.

#33 Posted by rentfn (1276 posts) -

I heard he causes the Bombcasts to crash...

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all that anti-bombast radiation he gives off


#35 Posted by lifesabeachh (16 posts) -

Drew's the guest spot you always love watching, like Don Rickles on Carson...but he's kinda like cardboard. Just zero personality.

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Ryan and Jeff cover 90's stuff while Drew and Vinny cover bug-out bag stuff. Seems perfect to me. Maybe they could get a sixth man (Rorie?) to help Brad cover gross/dangerous stuff some more.

#37 Posted by xhaktmtjdnf (13 posts) -

I like Drew on the Bombcast seems like a nice dude. Not such a bad thing for there to be a younger voice on the Bombcast. However, he seems like an occasional fill in since his focus really isn't on the editorial side of GB. Hopefully they find a permanent replacement now that Patrick isn't in the main office anymore.

#38 Posted by Regal (434 posts) -

I didn't vote because it doesn't have the most obvious/correct option which is that five is too many for the bombcast, four is just the right amount. Drew is a good guest when there is a slot to fill up but please, no five man bombcasts for the regular show. It always was four and four it shall remain!

#39 Posted by Rabbykayn (215 posts) -

Drew is great but I have a feeling his time is budgeted more appropriately doing other things. The editorial crew have the room to record a three hour podcast because it's what they're paid to do. Meanwhile, Drew is editing videos and god knows what other techy goodness he's paid to take care of. It would be a lot of extra work to put onto his plate without financial compensation. See what I'm saying? At the end of the day this is a work environment.. and as cool as it sounds to all of us to chat with the Bombcast crew for three hours a week in a hot room, how would you feel about having that dumped onto your desk at work but without any extra compensation?

#40 Posted by MEATBALL (3016 posts) -

Drew is awesome, but I'd probably prefer he remained a fill-in. I'm happy with the podcast staying Ryan, Vinny, Jeff and Brad.

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Of course.

#42 Posted by spykereightsix (78 posts) -

Drew is awesome. He has a very subdued perspective on things compared to everyone else, which is a nice balance to the more opinionated Ryan/Jeff.

#43 Posted by EquitasInvictus (1944 posts) -

I loooove Drew. He can be on the Bombcast, but what I really want is more Flight Club!

#44 Posted by bunnymud (717 posts) -

Rorie. It's only logical

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Yes, 100% yes. Now that Patrick is (sadly) not available anymore, I hope they give his chair to Drew.

#46 Posted by Sploder (917 posts) -

Nope, enigmatic Drew is the best Drew

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No. I like Drew but 5 people just makes the show worse. OG four us all that is needed.

If someone is out for a week, then sure.

#49 Posted by pyromagnestir (4195 posts) -

Do you want Drew

You could have just stopped there the answer is yes.

I'm 99999.999916% sure this is almost exactly what I said in the other thread.

#50 Posted by c0l0nelp0c0rn1 (1798 posts) -

@rorie wouldn't be a bad idea. He could take over Ryan's email duty and talk with Vinny about Dark Souls.

Just a thought.