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Only if there's a chance of a secret cutscene at the end of it.

#3 Posted by buft (3320 posts) -

never, i usually go make a cup of coffee

#4 Posted by McGhee (6075 posts) -

You never know what might be after the credits.

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I usually browse on my PC, watching them out of the corner of my eye in case there's another scene after.

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If it's a game that has really impressed me with the dialogue/voice acting/gameplay/game design/art content, I usually want to know who made all of it possible so I stick around then.

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If the game was good, and credits have a nice soundtrack + cool pictures.

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I would like to see the names of the people who had to put up with all the bullshit just for the sake of entertaining me.

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nice soundtrack + cool pictures.

I'd like to see more games just have credits full of concept art, I love to see stuff like that. Homeworld/Homeworld Cataclysm outro credits was probably some of the best I've seen. Baldur's Gate had some nice concept art/game design process elements in its credits too. In fact, I'd want to see more games just release all of their concept art but finding such things they end up either as collectors items, thrown away, or locked in a tiny cupboard so nobody else in the world can see them.

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Yeah, usually.

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Yes, because a lot of credit sequences are awesome and sometimes there is stuff after the credits.

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I do, but only to see if there is a joke or stinger or phone call to the president at the end.

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Yeah I tend to stay for the credits. It's the least we can do to acknowledge the people behind the development of the games we play.

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If I liked the game then I always feel i should at least acknowledge the people who made it. Plus sometimes there is a rather awesome name that will just completely take me by surprise. For example Mr Nolan North in Portal 2. There is no way I would have known about that.

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Yes because of many reasons, either there is an awesome ironic song playing, there is an achievement involved, extra story cutscene or dialog or no button on the controller that will skip the credits.

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I never skip credits but I don't actually pay full attention when watching them usually. If they put on a video in the background or some pictures show up I watch more attentively.

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I don't skip them, but I've usually just sat down and played the game for a few hours, so I tend to my natural needs while the credits are scrolling.

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Yes on the off chance that there's a surprise post credits scene.

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Yes, especially after meeting people who work in game dev studios. Human beings made that game you just played, at least take an interest in who did the favorite bits of your experience. In my case, I definitely always read the cast list and the list of concept artists/animators.

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Always. I also always stay for the credits after movies (when I <rarely> go - Having a 120" <3 meter> diagonal projector setup means I don't need to brave cell phones and sticky floors that often) and always watch them at home too.

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I could watch to see who made a really exciting game, stuff during or after the credits or maybe just cause they picked a cool song.

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As odd as it sounds, I always like to check and see if the credits include all the babies born to the staff during the production of the game.  Sometimes they're hidden among the messages, sometimes they have their own block, but you'd be surprised at how often this little news item winds up in games.

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Yes, because those people worked fucking hard and I admire their work.

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Nope but I stick around to see if their will be anything after them.

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Yup, I always do.

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Yes, since there's usually something after the credits like in the game i just finished.  
MGS2:Sons of Liberty 

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I never skip credits the first time round, but I'll probbaly get a drink or somthing.

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I usually let them run, though I don't sit through them.

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Yeah I always do.

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i leave them running, it's a tradition, but i don't scan through the names or anything.

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Halo Legendary endings are reason enough to watch credits.....remember that Halo CE legendary secret ending?

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Yes, but often I do something else while they're running.
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yes, i usually watch them. 
sometimes there are secret things at the end of the credits.

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@McGhee_the_Insomniac said:

You never know what might be after the credits.

#38 Posted by petedee (69 posts) -

Usually, its something I've done since I was a kid and I see no reason to stop now :)

#39 Posted by Napalm (9020 posts) -

You haven't beaten the actual game until it kicks you back to the title screen.

#40 Posted by YI_Orange (1173 posts) -

I never skip the credits, like everyone else I'm afraid of skipping something. I don't actually watch them though, usually I'll do something else, sometimes I'll sit there and passively watch them as I think though. Plus, credits can have some pretty good music with them.

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Yes, because it gives you time to think about what you just played. Also, there might be something after.

#42 Posted by Liquidus (943 posts) -

MGS has trained me to always watched the credits through.

#43 Posted by Damian (1538 posts) -

The first time, always. I don't know why but it feels disrespectful to not when I've liked the game enough to finish it. 
I also enjoy finding people with awesome names in the fold.

#44 Posted by TooWalrus (13259 posts) -

@McGhee_the_Insomniac said:

You never know what might be after the credits.

Pretty much, I stick around until they drop you back to the menu screen.

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Yep. Credit sequences can be entertaining, have good music, and might have some secret stuff at the end. Though, if it's something like a fighting game that plays the credits after every run through arcade mode, I might skip them after watching them once.

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Yes, I usually do.

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I like to sit there for 5-10 mins  and think about the game. Maybe laugh at some of the names and the thank you messages.

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I voted for "D", although it would be more correct to say that "only if there's SOMETHING ELSE involved afterwards", not just Achievements. Like a little epilogue or extra content. Otherwise, I skip them.

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Always. There might be a hint of a sequel at the end, or something.

Imagine if you didn't watch the credits to something like FFX.

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I always watch credits just in case there's something at the end.