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I'm just curious, how many people here actually watch Let's Plays? Why do you watch them, and what games have you watched?

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Absolutely. I'm always watching videos on Baldurk.

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It really depends on the game. I have watched about 7 of them all the way through, but I have started countless lets plays.

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Sometimes, I do, but I more often watch retsupurae.

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Yes, I like to watch them right before I go to sleep, or while I'm eating. There are currently only two Let's Players I follow... okay three. 
I watch Kikoskia because he's a great narrator and commentatory on the games he is playing. Plus, he likes to play OLD-ASS RPGs on the PC that I've never even heard of.I also like that he can be funny and entertaining without be vulgar or obscene. 
I just started watching Tobuscus' LP of Amnesia. I found out about him through his "Literal" trailers which are pretty brilliant. He has a great personality and TV persona which makes him very entertaining to watch.  

hamst3r's LP of Super Meat Boy makes me lol. 
The majority of LPer annoy me to no end, that's why I watch only a select few. For other games, I just watch LongPlays of. Basically the same thing, without the narration and they try to complete everything there is in the game.
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not really, no. paul's gaming is probably the only thing that i'd watch 

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I do watch some let's plays.  Usually of some obscure games or when I was younger, rom hacks of games that are a lot harder than the original counterparts.

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I once started watching an Earthbound Let's Play by some guy with a really heavy southern accent, but I got bored before I even got a quarter-way into it.

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I think the only Let's Play that I have seen are some Super Mario Hacks, like Brutal Mario and some of Luigi's Adventure 3 (at least I think that's what they were called).
Edit: I almost forgot that I have also seen some of hamst3r's as well. Like Octodad and Super Meat Boy.

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I did watch someone do Pikmin 1, was a good watch.
He had a running joke with one red Pikmin called "Steve" which I found funny

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Yeah, like Aura and VGK, Retsupurae's the one I watch most consistently. I do, however, have an appreciation for Research Indicate's Jurassic Park: Trespasser series of Let's Plays, as they're surprisingly well-done and highly informative, which is probably way more than what that game deserved. You can tell that he does his research on both the game and the source material and it makes for a pretty interesting and rewarding viewing.
That being said, nothing can still beat BillyMC at Christmas time.

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I'd like to watch some, but I can never convince myself it's worth all the time. I mean, I could watch a whole anime series in the time it takes me to watch a dude play a game. Or I could even, y'know, play a game myself.
This is excepting the Endurance Runs of course. I watched them.

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Only Let's Plays I watch are Giant Bomb's, baby.

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For reasons that I cant possibly explain, I watched chuggaconroy's LP of pokemon fire red. 
And for some reason, I loved every minute of it.

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@babblinmule said:

And for some reason, I loved every minute of it. "

 that's what she said lolz .  
i fucking hate chuggaconroy 
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I do and I enjoy them very much. I do for games I don't have or can't run.
Helloween is the man.

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Used to all the time, not so much now. Every once in a while I'll see what www.freelanceastronauts.com is doing, though.

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I watched some civ ones cuz they helped out. and general ones for strategy games. Also watched some minecraft ones cuz the guy talked to himself and it was really funny. Other than that id rather watch a quick look

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I only watch them if I get stuck on a certain game (I last did this with Devil May Cry 4, for I was having a hard time with the final boss on the harder difficulties).

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What about cornshaq, or ElectricalBeast. But especially cornshaq:
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@Video_Game_King: The Cornshaq and ElectricalBeast episodes are also really fantastic, but the BillyMC Christmas one still barely wins, if only by virtue of his family doing Christmas shopping at McDonald's. I do like the idea of Cornshaq being a whiny second grader who answers all of his teachers' questions in terms of Super Mario Bros. 2, though.
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endurance runs = lets play, doesnt it?

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All the time

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I didn't know what a "Let's Play" was until I entered this thread so... yeah, I never have and wouldn't .
Though I did watch some parts of one of the Deadly Premonition ER just to laugh at the madness of that game.  But couldn't watch too many.  The person playing and their commentary would have to be so interesting for me to watch someone play a whole game, that is just extremely boring.

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I Watch alot of Let's Plays, well actually now only a few, I used to watch way more. Right now it's only Paul's Gaming since SirRonLionHeart needs some space, although he has put out a couple this month.

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Although that is the best BillyMC retusupurae, it's still not my favorite retsupurae. That honor goes to this one:
It never gets old. Never ever. (Also, is BillyMC aware of retsupurae? I checked his channel, and I didn't see anything supporting that.)
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I watched the Let's Play of Amnesia because I'm too scared to play it. 

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depends on if the persons talking or not  and if there funny or urghhh 

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In general no, although I have watched a walkthrough of Heavy Rain with no commentary, and I've enjoyed the videos Hamst3r has put up.

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You should make a poll, but sure, i watch "Let's play", only if they are good, entertaining and/or if i'm interested in that game

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Well no. I would prefer to just play the game. If I want commentary I will play with a friend and alcohol. I have watched bits and pieces of them and it just doesn't appeal to me. 

But I don't mind adding a game to my collection which I only intend to play for 20 minutes, so I'm just weird like that anyway.
EDIT: I did once watch a Metroid Prime speedrun though.

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I dislike any kind of video content like that.
Finding a short vid for a spot I'm stuck in or how to get a hard achievement sure, but I'm not gonna watch some fool playing a game while he's making lame jokes.
That is time better spend playing or finishing my backlog.

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  Watch this and then tell me you will never watch a let's play.

 I watch them all the time, the problem is though, you spend so much time listening to a person you start to notice all their flaws and it starts to annoy you until you end up rage quitting in the middle of their LP because they sneeze and peak the audio......
The straw that breaks the camels back.
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When I was looking for a copy of System Shock 2 I started to watch mattsmodernlife's  Let's Play System Shock 2 and it was amazing, it also prepared me for the game when I finally got a copy. The first few episodes have some audio problems but it is some of the best Let's Play I've seen. Just a shame he hasn't done another one since. If you have some time to spare give it a look. 
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Since I can't get it to work on my shitty laptop, I've spent about 20-30 hours watching Let's Plays of Minecraft.  It's my favorite game of all time and I haven't ever even played it.

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I honestly just hang around the SA LP subforum instead of watching TV these days.