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#1 Posted by RecSpec (4061 posts) -

I've never been a fan of wearing anything with a logo on it.
Although I did wear a Player Pin from The World Ends With You for a good period of time.

#2 Posted by Wes899 (2134 posts) -
#3 Posted by DanielJW (4915 posts) -

My mother gave me a Nintendo DS shirt she got somewhere. I wear it pretty regularly. 

#4 Posted by Video_Game_King (36271 posts) -

No, because that Darkside Chronicles shirt is just too big.

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#6 Posted by pachowski (38 posts) -

guitar hero underwear lol

#7 Posted by kishan6 (1914 posts) -

if its obscure

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#10 Posted by Rawrz (599 posts) -

I own a Halo 2 shirt so I wear it.

#11 Posted by HypoXenophobia (1045 posts) -

I wear my solid eye everywhere. Helps find PMC's at night

#12 Posted by FireBurger (1480 posts) -

I have a GB shirt and some dumb gaming related pajama pants/boxers that I was given as gifts, but I never where that stuff outside the house.

#13 Posted by SonicFire (821 posts) -

Nope, I did get the Oscar Mike GB shirt though.
#14 Posted by Leptok (942 posts) -

I wear a Penny Arcade Child's Play shirt whenever it comes into rotation. So kind of?

#15 Posted by Landon (4164 posts) -

I like it if its tasteful. Like the Rock Band shirt is simple but cool. I wouldn't wear a simple Gears of War shirt though.

#16 Posted by ShadowKiller (894 posts) -

I actually have Gears of War pajama pants on now but thats the only bit of gaming clothes I own.

#17 Posted by BSD (3 posts) -

i have several, but school is uniform so i never actually wear them

#18 Posted by odintal (1095 posts) -

I'm more prone to comic book clothing...

#19 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

I wear this to school pretty often. I love it. It's simple and it's not an obvious game shirt but anybody who's seriously into games would recognize it. It's also pretty comfortable. If it had a logo or something on it in addition to the outline, I probably wouldn't wear it but as is, it's the best (and one of the only) game related shirts I have.
#20 Posted by Ariketh (606 posts) -

I used to wear a Darkwatch T-Shirt. In fact, I bought the game because it came with a free T-Shirt that came with it, but the selling point was the fact that it was half-priced.
The game was worth it, if only because I used it as my main PS2 party game. It was loads of fun - as long as you didn't take it too seriously. The biggest problem I had was people who wanted to rotate in whenever someone died. That didn't work, because the second someone got the crossbow, it was all over for the other player, even in co-op. Though, it did make it easy to rotate players.

When all else fails, use exploding arrows!

#21 Posted by Pinkshley1 (453 posts) -

I hate wearing someone's logo. If I gave them my money for the shirt or whatever, why should I advertise them as well?

#22 Posted by DeathByWaffle (657 posts) -

No, I don't. I've seen some stuff I would wear, but I don't care for most of the 'gaming apparel" I see.

#23 Posted by RoujinX (419 posts) -


My Snow Wood hoody, courtesy of Earthbound 3.
#24 Posted by Forcen (1859 posts) -

I ordered this recently.  I like that its not to recognizable, but still cool.

#25 Posted by natetodamax (19229 posts) -

I got some Xbox 360 pajama bottoms things.

#26 Posted by PS3RG (424 posts) -

Sure do, I have a Mario tee and a Donkey Kong tee. Does a Batman, Spider-man, Superman and G.I Joe tee count? 

#27 Posted by OllyOxenFree (5003 posts) -

No.  I would if I had any, though.  As long as it's low key.

#28 Posted by Bam_D_Leprechaun (795 posts) -

I have a Mega Man 2 shirt with the bosses, a Fatal Fury hat, some Mario Pajama pants

#29 Posted by Kyreo (4603 posts) -
@FireBurger said:
" I have a GB shirt and some dumb gaming related pajama pants/boxers that I was given as gifts, but I never where that stuff outside the house. "
Where do you get a GB shirt?????  I want one!
#30 Posted by odintal (1095 posts) -

i did buy a chrono trigger shirt from these guys.   if you're someone who wants to wear gamer garb while not having a big game logo across your chest, this is a nice place to look.

#31 Posted by TheCreamFilling (1203 posts) -

I have COG tags, how can I not wear them. 
I do have a Halo Wars shirt, but haven't worn it once yet, probably never will.

#32 Posted by Organicalistic_ (2932 posts) -

i want sonme giant bomb tees pleez

#33 Posted by billyhoush (1207 posts) -

I have XBOX pajamma bottoms. I would like something mw2 related to wear.

#34 Posted by Korne (625 posts) -
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#36 Posted by CowMuffins (1760 posts) -

I wear my Oscar Mike T-Shirt, if that counts.

#37 Posted by keyhunter (3207 posts) -

I wear my COG tags whenever I play Gears 2. 
I've got a halo 3 shirt that came with my Halo 3 as well. I don't wear it though. 
I've also got a Guild Wars factions shirt that I don't wear.
And a Nintendo Wii hat that I don't wear.
And a halo 2 hat that I do not wear.

#38 Edited by ricetopher (1046 posts) -

I have a Mass Effect N7 shirt, a shirt with the 1-UP mushroom, the Oscar Mike and Space Neon Lobster GB shirts, and a Dragon Age "Morrigan Disapproves" shirt.

And I wear them in public.

#39 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

I would wear one around friends or at my house, but never in public, because people won't take you seriously if you have obvious gaming clothes on usually.  I don't actually own any though.

#40 Edited by Mikewrestler5 (601 posts) -

 I used to wear some game related shirts while I was in high school, but I then realized that I would never get laid, so I stopped wearing them.  

#41 Posted by Redbullet685 (6107 posts) -

 Its this, but in yellow
#42 Posted by ZanzibarBreeze (3098 posts) -

No. A great deal of gaming related clothing is garbage.

#43 Posted by bhhawks78 (1209 posts) -

I don't have any mostly because I almost never preorder/special editions/go to any cons.  I'd wear some of the giant bomb hoodies though if they ever made them available again.

#44 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6407 posts) -

I do have a gears of war shirt that I got a couple years back that I still wear often.

#45 Edited by Able (86 posts) -

I have a Pokemon shirt and a cult of rapture shirt from Bioshock.

#46 Posted by SkyMasterson (31 posts) -

Yes I have a sweet Tanooki suit wearing Mario shirt. It's so comfortable and looks nice for a gaming shirt. 
I also have a Zanzibar shirt from Halo 2, such a great shirt. 
I have prolly a dozen or so other gaming shirts I've gotten from preorders and such and never wear those in public really. It really sucks they make all those shirts XL, assuming we are all fat gamers.

#47 Posted by HistoryInRust (6434 posts) -

Not in public, usually. But I've got an old Halo 2 hoodie that I sport around the house a lot.

#48 Posted by jonnyboy (2920 posts) -

I fucking love my Portal and Left 4 Dead shirts. 
Also I took all the merchandise that came in to the store when I worked of EB over a decade ago, still have some of the original Dead or Alive t-shirts.

#49 Posted by artofwar420 (6316 posts) -

If I like it I wear it, but I don't actively go looking for game related clothes. I like my Shadow of the Colossus shirt a lot.

#50 Posted by EpicSteve (6500 posts) -