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I was just curious if you fellow duders hands ever get clammy or sweaty when you are playing games? How do you remedy the situation?

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generally no, if im doing something thats nerve-racking then yeah they might get sweaty.

Like the other day i was playing darksouls and i was in anor londo walking on those thin rafters with the painted guardians throwing crap at you. My hands got really sweaty then, i just wiped them off on my pants after i finished the part and it was fine for the rest of the day.

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I wipe them on my pants.

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I'll get sweaty hands every now and than, mostly in summer because my room turns into an oven so I just sweat a lot in general.

I wipe them on my pants or wash my hands every now and then.

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When it get hot I start getting sweaty. Sometimes it gets too hot to the point I'm drowning in my own sweat. Afew times I ended up taking off everything except my underwear, and even then its still hot. I try to combat this by drinking lots of fresh cold water. Problem is it makes me go to the bathroom alot.

Funny thing is when its too cold I tend to wear my hoody,pants, shirt, jacket, and shoes then go to sleep. Makes me feel like I'm hibernating sometimes. Though when it's hot I feel like I'm in the last circle of hell.

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I think everyone get sweaty hands depending on what is going on and the environment you play in. It's less common nowadays for me, but DotA really can bring out some sweat every once in a while >.<

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That just means you're in love.

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My hands get clammy when I'm being introduced and talking to strangers.

My hands get sweaty when I've been playing a game intensely for 3+ hours.

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Only when I need them not to be. Usually means I am getting pissed off because of something difficult. It just makes things even more difficult where you need precision.

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Not anymore, when I was young this was a definite problem though and is gross.

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Only when I play a 1v1 RTS match or CS. That's how you know a game is competitive. BF3 is not competitive because it never makes me nervous.

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I've never been clear on the definition difference between clammy and sweaty. In practice I usually ascribe a temperature component to each; meaning clammy as lukewarm or cold hand moisture, and sweaty as more of a warm or hot moist hands.


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I've never been clear on the definition difference between clammy and sweaty. In practice I usually ascribe a temperature component to each; meaning clammy as lukewarm or cold hand moisture, and sweaty as more of a warm or hot moist hands.


I believe clammy is considered moist. Like on the verge of sweaty, but not quite there yet. When I think of sweaty, I think of actual beads of sweat are on your hands. Clammy would be more like after a hot shower you dry off, but are still moist.

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I get sweaty but cold hands when I play video games, so not exactly clammy.

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Sometimes, though it usually depends on the temperature of the room. I'll just wipe my hands off and keep playing, or take a break and wash my hands in cold water if it's bothering me too much.

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That just means you're in love.

I must really love abusive relationships then. Super Meat Boy dark world.

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Not when I play games, but when I take notes in cursive my hands become a swamp for whatever reason.

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My hands get sweaty playing games like Super Meat Boy and Dark souls. Pretty much when games get really intense or difficult.

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I remember having this air flow controller for the PS2 that blew air out of it to keep your hands dry.

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Only when I concentrate too much and I am getting hot.

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Literally never.

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I do! I just go wash my hands and dry them thoroughly every few hours.

@somberowl Haha I had that controller, I kinda miss it. Gimmicky but awesome.

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Remember seeing some pro-gamer stuff years ago and they had cans of anti-perspirant to spray their hands with. I thought wow and just keep a roll-on around. Put it on one hand, rub them together, game on. CIA agents used to spray it on their hands when doing polygraph tests.

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When the game gets really tence. And off course when its hot outside:)

Otherwise, not so much.

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When I play scurry games.

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My hands definitely get clammy, not sweaty. My body oils are also kind of corrosive, leaving permanent damage on the surface of the controller that can't be cleaned off. It's gross.

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Depends on the game. For instance playing halo or cod on the couch is more relaxing for me. While with CS:GO and dota Im just sweating out of every hole. Those games are just more intense I guess.