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im curious to know if anyone actually puts the mouse sensitivity all the way up. personally i have it extremely low so i can be precise but i wanna know if anyone plays the opposite
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High sensitivity makes me sick.

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no one does :) 

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I DO! 
Not seriously though, I only do it with a bunch of friends when we wanna have some fun. 
It gets freaking insane sometimes

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I'm the complete opposite from you. My sensitivity is so high I can easily pull a 360 before getting close to the end of my mouse pad. I'm always a frontline assault type of guy and never snipe so it works well for me. My mouse also has a super high DPI so it's not like I can't line up a shot when I need to.

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ha funny that you chose suicidal sniper as your screen name then huh?
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Twitch shooters usually do. 

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i bought a 4000 dpi mouse for this exact purpose. 
it doesn't work so well...back to the MX518!

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I only play console games. I guess it's a little harder to play with maximum sensitivity when using analog sticks. But, no. It flicks around too much for me. It doesn't make me sick; I'm just not good enough to control it.

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On PC I seem to recall sticking to about a 6/10.

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the 'highest' sensitivity doesn't make sense on a PC game. You can put it to fairly low and still have a very fast response time and such. Its just unnecessary in every way.

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I play Quake Live close to the highest sensitivity.  I barely move my wrist when aiming, and a slight flick will do a 180.  Most would say that this isn't as convenient as more "sane" sensitivities, but I've gotten used to it, and play much better than I would with an average speed.

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I generally keep it quite high because when I see an enemy to my right, when I jerk to the right I don't want to be halfway there.

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I usually ahve mine fairly high up there. 15 on Source games, though with other games it varies - in BF2, for example, it's only slightly above default.

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I know i don't anyways! I'd feel a bit motion sick.

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It depends on the game, but I have friend who plays his PC shooters with sensitivity all the way up