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I know that my own personal current living situations and so on play a little into this, but truth be told, I am a little tired of owning every console. In past generations I have owned every console, but after buying the WiiU, I learned a little down the road, that even if there are some quality games (and that is great) for this system at some point, I don't necessarily need this thing hooked up to my TV for the next four or so years. I feel the same way with Microsoft and Sony. As a long time Xbox 360 and PS3 owner, I have been happy with the prospect of being able to play exclusive for both systems, but having all these downloaded games and micro transactions over two eco-systems has worn me down over the years. I think Microsoft is on to something with the "1 box that does everything!" montra. (though that 1 box for me personally would likely be the PS4, as I already have one pre-ordered) I feel I can live with not being able to play exclusives for the other consoles or at least buying the other years later when there are more exclusives to play. However, where I stand now, I think I am going to buy into an eco-system this generation and play my games from that system.

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I'm only buying the PS4 right now. The 360 towards the end i found to be more about penny sqeezing than anything else and the X1 seems to be carrying that on so I'm going to wait and see how it pans out. Doesn't have any games I'm interested in either.

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Sort of. I always have a Nintendo system for support (IE because Fire Emblem's on that bad boy).

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I feel that waiting until the end of the cycle to pick up a PS3 worked out really well for me as I had access to a huge library of good and different games to get me through the last couple of years of this gen. If I do end up with multiple systems this time it'll be after they've each built up a large library of worthwhile titles.

I would not be surprised if the popular sentiment is that a lot of people bought gaming PCs in the last couple of years and don't feel the need to have more than one console in addition to that.

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Buy the console that I want towards the first year or so of it's lifecycle then by the other at the end for all the exclusives I missed out on. That plan seems to work for me.

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I don't feel like I need any new consoles right now. I believe I would feel that way even if I could actually afford one.

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Well even with my millions of dollars, my gold house, and my rocket car I think I should probably only buy one. How else am I going to afford an ivory back scratcher if I waste money?

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I went one console last generation and don't regret it, though I also play mostly on my PC. This time around I think I'm just going to buy a new graphics card.

I'd say stick with the PS4 since your preordered it and see if you can live without the games that don't launch there. Even if you do end up buying another console later, you'll find better prices/bundles/models than at launch.

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I've only really felt the need to have one new console. It's why I've never really got around to getting a PS3 -- I have a 360 (had a Wii, but shenannigans...) and with my PS2, N64 and SNES hooked up, I have so many games available to play on my TeeV, there's not too much of an impetus for me to get it.

I plan to get a PS4 at some point in the next generation, and everyone keeps falling back on the "U WIL GET BOUF A DEM AVENTYALLY" mantra. I doubt it! There are so many things that entice me about the PS3, and I have no intention on spending any amount of money to get one.

Also, I'm cheap as shit, so there's that. My desire to look at my back account happily far surpasses my love of video games. But if I can do both? Heaven on Earth.

Well even with my millions of dollars, my gold house, and my rocket car I think I should probably only buy one. How else am I going to afford an ivory back scratcher if I waste money?

Use your money to go on an illegal safari and hunt elephants for their ivory tusks and make your own backscratcher. Probably cheaper in the long run! That's certainly not a waste! In fact, you can probably make your money back by smuggling drugs. WIN-WIN!

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I bought a Wii U on launch day, and got a PC the day after E3. I don't play on getting a PS4 or Xbox One. I bought all of the last gen consoles at launch.

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If the PC doesn't count as a console then yeah. Gonna end up with a nice new gaming PC and a Wii U.

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Ideally I'd have everything. However, circumstances appear to be dictating that I'll only have one this time around, if even that.

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Been saving up since this year to buy a PS4 and Xbox One. Probably won't get them on launch day, but I'm sure to get them soon afterwards. One thing I'm looking more into now is building a gaming PC. Never really played much PC games besides City of Heroes.

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What the fuck, I was expected to buy more than one if any? I'll get one after everyones launch models burn down and they revise them.

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Well, yeah? PS4 to go with my PS3 and PC, then Vita for remote play once the library has grown enough to make it worth it (+price cut), then a WiiU for X whenever that comes.

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I'll buy the PS4 at first, then wait and see on the XB1. There's a good chance the PS4 is the only one I'll need if it turns out that third party games consistently perform better than their XB1 counterparts.

Once the Wii U Deluxe Set gets to around $200 - 250 I'll pick it up.

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If I have the money I will get any console with exclusives I wanna play. I'll even get a Wii U if that X game ends up being as good as it looks.

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I am waiting for the Ipad 5's to come out so I can get an Ipad 4 cheaper. I have a good PC, I don't need either of the new consoles right now. I'll pick one up sometime next year. I remember when I bought my PS3. I played Resistance and then I barely touched it for 9 months. I'll wait for better games and more options to arrive in the second half of 2014.

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I feel like I need zero :o

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I feel that after seeing what the PS4 offers and for the price that it will probably be my main gaming platform for the next 2 or 3 years before I decide to either upgrade my PC or build a new one. Xbox exclusives seem like cash cows for the most part now and while I like the idea of the WiiU, I can't seem to find the excitement to buy one.

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I've felt that way about every console generation. I still don't even know if I even want to get a next gen console. At this point I just want my N64 back, a gamecube and my Genesis. The current gen and past gen consoles look much more desirable to me. They're cheap and full of great games that I missed by being a one console guy.

And don't worry sir, I see your fancy Simpsons reference and I applaud you for it.

Well even with my millions of dollars, my gold house, and my rocket car I think I should probably only buy one. How else am I going to afford an ivory back scratcher if I waste money?

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I don't feel I need one at all. But I will be buying one. And only one. Not the one. But one. I wont buy that one, for maybe a few years, if at all. Depends on the exclusives I want to play on that one. Fuck. You know what I mean. PSone.

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I think this time I will stick with PS4 and I already have a Wii U, so I should be covered. Sadly I'm gonna miss the Forza franchise :(

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I have both preordered but am still on the fence about the Xbox One. This last generation I had the 360, PS3 and a Wii and it was nice just getting games and not having to worry about exclusives. While I think I'd probably be totally happy with a PS4 alone, I would miss the opportunity to play Halo, or whatever the Remedy guys (gals?) are doing. Not sure if I'll get the Xbox One at launch, but over this generation I'll probably end up with everything (including a Wii U--HD Zelda, I'm looking for you...).

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Yaa mine is called Personal Computer

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@mrpilkington: If your giving that Wii U away... Yea I know its already practically outdate, but yea geee I don't know... I guess I would take it off your hands, you know just to do you that favor.

For owning all of the systems yes I know what you mean. I bought the Xbox 360 because a computer store near me was offering $100 rebate when it first came out, so I bought it. Then about a year ago I picked up a used 80gb PS3 for $80 (which was a good price IMO) and the Wii for my wife who was interested in the Wii Fitness which the balance board is all dusty and under our bed.

For this next gen systems I'm already planning on sitting it out for a while till I know which system I want and which system my friends own. I'm definitely not gonna wait on a line for a day just to get it on day one like some people (I don't care about that "day 1 achievement" Xbox is giving out lol, seems like desperation). Not to mention have they even said how big the hard drive was going to be on either of these new systems?

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this gen ive been happy with my 360. Was bummed i missed out on uncharted and a few other awesome looking playstation exclusives but im not going to buy a second console just for exclusives, thats a waste of money and im responsible.

This fall i only plan on getting the PS4, i doubt i'll ever get an Xbox One. sure it has some cool looking exclusives again, I'm not going to buy a 500 dollar for a handful of exclusives.

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Sort of. I always have a Nintendo system for support (IE because Fire Emblem's on that bad boy).

This. I'm OK with either Sony or MS; I've never really felt the need to have both, and in fact only have a 360 right now, but I always have a Nintendo console because their shit is really in its own category anymore.

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Yup, already got mine. For the rest I have a PC.

After owning ALL consoles last gen, I'm back again in my one-console world. They really failed to sell me on these new things.

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I've actually never really owned a console before i bought a PS3 a year ago. I bought it mainly because it was the cheapest way to play all the console games I've missed out on, over the years. Besides, I had seen footage of The Last of Us, which really caught my interest, and learning it would allow me to play Journey and Demon Souls too decided me.

To me it is a question of whether I want to spend a lot of money building a PC or buy a PS4. There is several things that makes me want a PS4 besides the price:

  • Basically any PC i could build to match the PS4 in power would likely be less energy efficient, and just generally more of a power sink. Though this is speculation at this point.
  • The design, though maybe not necessarily the nicest looking device, it is certainly (to me) a much better looking system than any of the last gen consoles (maybe with the exception of the Wii).
  • Self Publishing, as primarily a PC user I've had plethora of awesome Indie games to play, and I really like the idea of playing such games in the more relaxed way of a console. After listening to Mark Cerny, and from what I've seen from Sony, I feel confident we will see a lot these kind of games taking the trip to the PS4.
  • Also as a PS+ member it seems like an even better deal.
  • Lastly, I really want to play some kind of successor to the Last of Us, in fact, A high res version of the Last of Us would make me want to play it again. In any case, I hope Naughty Dog is gonna continue with the direction and style of TLoU.

There might other reason, like just the plain fact that Sony at the moment is communicating a clear and seemingly honest message concerning the direction of their system. A direction I like at the moment, That said, I probably wont pre-order, Waiting just tends to be the better choice.

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I run behind, usually. I had a 360, which I bought in 2010, but before that I was running PS2 games. I sold my 360 and now have a PS3. I'm not buying anything at launch, but when I do buy I expect it to be a PS4. Handhelds though... I think I may need more than one of those. I have a PSP, want a Vita and 3DS.

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Meh, I'll probably get one of the new consoles after a couple of years but definitely not right away. I have a PC for many of my needs.

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The only console I plan to buy is a Wii U. I have a pretty decent PC at the moment and nothing that Sony or Microsoft showed seemed that great. I might not buy either of them but I definitely won't buy both.

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Yes that console is the PS4

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When I was younger, I thought it was weird when people had both Xbox 360 and Ps3. I don't know why, but it just seemed you should only have one since that's what I did. I've only owned Sony my whole life. I've always enjoyed their games. I've even given Xbox 360 a shot and thoughtfully considered their system, but their games just didn't really tickle my fancy. I have recently considered owning both the Xbone and Ps4. But I don't see why I should. So I'm going to continue my tradition of buying Sony.

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I'll probably do what I did last gen, stagger out my console purchases by putting a solid year between them. 2013, PS4, 2014, Xbone, 2015 Wii U, given it still exists then anyway.

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I want both ... but Titanfall and Quantum Break make me lean towards Xbox One

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Yeah, I kinda feel like this coming generation, one system is going to be more than enough for me, particularly if the life of the 3DS is particularly long (here's hoping). I don't plan on getting rid of any of my current systems anytime soon, and since there are plenty of games available for them that I plan on playing well into the next few years, one upcoming system should be enough to last me a long, long time.

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PC + PS4, everything that I need.

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yeah I am leaning that way too. Exclusives seem to be getting rare.

I tried that last gen. The 360 did all I wanted up until around 2010-2011 or so. The dashboard ads and usability were getting pretty out of control and I wanted to check out Demon's Souls and Metal Gear 4.

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I really think you kind of have to pick a main system. I like having the other systems too so I can play exclusives, but dividing digital libraries across multiple consoles sounds awful. I couldn't own only one system though, Nintendo's games mean enough to me that I need to have those in addition to the real next gen stuff. I may not buy the xbox one though.

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I always think I'll be able to get away with just a Playstation, but Nintendo usually wins me back with their 1st party stuff.

So far nothing on the Wiiu has my interest though

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I think I will be fine with only PS4. MS doesn't really have any fist-party stuff I'm interested in and that's really the big differentiator for me. Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and Quantic Dream are just more interesting than anything on the MS side since I don't really have any interest in Halo, Forza nor Gears. Also PS+ is rad.

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I don't need a new console but MS and Sony keep telling me I do so I can experience the greatest living room entertainment experience extravaganza.