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#51 Posted by On1inepersona (118 posts) -

Its better for me to play single player games, don't have to worry bout matching everyone's schedules up or anything.

#52 Posted by poisonmonkey (374 posts) -

Yeah, I play alone mostly, I am a sucker for a strong single-player game (an RPG for instance), I sometimes do play Battlefield but never with people I know.

#53 Posted by VaddixBell (270 posts) -

I tend to play alot of single player games but when I do play multiplayer, it tends to be with randoms.

All of my friends tend to fall into one of the following brackets

1) Only plays Fifa, COD or GTA.

2) Plays RPGs and other SP games and has little interest in MP or

3) Has no interest in games whatsoever and considers it wasteful (but will watch a series of a show in 2 days)

#54 Posted by Sploder (917 posts) -

Yeah, mostly. Steam is usually set to offline cos' I have too many people wanting to talk. That's nice in a way but when I'm playing a game I like to get involved and having the chat constantly bleeping bugs me.

#55 Posted by TheMasterDS (2138 posts) -

Yes. Most games I play are played alone.

#56 Posted by Traegan (111 posts) -

I play alone because a lot of the time I only have an hour or two to play and I don't want to spend 20 minutes of it waiting for someone. Plus, have to pause a lot to deal with young kids not staying in bed.

#57 Posted by GERALTITUDE (3504 posts) -

duder what? Get this post outta my sight. Who plays games with other people?

#58 Posted by fisk0 (4486 posts) -

Yeah, that's what I do. Both when it comes to single player, multi player or even MMO style games. I know very few people that are interested in games at all, and those who are generally don't share my taste in games. We can talk about new releases and maybe play some modern military shooters together, but that's about it.

#59 Posted by captain_clayman (3328 posts) -

I enjoy controller passing on single player games with friends. My friends and I love marathon-ing through stuff. We took turns blasting through metal gear solid and beat it in one night. This weekend we will hopefully do the same with MGS2. Sometimes I'll have like 5 or 6 people over and we'll have multiple TV's set up, and sometimes we'll play the same game splitscreen or system linked, and other times we'll all work through different games.

#60 Posted by JayPee (20 posts) -

Generally I play games alone. I like my own company... perhaps too much!

I have created a group on Steam called "GB Loner". Maybe a few of us, who previously had so few people to enjoy our passion for gaming with, could assemble there? I'd like that.

Recent GB-related matters have really given me a sense of perspective and an impetus to reach out to others. It would be great if anyone wanted to join.


#61 Edited by Tennmuerti (8174 posts) -

A lot of people do?

This seems like a silly question.

#62 Edited by Bakumatsu (374 posts) -

In my 20 years of gaming I think I can count with my fingers the number of times I played with other people. Always played alone and still prefer that way.

#63 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5154 posts) -

All the time.

#64 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5818 posts) -

I like playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Mario Party 2 with my sisters, but other than that I almost never play MP games.

#65 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8061 posts) -

I play alone about 80% of the time.

#66 Posted by Branthog (5597 posts) -

I don't know entirely what "alone" means as per your comment. I play single player games alone and I play multiplayer games with other people (but not people I know, generally). I would rather play everything from COD and BF3 to Civilization V and Monaco with people that I know, but the only person I know who also plays games is my little brother and we generally don't have the same schedules nor are we generally interested in playing the same things at the same time.

I'd love to play MMOs and a lot of other things with friends, but almost all of my friends are also work colleagues and none of them really play games, much. Most are in their 40s or 50s (a few years to a couple decades older than me) and the only two that I know play any games are one who plays League of Legends and nothing else and another who plays Guild Wars 2 with his son on occasion and that's it.

I kind of envy kids, today. It would be awesome to have a lot of friends who are avid gamers and make a point of engaging in the activity. Unfortunately, even the people I used to play a lot with (back in the late 90s, when we would turn the office into a StarCraft tournament across the LAN at the office over the weekends, during work and play Quake on the LAN we setup in the lounge during breaks and lunch and after work) no longer really play anything.

#67 Posted by GalacticPunt (1106 posts) -

I enjoy my games the same way I enjoy my alcohol. Alone, in a dark room.

OK, I'm lying. My friends and I drink socially. But none of my real-life friends are into video games. It sucks some of the fun out of MMO's.

#68 Posted by Branthog (5597 posts) -

Oh yeah? Well, I enjoy my games the same way I enjoy sex. Alone, in a dark room.

#69 Posted by TheRealMoot (422 posts) -

Yeah, no friends to play with anymore. Single player games, offline bot matches and the like for me.

I just can't keep up with people in multiplayer games anymore. Everybody is either way better than I will ever be or my internet connection lags me the hell out and I get dropped.

#70 Posted by Roger778 (960 posts) -

I always play alone.

#71 Edited by Branthog (5597 posts) -

Yeah, no friends to play with anymore. Single player games, offline bot matches and the like for me.

I just can't keep up with people in multiplayer games anymore. Everybody is either way better than I will ever be or my internet connection lags me the hell out and I get dropped.

I think that primarily has to do with exposure to a game. It seems most of us spread ourselves so thin across so many games, these days. I still, sadly, make COD my sort of go-to couch-surfing multiplayer game when I just need a quick fix of running around shooting shit. When I go without playing for a long time, I totally suck. When I have played for quite a bit, regularly, I suddenly go from being in the bottom half of the scoreboard to the top half and often the top on my team.

Of course, I dread the impact of age. I'm thirty-sex and I spend more time than is probably healthy worrying about how getting even older is going to disrupt my ability to be competitive in most types of games (especially since most games and environments, like Steam and XBL don't really seem to have any option where you can say "just put me with dudes in my age range" during match-making). The only thing more depressing than getting your ass royally handed to you by a game full of twelve year old kids is when they trash-talk you and your mother while doing it.

#72 Posted by allgrinzz (160 posts) -

I tend to Duo with one other person, my only real friend heh. We tend to play anything co-op together, and some single player stuff on the side. I play a lot of multi player games just to mess about on as well, but open world sandboxes I almost always play with mah buddy.

#73 Edited by EvilNiGHTS (1093 posts) -

I prefer to do things alone. Well, company's nice, but there are too many caveats to it sometimes.

#74 Posted by RedCream (694 posts) -

I usually play alone as I don't really get into multiplayer games that often other than my stint on playing DOTA and League for about 5 years or so.

Demon/Dark Souls are the only other games I play with strangers because duh...

Most of the responses I've seen so far are also in line with my views. Maybe that's why there's this stigma that people who play video games are secluded or something.

#75 Posted by Tireyo (6451 posts) -
#76 Posted by Slag (4864 posts) -

I very rarely ever play with other people.

I tend to get super excited when I do, because it's always been a rare opportunity for me. Most of my friends don't dig games. I do have a semi-weekly DOTA 2 game with some old buddies that we've had going on and off for 9-ish years and that's about it.

@rorie said:

I'm almost exclusively set to offline on Steam. When I'm actually logged in I get too many people messaging me. It's distracting.

yeah I wondered about that with you guys. The downside to being such a public person I guess. Maybe you'd want to anyway, but I bet it would probably be nice to have the option to without being harassed by well-meaning hoards of fans :(

#77 Posted by JCGamer (671 posts) -

I prefer single player experiences as I kind of suck at multiplayer games and really don't have time to coordinate a game with friends.

#78 Posted by Jasta (2217 posts) -

I play CS and UT2004 with mates, thats about it.

#79 Posted by TheUnsavedHero (1247 posts) -

I play mostly on my own. I just recently started getting back into playing Battlefield 3 with my cousin and his friend and it's been 10x more fun then just playing on a silent squad. There was also the rare few times I teamed up with a co-worker in Borderlands.

#80 Edited by Brushie_Tundra (23 posts) -

Up until now I have mostly played single player games. If I played multi it was with randoms. That changed after I saw the response to Ryan's death. I was never really involved in the GB community. After seeing all the good people pour out there hearts, I think I might expand my involvement. Perhaps I can grow my friends list to more than three and roll into some multiplayer games with some like minded duders.

Yet another thing Ryan has done for me.

Thanks Ryan

#81 Posted by TobbRobb (4843 posts) -

I can't play most games that I'm invested in "outside of Multiplayer obviously" unless I'm alone. I take so much out of atmosphere and music, that playing with friends just plain doesn't pan out.

That said, I don't actually do that a lot. The vast majority of games I play are either multiplayer or just mindnumbing enough that I play them while chatting away.

I feel a change in the winds though, might be time to delve into my hermit cave and get some Jrpg action going.

#82 Posted by Dixavd (1369 posts) -

I don't enjoy playing games with other people, but I do enjoy watching people play games they love. The same goes for my sister. So we fairly frequently play games with the other in the room. But I almost never play multiplayer games and I still spend the vast majority of my time gaming alone.

#83 Posted by Dalai (7070 posts) -

It's been a while since I've played with other people.

#84 Edited by SaFt (390 posts) -

The small group of people i usually play with exclusively plays on PC. Sucks having no one to play all those great PS3 exclusives with.

I do still prefer playing old fashioned single player games though, it's a good break from all the Online first person shooters.