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the three main points of the law

  • All consoles have to have parental lockouts by 2010
  • All video games have to have a content rating
  • it promises to establish "an advisory council to conduct a study on the connection between interactive media and real-life violence in minors exposed to such media."


so they basically added a law that establishes a government study group

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Not to mention its approved by a blind man who has never seen a video game.


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Oh man...well at least I don't live in super liberal california were they think video games turn kids into Quote "Baby Killers" unquote

Wish Bombast lived in neveda or something

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The laws kinda don't mean anything because all games have ratings already. Like the topic started said all it made was a study group.

My only concern is that it will lead to more laws

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I just hope more Jack Thompsons don't start popping their heads into our business.