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My Kinect crapped out on me this morning. It's under warranty. I've heard some pretty bad things about Xbox support, so with it being under warranty will it be hassle free?

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I had an original 360 red-ring on me in 2008. Sent it in under warranty, got it repaired, no hassle, had it back in maybe two weeks? Worked fine for another year or so before I traded it in for an S version. I'm sure you'll hear a ton of horror stories, but my one encounter with them was smooth as silk.

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I have used them before to replace a Kinect in the UK. I rang them up, sent them the old Kinect and they sent me a new one within a week, smooth and hassle free.

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I think the horror stories come more from the Xbox Live accounts side of things.

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Alright, Thanks guys. It'll probably be fine, except I'll probably get a black kinect in return even though I have a white one.

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As long as you have a warranty you should be fine.

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Actually my two experiences with XBOX support have both been relatively fantastic. Albeit that was partly due to the fact they were both native English speakers.

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@ChadMasterFlash: replaced my 360 maybe... 5 times? All under warranty. One time they didn't put an eternet plug in the console they sent me back but I sent it back and they rereplaced it. Aside from that the support did a fine job.

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@FlarePhoenix said:

I think the horror stories come more from the Xbox Live accounts side of things.

That & hardware that's out of warranty. I had no problems with them when getting my in-warranty hardware fixed. I had mine back in a couple of days (because I live close to where they get shipped to/from here in Canada).

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Other than sitting on the phone for a while, which is common enough with these things, there's nothing that makes it particularly complicated (as long as we're not talking about Live), so you'll be fine.

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Way back when I had a 360, it red-ringed (of course), and I had to call in to get it fixed. I remember it being surprisingly pleasant.

Nintendo has always been the best support-wise. I had a DS sent to me in a box that I shipped my old one back in (zero downtime). I had a Wii start getting graphics artifacts, and even after I misunderstood their downloadable content policy and had an advance replacement sent, they hooked my Wii's account up with replacement copies of everything I'd lost.

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I never had any issues with them and I learned a lot of people in India are named Richard.

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When I called Xbox support, the guy was SUPER nice. This is for Xbox Live support though but my friend tells me hardware is the much easier process.

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Got my used 360 replaced just before the 3 year period. No troubles and got 3 months of live aswell.

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My single experience was quite good... now I presented a (I think) unusual problem which made it more fun...

In case you care, if you can do everything just fine in LIVE with two XBOXes on the same wireless network except play Borderlands (or Borderlands 2) together (even if it had been working just fine for you a couple of days before), consider plugging one into the network with a cable and you should be good.

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I've had to contact them once: My monitor's HDMI connection stopped working with the Xbox as a result of the NXE update back in 2008. I called them and answered a bunch of questions. They eventually fixed the issue in a couple of weeks. I was impressed by their response to such a limited compatibility issue. Then again I wasn't the first to call about it and obviously enough people had problems for them to be interested in fixing it.

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Xbox Support is one of the most helpful support lines I've called. I've had some shitty experiences, but the good far outweigh the bad. All customer support lines can give you bad experiences.

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They gave me quite a discount on three more months of Xbox Live one day.

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If a guy from support tells you that they'll still fix your Xbox if the seal sticker has been broken, but nothing inside's been tampered with or removed, do not fucking believe him. Found that out the hard way.

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My experiences with their support have always been fairly quick and painless.

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The best thing about dealing with Xbox support is that they are all native English speakers. I still had a bad experience when I was canceling my gold and some guy kept asking me why.

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I never had an issue with them, they did give me a brand new 360 after my first one crapped out.