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I just kinda can't fathom who's paying for music videos and other music content through this clumsy interface when we have much better alternatives such as iTunes or hell even youtube!

What do you guys think? Pointless feature, or something that needs a few tweaks to truly be integral to 'the xbox experience'?


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I've used it before. Can't remember why but I have. I wouldn't say pointless feature, just one not used often

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im sure there is someone out there that uses it. but me? nah.

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I've never used it, but if you have a Zune music pass and a good sound system it could be a good as xbox as a home media hub type of feature.

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there's a music channel on the dashboard?

I find this thing so horribly cluttered and annoyingly designed that I barely know how to get to the marketplace to buy downloadable games or DLC and otherwise I put a disc in and say PLAY xyz ... all the other stuff is just noise that annoys the shit out of me.

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@stinky said:


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I've never paid Microsoft points for a music video, but if you download anything from Zune can you then stream it through the Xbox guide when playing a game??

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There's someone, somewhere, who regularly uses it and will defend it to the death as the best way to watch music videos.

That person is not me.

However, I have used my Xbox to play my own music before while doing work or something. The actual interface for playing your own music hasn't changed, which would normally be a bad thing but Microsoft's Xbox division can't seem to change anything for the better. So the one we've had works well enough.

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I've just come to the realization that I really hate the word cheers.

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I use Last.FM a lot on my Xbox.

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My brother uses it but I don't know why

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I was looking through all the stuff on the dashboard recently. I didn't even know this stuff was there, and now that I do, I wish it wasn't. That shit is probably the reason the interface is so bad.

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I wasn't even aware of it until just now.

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i don'y think it's a pointless feature as some people use it. i do think it's pointless to give it an entire channel before the games channel. it's pretty annoying to have to scroll past music and movies to get to my games library

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Sometimes when I'm on the computer I'll throw on the Vevo app and put on a channel for some band I like. Works pretty well.

Is the Last.fm app in Canada? I've never thought to look.

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@Zacagawea said:

I've just come to the realization that I really hate the word cheers.

You should probably stay away from the UK then.

I use last.fm on there all the time, it's good for playing music in the background if you have visitors or you can't be bothered to go upstairs to have sex. Although it's a bit jarring when it jumps from Brian Eno to Cancer Bats.

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Not me.

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I don't, but I only use my Xbox for playing games on, so the only channels I use are the Games Marketplace and the Home one for accessing my games.

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It's pointless, I use an Apple TV for that kind of thing.

@matti00 said:

@Zacagawea said:

I've just come to the realization that I really hate the word cheers.

You should probably stay away from the UK then.

Also Canada apparently, a whole bunch of douchebags here picked it up and won't stop saying it instead of "thanks". Every time I hear it, I'm tempted to reply "Pip, pip cheerio!". It's totally fine when you hear it in the UK, but man do people here sound dumb when they say it.

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...the what?

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Is last.fm still on there?

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I would use the zune stuff if my accounts were the same.

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Does anyone use their Xbox for anything other than gaming?

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@pepperzz: Word. The Dashboard is by far the single worst experience to be had on a console outside of playing games.

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Why is there now a TV tab AND a video tab? AND and apps tab, when basically the only apps are video content?

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The xbox has really pushed itself away from games over time. It seems they would rather you use it to watch movies for ten more dollars than anywhere else, games are an afterthought. It seems about as much game focused as a computer these days. Its not a bad move even if it wasn't really built with that in mind, an Xbox 360 could see a long life under people's TVs beyond just gaming.

Paying 10 dollars to do anything on an xbox is still bullshit, though. So it just gathers dust.

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When I first noticed it, I went on and searched for a few artists to see what the results were like, that was all though.

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@Zacagawea said:

I've just come to the realization that I really hate the word cheers.


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@DeF said:

there's a music channel on the dashboard?

This was my first reaction, too. Honestly, it just feels wasteful to me to listen to music through my TV for any length of time. When I am flipping through the satellite TV channels, I sometimes pop into to one of the genre music spots, but I never stay for more than a single song. I tried LastFM once and have yet to check out the music service on Playstation. TV is for watching, and radio (stereo receivers) are for listening.

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No, and I don't know anyone else who does either. I have an ipod, and if needs be (which they hardly ever do), I have a phone.

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I only use my Xbox for gaming and Netflix. I have a really nice stereo system, so I usually just hook my IPod up to it and listen to all my music and podcasts on that.

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Not a fanboy thingy. But what is music channel? Ingame hd music? Or streams from MS with vids and/or music?

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Would never pay for a music video so no.

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@Sarkhan said:

Not a fanboy thingy. But what is music channel? Ingame hd music? Or streams from MS with vids and/or music?

More or less the second one. You can buy songs and music videos and listen to them on your xbox if that's your thing.

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Ah. So you can have them in game? Bought a video and have it play while Burnout?

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Or streams from MS with vids and/or music?

No this one.

You CAN play music while in a game, but not from that service.

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@MikkaQ That annoys me, it sounds awful coming from an accent that isn't british/Scottish/Irish/welsh

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Music on my Xbox? I thought it was only for Netflix and video streaming and sometimes Kinect games? But to answer your question, no, I don't listen to music on my Xbox.

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My TV doesn't heave great speakers, so I rarely listen to music through my Xbox. I could see streaming music videos through your Xbox being useful for house parties.