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I use to be a member back when memberships were first introduced and then I canceled it because I felt like I didn't take advantage of enough of the premium membership content. Now they produce a ton more premium content then they did back then and I'm looking to sign up again. My question is: is there still the two different options or did they cut the monthly option out? That's what I'm most interested in atm, due to financial restraints I don't really wanna drop $50 on a website. But I wouldn't mind $5 for a couple months to catch up on some jar videos. Thanks!

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Yes they do.

  • Monthly $4.95 Access to all our premium features, but you'll still see ads.
  • Yearly $49.95 Access to all our premium features, no ads, and a $15 coupon for our store.
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Yup, and just since April there have been 11 subscriber only videos, each ranging from 1h - ~2.5h. I'd say that'd be worth $5 on its own.

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As a licensed Giant Bomb I can confirm that they do.

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Thanks guys