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@yummylee said:

Oof, I bet this thread didn't quite pan out how you hoped :P

@ramone said:

You done fucked up.

Well this is embarrassing. For you I mean, not them.

I don't like to throw the word 'loser' around all that often. I am willing to make an exception in this case.

Man. I guess sometimes I forget that this is still the internet because usually people treat each other a bit better around here, but these "replys" bummed me out. There's a fine line between typing a quick joke and just straight up insulting someone for no reason without adding to a conversation. If you see a thread you don't like, maybe it's better for us all to just move on to the next one.

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@video_game_king: First one I would agree with. The problem with the second is that your example is the exact issue I have with doing every region. Where didn't Atlus publish it? Everywhere? Or are you just referring to the US version? And I don't know for certain but I would assume various Atlus developed games were not published by Atlus in various parts of the world where the company doesn't have a presence. I guess I'll accept it as long as the game at least has an official English title. I'm not ashamed that I don't know the names of every game in every language they were released in. So how about any game in any region but the name has to be in English unless it was released in the US with a foreign name.

I also thought that most of these games require that for a player to win he must both answer his question correctly and have the opponent not be able to answer his. That way the person who goes first doesn't have an advantage. So how about adding that?

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Shin Megami Tensei's a Japan only release (although the wiki says it got an American release on the Android, apparently), so no issue of regional publishing issues on that front. And did I say that it was the Sega CD version not published by Atlus? I can't remember who published it, but I know it wasn't Atlus.

That other rule sounds fine. Actually, if somebody fails to answer, the asker should provide a synopsis of the game just to prove they actually know what they're talking about and that the question is answerable. Otherwise, it doesn't count.

But if we're taking this seriously, how the fuck do we execute on it?

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This thread made me feel like a lightly baked plum

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I thought that I was in for a critique on IGN's rampant click-baiting. Boy was I surprised with what I found here! Nice backstory though for some stuff I don't recall at all from the books.

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@aiurflux said:

Any time there's a chance to shit on IGN I'm all for it. So yeah. FUCK THEM! *grabs pitchfork and joins mob*


(In this case "him" can refer to either the IGN writer or Raven. This game is about audience participation.)

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@video_game_king: Let's do it right here. Unless you want to make a specific thread for our duel and have a bunch more people make fun of me. Cause I'm always into making a fool of myself for the entertainment of others.

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I was thinking a video medium such that I couldn't just look up your damn thing and you couldn't do the same for me (at least not efficiently).

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@video_game_king: Eh I trust you. And if I cheated it wouldn't prove anything to me anyways and I obviously don't care what other people here think of me so unless you plan on cheating that doesn't matter to me.