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Have the early bugs been ironed out and whats the frame rate like? It's £15 at Play at the moment.

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I had no issues with it.

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There are few spots where the framerate gets hairy when there a plenty of enemies onscreen, but they're infrequent enough for it not to effect your experience too much. Bugs can still be an issue, I played it a couple of days ago and sometimes cutscenes just won't start (and the game is lousy with in-engine cutscenes let me tell you).

For 15 though? Get it, it's still a great action game.

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I also had no issues! Great game!

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.. hold up?

Yeah it's fine dude. Mechanically the best TPS this gen for sure and story wise and everything I loved it.

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I didn't try the multiplayer but the single player was fine. Maybe a few spots of slow down when I ran into a crowded firefight. For GBP$15 you can't lose. It was a great game, tons of replay value.

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@ZedsDeadBaby said:

I had no issues with it.

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I'd say it's aged quite well

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I never had any problems with it.

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Had no problems when I played through it! Go for it.

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@corruptsaves: The multiplayer is dead. I tried it yesterday and quit after 2 "matches". First match was 2v2 and everyone beside me was just standing around and left eventually. The other was like 3v4 and it was going alright but not even full games man. I am disappointed. I guess I'll be playing the story mode and no more MP3 for me after that.

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@awesomeusername: The story mode is the main focus of the game anyway.

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@awesomeusername: I told you that a month ago. You were better off renting it.

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@Solh0und: I don't remember this stuff! There's nowhere for me to rent games anyways. Mo redboxes around and I will not make a gamefly account. I like buying my games too.

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Never had any issues with it myself. Except I cant get past something like level 4 on hard :(