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I was playing some old nes games on my computer using an emulator and i was wonder if that makes me an asshole

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@christopherson329 said:

dick asshole

no, just gay.

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not really. but posting about it does

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No it makes you a white knight. (Just Kidding)

As far as I'm concerned, if the game is out of production and it's took expensive/hard to find then by all means. I also came to the conclusion that emulators and roms are going to be an important part in keeping the history of video games. Well at least the first 50 or so years until you won't be able to back them up for historical records. Kind of like what Jeff's been doing with his collection. Those cartridges and CD's are going to stop working/ get demolished in a flood at some point, so we need to get them on the internet to preserve them.

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No, in fact it makes you the opposite of an asshole because you can appreciate old games. I play Sunset Riders and Streets of Rage 2 on my PC all the time.

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NES games? Fuck no, they aren't making money off of sales of the NES cartridges, and most of them can't be attained without spending more money than they are worth or going well out of your way to get them. And even then sometimes it's just not possible.

Now, if you're talking about PS2 games, that might be a bit different if you don't own the actual games/at least have owned a PS2 in the past. But NES is real damn old, and as far as I'm concerned that shit should be public domain.

@Kidavenger: Really dude?

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Nah, I asked the same question a bit back when I started using emulators on my Nexus. They're old out of print games. Aside from some of them being on Virtual Console, there's no way to play those games.

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no, some of the games are expensive. it's like 26 years old out of production, i don't think nintendo cares. they aren't getting any of the money if someone were to buy a NES game.

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No, but your refusal to use capital letters or punctuation might.

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Not at all. Just don't let Kuchera catch you.

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Pretty sure that's what Jeff does to capture video for the Encyclopedia Bombastica. Just uses emulators for older games to save the hassle.

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I think if there is no way to purchase the game currently to give money to whoever owns the game then it's sort of OK.

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Add another to the "no" pile. Sorry, I'm not willing to plunk down $400 on something that is older than I am and might not work.

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The line for me mostly depends on if you can't get it elsewhere or not. Up to you, really.

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No because I do it all the time and I'm not a dick. Thats impossible.

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Not really I mean game batteries WILL eventually die, and the only way to get those games is using an emulator, sure if you use it for things like PS2 or DS maybe but otherwise dont feel bad and enjoy the games man.

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No. I use them a lot. Even if you have the game, it's far more convenient to have everything in one spot. And like others said, it's absurd to pay $200 for a 20 year old Turbografx game. The only entity getting screwed there is ebay.

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@laserbolts said:

Not at all. Just don't let Kuchera catch you.


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Proud to be an asshole, I guess.

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You're kind of a dick, because they are available via means like Virtual Console. But that would require buying a Wii and also spending money. I guess it's easier to just google "NES emulator". Also, this is Generation Y we're talking about here, so we're all entitled to everything that ever existed ever for free.

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No. That's your business.

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No dude.

Save states are amazing. They've made so many older games more enjoyable for me.

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@BlastProcessing said:

@laserbolts said:

Not at all. Just don't let Kuchera catch you.



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Nobody cares.

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Yes, you are a terrible terrible dick. An awful person and you'll be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

@KevinK: Using emulators has nothing to do with being entitled, being entitled means that you feel you deserve everything and have a right to do it, get it etc. Using emulators is just common sense. I use them because they are free and because if I had to pay to play snes games I wouldn't play them. I don't use them because I feel I'm entitled to do so.

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Depends how much you're doing it. Most old games are available digitally by some means these days, so if you're pirating a load of old games, instead of giving money to the owners.. that's pretty dickish. No different from pirating a brand new game, really.

I'd only say there's an exception when the games are completely unavailable digitally or if the port is exceptionally bad.

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@BlastProcessing said:

@laserbolts said:

Not at all. Just don't let Kuchera catch you.


I knew I was right about you!

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I don't think so. The people who made these games aren't going to get paid because you bought a cartridge off of ebay for $200.
Might as well avoid getting ripped off.

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No, unless you can buy them for a virtual console, then it's a tad iffy

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Giant Bomb has a strict zero tolerance policy regarding discussing piracy.

Downloading roms and playing them with emulators is piracy and therefore outside the scope of what is permitted on the forums.