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I wasn't sure whether this belonged in ''general discussion' or not - but here it goes anyway...

You might remember a while back that I worked on a project with megadrive.me called MD-001 - It was to produce a high end poster based on the Japanese Sega Megadrive (http://cargocollective.com/Wolfsburg/Megadrive-me-MD001-Print-Project). I had always said that I wanted to do similar projects based around gaming, and as we're coming towards the end of the 100 run for the MD-001 prints (hurry!) I thought I'd tell you a bit about what's next:

From a design perspective I've always loved the Gamecube. I think it's one of the greatest console designs there's ever been, and I do think it's the last true example of a console that doesn't feel the need to sit comfortably along side a Sky box or a DVD player (it has a handle and they sold it in purple for fucks sake). It's a great example of a games machine that looks like fun - and the more time you spend with it, the more charming details you notice. I personally think the pad is also one of the best there's been.But enough of me fawning - The plan is to create a piece of printed graphic design to celebrate the NGC. We haven't agreed all of the details as of yet but the following is pretty much set in stone:

-There'll be 3 versions based on the the Japanese launch colours - Indigo / Spice Orange / Black

- Each colour will be a variant so details will be different- There'll be some link between the three variants

- We're collaborating with some select games journalists to write a short piece that will be included on the print

- It will be a very limited run (I'm aiming for less than 100 per colour)

- It will be more ornate and intricate in it's make up than the MD-001 poster

- It won't be anywhere near as expensive as MD-001 (nothing to to do with profitabilty, we're just using different printing processes.)

I'll add any updates in here, there's also a Twitter account that exists (@DOL001) where I'll do a launch giveaway to people that follow - In the meantime here's a few WIP bits of the pads:


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