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So I ordered GTAV off of Amazon yesterday, and splurged a bit for overnight shipping, because I'm a slave to my own hype. I spent a bunch of time today watching GTA videos and such, letting the hype sink fully in.

Finally, I hear the mail truck go by, and I traipse (heels may or may not have been clicked) on down to the mailbox to retrieve the bills and the game. Due to the weight of the other mail, I don't notice that something's wrong. I tear open the package, and my jaw drops. I have just been sent a brand new, shiny copy of NOTHING. No game, no invoice, just the taunting brown of cardboard. The box was untampered with, so if swift fingers were involved, it wasn't USPS' doing.

Hey, Skippy, you had ONE job. Don't think I can't see you playing iPhone games on top of your scanner.

Needless to say, I got the issue squared away with support and a new empty box copy will arrive on Monday, but still... why couldn't Amazon have fucked up one of my little "whim" purchases instead?

Anyone else have this happen? Or any other amusing delivery foibles?

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I remember ordering L.A. Noire from Amazon. The case came but there was nothing inside :(.

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@briggs713: The actual game case? Ha, that's crazy.

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I bought a CD at FYE once that was factory sealed.

No CD inside. They did not want me having that Goldfinger album I guess. :(

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One time I bought a Hitachi Deskstar 1TB 7200RPM 32MB Cache Hard Drive, but when it arrived it was actually a Hitachi Deskstar 1TB 7200RPM 16MB Cache Hard Drive. Its like, why even bother living at that point? Seriously.

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My friend ordered from Game.co.uk like we had done a million times. It was for Aliens vs predator on 360 they sent the ps3 version, he does have a ps3 but wanted 360 so we could play with friends like me.
Thats not the weird part, he contacted them and they sorted it and asked for the ps3 version to be sent back. Thats fine.

The weird part is....along with the 360 version of AVP they sent him some goodies to say sorry, such asa Bioshock 2 t shirt that was black and wen it got wet would wash out and show a big daddy. Stickers and posters....yet two games.

James Camerons Avatar the game and The Darkness 1, both sealed. (Avatar was newish at the time) but they were both....PS3. He sent back PS3 AVP what if he didn't have a ps3?

I would be both amused and angry.

What would keep you happy is Little Steve.

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@akyho: Eeeee! Love Little Steve! :D

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Like above, I ordered a Mighty Mighty Bosstones CD from Amazon once, got the factory sealed case, but no CD. I was laughing hysterically for a few minutes, but started up the process to have it sent back (I bought the last one in stock so I couldn't replace it with another one, unfortunately)

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I think it happened to my Dad once. He wasn't happy.

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Amazon sent me the wrong shipment of books once - all by the same authors, but completely different books.

I'm in Australia, so when I contacted them I told them flat out I wasn't paying to ship 20+ novels back to them.

They told me to keep them and sent the proper ones express. I was pretty stoked.

Still happy that ebooks became a thing not long after

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Yeah, things like this you almost have to laugh at because its not worth getting angry about. Still, bummer dude. Hope you enjoy when you get it Monday!

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Fuckin' Amazon.

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Ugghhhh sending back shit to Amazon, the worse part about Amazon!! I just found it very annoying, at that point I'd rather go to the store and get it right away.

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I got GTA 5 from Game.co.uk, but I got a free copy as well as my paid one!

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Yeah, things like this you almost have to laugh at because its not worth getting angry about. Still, bummer dude. Hope you enjoy when you get it Monday!

I was massively pissed when it first happened, but then I tried to look at the situation from an outside perspective, and it was hilarious, haha. The look on my face must have been priceless.

That said, I have an early-gen 360, so if I run into issues when I do get it... hoo boy...

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@shagge: Theres a very good change you might have issues if you're using an early gen 360. A friend has an older model 360 and apparently can't get past a certain mission(don't know which) as it keeps freezing....so, you know, good luck :P

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My parents bought a 1992 sedan only to find out after the sale had been finalized that it was in fact a 1995 sedan.

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I ordered a bunch of random junk once and when the package arrived someone in the house took it and hid it under a bunch of shit and couldn't be bothered to tell me about it. Contacted amazon support saying my package had not arrived yet it said it was signed for and they just gave me a full refund no questions asked. A few days later I find out the package was here all along and when I tried to contact them again they just said don't worry about it. I wonder if this is a one time thing they do for folks or if this could get abused. It was "only" around $70-$80 iirc. I doubt they would have done it with a bigger ticket item like a PS4 or a TV.

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I once ordered a VHS box set of a dubbed anime because it was cheaper than the subtitled edition. Amazon sent me the subtitled edition at the dubbed price. Best mistake I've ever had through them.

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@deadeyes: Yeah, I heard it's a fairly common problem, but I also heard it's less common for us plebs that use composite video. :P *fingers crossed*

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When I ordered Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince from Amazon, they sent me two hardcover copies when I only ordered one. Why couldn't they have sent doubles for Xbox Live Gold, PSN+ or other points cards?

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I remember I order resistance 2 from Amazon, but to my surprise it was broken. I also ordered Manhunt 2 for the ps2 once, but it was an xbox copy. Yeah, Amazon can get abit sloppy sometimes.

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Back in 2002, I bought a copy of Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance from Gamestop that was new in the shrink wrap, but lacked the GBA cart itself. Explaining that to the gamestop clerk was fun.

More recently (maybe last year?) I bought the first four seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars from amazon. The fourth season case had no DVDs or even the plastic bits that would hold DVDs.

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You know, Amazon is alright, can't really fault them for this. They weren't the ones that produced the item, after all. Could have happened with any retailer.

Amazon has always done right by me when it comes to customer service. Most recent example...I ended up with an extra copy of a textbook so I filled out the return form on Amazon. A few minutes later they sent me an email saying, "Hey, we credited your account but go ahead and keep the book anyway, thanks for being a loyal customer." I guess they figure it's more cost effective to let a customer keep a $20 book rather than having to pay someone to process the return.

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@akyho: Okay, I like SPG but have never seen Little Stevie. That's a pretty great video.

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This just made me think how much it would suck if I get my PS4 on the 15th and it's just a box full of packing peanuts.

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@mb: Oh, definitely. They were super fast and courteous with rectifying the issue, and this is the first problem I've had with them (not counting a weird disappearance of the ten dollar credit I was supposed to get from preordering Injustice). It sucks that I have to wait three days after paying for overnight, but it's not the end of the world.

@bane122 I highly suggest following their Youtube channel, they have a ton of weird things like that. Also, this reminds me, I keep meaning to pay for an Engineer-ateer membership... but I also keep meaning to go nuts in Abney Park's site shop... gaaah, decisions.

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When I ordered my Xbox 360 a few years ago, they had a sale with $50 off. They must've ran out of units because I received a Gears of War Edition instead.

I don't know, that was kind of cool.