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But I think trophy sync is finally gone, can someone confirm? No more waiting 5 hours  just to compare trophies with your friends.

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Who's the person waiting five hours to compare trophies?

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5 hours to sync trophies? People still use dial up?

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I was exaggerating lol it just took awhile especially compared to xbox's.

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Trophies? What's that?

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i think is because you can't synch them right now

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I just synced mine.

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NZ still doesn't have PSN back yet. Fuck all of you, and your trophy-syncing abilities.

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im not going to check if Vancouver has PSN... 

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@darkvare said:
i think is because you can't synch them right now
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I can sync my trophies just fine, and as far as i can tell everything is the same.

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Yeah, you can sync your trophies. I did it last night after I downloaded the update and signed in.

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o well, that would be cool if they did that. i will have to check that out when i go online.