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If you look over at LinkedIn it says this

VP of Marketing

Valve corporation

Privately Held; 201-500 employees; Computer Games industry

January 2000February 2013 (13 years 2 months)

Over 13 years at Valve, this is kinda huge. Seriously, what's going on over there? We knew there were firings but Lombardi? Damn. There are some massive changes happening over there right now.

For those who don't know him this is from his page:Now Director of Marketing, he has seen and marketed the release of all their games to date since


. Because of his position, he manages and coordinates public relations, marketing and press activities and can therefore often be found alongside

Gabe Newell

at E3 or other press conferences discussing the latest bits and pieces of news coming from




Apparently it's not true, it was a mistake by LinkedIn. That or it's kept quiet for now but I think it's most likely a mistake.

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I very nearly did a spit-take. No joke.

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I'm getting worried about Valve with all this stuff happening.

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Confirmed false. Long Live Doug!

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The fuck!?

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@coribald said:

Confirmed false. Long Live Doug!

I wonder why LinkedIn changed to that though? Maybe a title or position change? He himself would have had to change that on there, so the question is why?

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Wow I felt the Twitterverse whiplash there. Where did this originate anyway? Have sites got tools set up monitoring linkedin accounts? Jesus.

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It's marketing.... even if he left why should it matter? It's marketing...

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Half Life 3 Confirmed??

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@tycobb said:

It's marketing.... even if he left why should it matter? It's marketing...

In terms of the image of the company, Lombardi is probably the best known face at Valve apart from Gabe Newell. If it was true he'd parted ways it would be big news and would probably have significance for their business direction, but apparently it's not true so n/m.