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Today one of the most cutting edge consoles of all time came out. It will later be remember to be the last failed console of sega. What are you're memories of this system!


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I played a Ready 2 Rumble demo and an NES emulator on it, and that's about it.

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Not owning one... bad bad memory that keeps resurfacing

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Crazy Taxi and Typing of the Dead were all that was needed to justify the DC.

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ay bruh that commercial is pretty weird

rip dreamcast

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It was the first console I paid for with my own money that I earned at my first job that released close to my birthday. It was a pretty special occasion for me when it came out. I actually liked it a lot and didn't know how bad it was doing for the years that I had it.

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i remember playing Mortal Kombat Gold on a Dreamcast. the whole 'insert coin to continue' screen always terrified me

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Somehow it feels like it should be a lot older than that!

I never got the chance to buy a dreamcast :( Almost bought a 2nd hand one, but backed away from the deal.

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God that's weird, that's too weird. 13 year olds are fuckin' teenagers. People born when the Dreamcast came out are like experimenting with weed and stealing from their parents' liquor cabinet. Even in my early twenties that makes me feel old.

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thanks alot asshole.now i feel alot older than i should. i still vividly remember sitting in math class in the 8th grade thumbing through the latest issue of EGM and getting psyched for the new dreamcast. dammit im old.

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Happy 13th Birthday to one of my favorite consoles of all time, lots of memories with it and great games that I'll never forget. The DC did so much in it's short run but they went out with a bang. #9-99-99

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Power Stone 1 and 2, Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Ready 2 Rumble, Soul Calibur, Rush 2049 and THPS 2 are my favorite memories of my Dreamcast. It was a system that should have had a longer shelf life than it did.

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Fantastic console. It absolutely trounced the N64 and PS1 in graphical fidelity and had some brilliant games to back it up, shame the marketing was so terrible.

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I loved my Dreamcast. Shenmue was one experience that really blew me away at the time. I just remember wondering how they could have squeezed so much into one game. I still haven't played anything since that allowed you to explore an environment so exhaustively. Then my system developed a problem where it would only read discs if the lid was open and you had to rig the switch that popped the top open with a paperclip so it would spin the CDs. It died shortly after that, and I couldn't bring myself to replace it. R.I.P. Dreamcast.

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Still my favourite console with an awesome line up when Sega was at the height of their game. It is still in my living room and attached to the TV (besides the Saturn, the only pre-PS3/360 era console which is still in regular use)... Really a shame that it "died" so early...

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I always find it weird when people celebrate the birthdays of the dead ones.

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Ah memories...

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The DC came out when I was 7 and I liked the first Sonic Adventure game and I'm sorry.

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Never had one at the time. Bought one a few years ago but kinda blew it up recently by plugging in a broken controller.

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I don't have many memories other than playing "Power Stone" 1 and 2 at a friends house back when the console was relevant. Great game! I own a used console now and it's sitting on my shelf in the basement. I may break it out today in honor of it's birthday and give a couple of a games a whirl. I can't say a game of Hydro Thunder is a waste of time. Ever.

EDIT: Completely forgot the Dreamcast was my first Gauntlet Legends experience. God I remember the countless hours I spent with my friends leveling up and grinding the hell out of the world bosses. The secret areas and treasure's were brutal in that game. I never played Jet Set on the DC, but I did play the Xbox rendition and loved it. I'm trying to remember what else I may have played. I never liked the original Sonic Adventures once you passed the first paradise level. The feeling I had back when I was a kid of the speed and epic-ness of the whale chasing me was un-paralleled. Now it's just a bad-game to me.

Oh, and Chu-Chu Rocket. The first Puzzle game on a console I poured hours into with my family.

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I own one. I've never played it.

I get that the Dreamcast totally has good games on it, but most of them are fighting games and/or just not for me. Maybe some day, Shenmue. Maybe some day...

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What about that Ever17 whatever stuff? Wasn't something like that released for the Dreamcast?

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@Video_Game_King: Only in Japan. PC release was the only commercially available English translation.

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Obligitory "Here is Jeff Gerstmann 13 years ago" post:

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@MattyFTM: God dammit :P

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so many sweet capcom fighters on the dreamcast.

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Like most people, I never had one.

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Fell in love with the dreamcast again recently. Had one as a small child but sold it, and recently bought a new one and a bunch of games. so many fantastic games, and there's a lot of games that were good on ps1/n64 that are far superior on dreamcast (tony hawk, spider-man, soul reaver).

Also, the best way to give the dreamcast new life is to buy the VGA adapter for it. It looks goddamn amazing, and makes it infinitely better to play on an HDTV

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Time to celebrate by playing PSO.