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Hey Duders

Like many here, I am saddened and stunned by the loss of Ryan Davis. My only interaction with him was an email about my account where he addressed me as Mr.Horse, which even then brought a smile to my face, his voice emanating beyond the confines of the digitalised letter. Like the rest of you guys here, I spent many an hour listening to the guys, consuming every piece of content I could, gorging myself on GiantBomb’s patented blend of thorough investigation and impish glee. The crew nursed me through countless a hangovers and brought my own collective brigands together and for that I’ll be eternally grateful. We came for the videogames and stayed because the inclusive friendship you bestowed Ryan, so generously and without equal.

Its unusual to be so wounded by the loss of a man you’ve never met, I feel as much as I can for Patrick, Dave, Brad, Vinny , Jeff and the countless lives Ryan’s boundless exuberance enlightened, I can’t imagine how his family and new wife feel and I’ve no platitude great enough to profess otherwise, just know that he lives on forever, to all of those who passed up a night out, for a night in with the bombadiers.

That being said there are enough wet eyes amongst duders worldwide and for some frustration who don’t have those to talk to in life and celebrate Ryan Davis for the heroic lord of the cast he was. Grieving for his loss is hard, yet celebrating his life comes so easy, because he crammed it with so much great joy that it can spill out to all of us. I don’t pretend to know what Ryan Davis would have wanted his devotee’s to do but I do know that good times were not against Ryan’s ethos.

This Friday 12/07/2013 myself and fellow user John Sublime were planning on checking out the recently opened E-Sports centric bar in London, Meltdown, in celebration of his birthday. In light of this weeks news, we feel like we should take the opportunity to celebrate our experiences of Ryan, and we would like to extend an invite out to all duders who can make it. It's crazy how much this has affected us and it's so hard to talk about it with people outside of the GB community in the real world so we would like to extend a hand to all of you. We’re going to chant inexplicably at people playing starcraft and try to laugh as loud as Ryan would have.

All duders are invited and if any one is able to come I’ll PM you my phone number and we’ll drink to the great founder of batmanbatmanbatman.com. I’ll be wearing a Ryan Davis tshirt, so even if you just pop in for the night say hello, we’ll slam some breast milk shots.

So from Mr.Horse, here’s to you Mr.Davis.

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We two and others will be putting the world to rights in the name of Davis. If you fancy it please come, whether impromptu or not. Seems like the perfect dive for us to wash our sorrows away with talks of his greatest moments to us.

Forgive me if it goes against forum policy to post the page for the bar but just so people know where to find it, here it is.


If it's not allowed I'll remove my post.

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I'll actually visiting friends/family down near London this weekend. Put me down as a maybe, depending on what my friends/family have planned for Friday night. If you get a decent crowd together, I'll certainly try my hardest to come.

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That's cool there will be a few of us and whoever turns up is instantly welcome. Enjoy visiting your family mate.

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I wish I could make it, but I'll be there in spirit! Really want to visit that bar at some point anyway, even if I'm not in or local to London.

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I hate esports, but I loved Ryan Davis. Put me down as a maybe.

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Well I live in London and although I've never taken part in e-sports I'd still love to come and show my support for Ryan and the bombcrew. I only know one other fellow bomber here, I'll see if he can make it.

Edit: Just checked the address and it's literally on the opposite side of London for me, I can still come but I won't be able to stay very late. What time were you thinking of starting?

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and I just moved from London... make it good, lads!

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I'll be going straight from work to London aiming to be there about 7. No clue how late I'll be staying. We have no strict timetable for the evening. For the record, I'm not an esports fan either but it doesn't stop me being curious

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I'd thought of trying to do something in London, glad someone has though. I'll try and make it, depends on how late I have to work though!

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Yeah don't worry about the e-sports thing, they have beer and you don't have to play, I doubt they'll even let us, probs have to do an initiation or something.

It just seemed right to rejoice for Ryan. Should be good!

Hope to see some of you duders there!

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I would like to go but that bar is a little out of the way. Put me down as a maybe.