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Quick question, a friend of mine has a normal Nintendo DS (first Gen) and they just moved and well as most know things get missplaced.  So they lost the charger for it.  Now I know you can use an SP charger on the DS, however, the eb rep they called (and we all know EB Games knows evyerything >.>) said that they don't have a normal ds charger, however the ds lite charger apparently will work, its just got a smaller charge. I tend to think this is bull and as charging goes, wrong charger used and you can blow your system.  So, can anyone confirm a DS lite charger will work to charge a normal DS system?

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They have DS chargers. They sell a Gamestop branded DS Lite/Fat DS/SP charger for $14.99 I think. Just tell the guy at the store to stop being lazy and to walk over to his DS section.

*hates people who give Gamestop a bad name*

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Lol no bad name giving here, sadly those giving gamestop and eb games bad rep are the employees there! lol thanks though for the info

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I wasn't saying you were, just I hate when GameStop/EB Games employees are lazy and give our store a bad name. Everyone in the GameStop I work at is glad to help, and our store is nothing like the stores you hear about online.