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Microsoft : B- [A desperate attempt to appeal to casuals and no legitimate retail game reveals marred the marginally superior dashboard, Geometry Wars, and the FFXIII megaton.]
Sony: B [Nothing to really counter FFXIII, but when taken for what it was, the GoWIII, MAG, and fantastic PSN reveals were really, really nice surprises.]
Nintendo: F- [Blah blah blah I love dogs, my wrist strength, Shamalalalamama rocks on drums, we're freaking rich, we'll see you next year]

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Microsoft: B
Sony: B
Nintendo: F

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Microsoft: B
+Showed a bunch of games we will be playing this year
+New Dashboard
-Your in the movies

Sony: B+
+Loads of awesome games
+PSN just keeps getting better
-Alot of those games we won't be playing this year
-Lost another exclusive

Nintendo: F-
-Wii Music
-Wii Sports Resort
-A $40 attachment for your Wii mote that you need to spend $160 on if you want to play with four friends that don't have a Wii.
-No games for the Hardcore except Animal Crossing, which is debatable.
-Trying to appeal to Soccer moms, grandmothers, and six year olds rather than everyone.

Sony>Microsoft>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Superman 64>Nintendo.

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BlackWaterCO said:

"Microsoft: B
Sony: B
Nintendo: F"

Yeah, pretty much.

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Sony F - for Final Fantasy

M$ B+ - For actually showing something.

Nintendo C - for Cash money.

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lol chulo

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Sony- B- : Nothing really stood out, but they did show off some new IPs and several of their anticipated games.
MS- C+ " You really have to be a 360 owner (which I'm not) to appreciate it. Avatars and the new dashboard don't mean anything to people without 360's, and the Netflix thing isn't a big deal either if you don't own one. Still, they showed off demos, which are what people wanted.
Nintendo- F+ : The only reason there's a plus there is for WiiSpeak. Everything else was just boring and uninteresting.

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Microsoft C+

Nintendo F

Sony B-

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Sony - B+

Microsoft - C

Nintendo - D-

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Microsoft   B+  : They showed a solid lineup of upcoming games, and the whole new dashboard update looks amazing. (I'm especially excited for using netflix on my 360)
Sony    B    : Showed off some exceptional looking games, and movies on PSN. I would like to see some more console exclusives (/cry FFXIII)
Nintendo   D-  : Wiimusic looks awefull, and i was overly unimpressed by other games they showed. They didn't address the HD issue, and selling us a $40 accesory that should just be part of a re-release of the wii-mote. Only reason they didn't fail is that Wii Resort looks ok.

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Sony B - MAG looks like it could be very sweet and if it runs properly could open a lot of eyes to the PS3's power. Resistance looks dope. Ratchet and Clank PSN game? Sign me up.

Microsoft B- - Gears 2 looks awesome. XBox Live arcade has some pretty cool things coming up. Oh and Final Fantasy.

Nintendo D - Animal Crossing. Miyamoto claims a new Zelda for the Wii is in the works...uh... that's it?

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Sony- C

Microsoft- B (would have been a C but the news of FF bumped them up)

Nintendo- F I laughed so much during there press conference especially during the Wii Music portion.

If I where there parents I would ground them all.

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Seems E3 is for the casuals now :|

Microsoft - B
Not the best press conference by any stretch but then I think of FFXIII megaton and there is nothing left to be said.

Sony - B
Very interested in MAG (that should be the final title lol), much potential but I still think we've seen what the PS3 is capable of (MGS4 being the exception).

Nintendo - D-
Why repeat what has already been said...too bad they'll still get rich off Wii Music.

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Microsoft B+ : Lips and the dash update kind of made a thud with the hardcore gamers. Maybe they should have detailed the other dash improvements like more resolutions.
Sony B- : Most of the trailers had no gameplay footage. MAG is a great concept but just show a little bit as proof of concept, please.
Nintendo D-: Their presser was fuckin terrible but why do they care? They're rollin in cash money.

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Microsoft- B They did what they had to for me nothing more or less.  I like the improvements to the dashboard, and the games coming out look good. I'm very excited that the xbox will be getting FF Xlll, so now I can finally play a modern Final Fantasy.

Sony - B+ I really liked Sony's E3 this year they showed some games that made me interested in purchasing a PS3.  LBP, Resistance 2, Killzone, but these games were all expected or known already.  DC universe is hit or miss for me it could be something I love or hate, and MAG is the same way as well. 

Nintendo- D They only pass because they continue to release the things that made them successful. They get a D because they didn't show anything that really appealed to me just more casual crap. Actually they made me want to sell my Wii, so I change their grade to an F.

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Sony: B.
They had a very nice showing. Resistance 2 looks nice, as well as the psp version. I really liked the LBP level where they showed off their numbers, that was amazing :D God of War coming, but we all knew that already. No surprises, but very focused on the hardcore.

Microsoft: B-.
Good: They showed off some good games that are coming out, like gears 2, fable 2, etc. Plus the FFXIII was arguably the most surprising news to come out of E3.
Bad: New interface and avatars. All of the casual stuff they showed. I think it's a little to late for that. I would say they were equal with Sony if it weren't for that.

Nintendo: D.
I think we're all in a unanimous opinion on that one.

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Nintendo: D

Microsoft: C

This means no summer camp for any of you because you failed to keep your grades up!

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Sony   B

Fine presentation at the conference. It was nice to see some new things at E3 like ....... Infamous demoed finally , Killzone 2 multiplayer details and footage , Fat Princess , MAG , Resistance PSP , etc. Overall , a lot of good games coming.

Microsoft  B -

Conference was a mixed bag. They showed a lot of great games , but presentaion was very hokey at times with the casual games. Lots of great games coming up.

Nintendo D-

I guess we don't really need to go into it , everyone knows what happened ..... errrrr , and didn't happen.

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MS: B- , is anyone out there actually excited for avatars?

Sony: B+ , theyve got a pretty sweet lineup this year, i dont own a ps3, but im looking foward to resistance psp

Nintendo: F- , RIP Zelda, Metroid, and games for anyone who doesnt like Wii sports 

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Microsoft- B+ Showed a lot of different things, surprises and game footage.

Sony-B+ Resistance 2 m gow 3 and some interesting things for their systems

Nintendo D- only reason I didn't give them an F was because they have a gta game ( probably top down) comming to the DS, and the Wii Speak and motion+ is an interesting idea.

Basically, Nintendo's conference was abysmal. They showed up talked about how much they've sold, made a bunch of people get up on stage to make themselves look like idiots, and basically said peace. They could have shown some more ( or better) 3rd party stuff comming to the system.