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E3 2010 is right around the corner.  Excited?  I sure am!  If not, you probably shouldn't be here.  Anyways, as with E3 being the largest expo of the video game industry, many new games/devices/etc. will be announced for the first time, and those already known will be shown again in some form as well.  With all of this orgy of video game news, you may be asking yourself: What is the best way to discuss these topics with my fellow Giant Bombers in the forums?  And how?  Well, my fellow Moderator comrades and I will show you how!

Press Conferences

As you will see later today, we will have set three distinct threads dedicated to each of the major press conferences(Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony) and each will be opened a few hours before their respective news conference.  These threads will be pinned to the top of the forums and in each of their respective company pages(which can be found here, here, and here) and will be for the discussion of each company's press conference.  This means no extensive discussions of any individual game/devices/etc. shown during the conferences in the threads(we will talk about these later on).  Only general discussion of the conferences themselves will be allowed.

So, let us recap:

  • There will be an official discussion thread for each of Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony's press conference.
  • These threads will be pinned to the top of all board and to the boards of each company's specific page.
  • Only general discussion of the press conferences will be allowed in these threads.
But what about the individual games?  Let us begin.

Individual Games

Let us be honest here.  E3 is all about the games, right?  So naturally, we want to talk about them(again, if you don't, you're in the wrong place).  With Giant Bomb's awesome Whiskey Media-designed Wiki system, we have a forum dedicated to every individual game.  Do these sound like the right places to post the topics about and discuss those individual games?  Well it should, because that is where we want you to(they're there for a reason, after all).  Want to talk about Gears of War 3?  Discuss it in its forum inFAMOUS 2?  Have at it here.  This way, General Discussion is not clogged up and the games' specific pages receive their deserved traffic and activity.   Any topics dealing with specific games that aren't in their respective boards will be immediately moved the the thread creator will be sent a PM detailing the correct process.  Continued misplacement of threads by the same user will result in an official warning.  To avoid this problem, you might have some questions.

How Do I Post a Topic in an Individual Game's Board?

Well, my friend, I'm about to show you how.  Make sure you follow every step!
Search for the individual game and click on the link:

Click on the Forums tab on the left hand side of the page:

The next step is the most important
Check If Topic Already Exists in the Forum
We can't stress this enough.  Check the forum to see if the topic you want to start already exists.  If it does, simply continue the discussion in that thread with your thoughts.  Do not create duplicate threads.  Such threads will be immediately locked and the user sent a PM.  Constant creation of duplicate threads will be met with an official warning.  Again, please check for already existing topics.  If you find that there isn't already a thread dedicate to the topic you want to discuss, please continue on to the next step.

Then click on the red Start New Topic button in the top right hand corner of the page:

And here you go!

Pretty easy, huh?  However, you might still have an other question.

What If There Isn't a Page for the Game Yet?

As with every E3, there will be games announced for the first time ever, therefore impossible that there is already a page for it on Giant Bomb.  What to do?  Well it's a safe bet that while you are thinking about it, someone else has already gone ahead and created a page for the newly announced game and it will likely appear instantly.  If the search doesn't come up with anything, visit here to look for it manually.  If it is seemingly not there either, go ahead and submit your own request for a page.  If someone has already sent one before you or you simply missed the already existing page while looking for it, you will receive a PM from a moderator rejecting your submission and providing a link to the existing page.

Now let's recap this section, shall we?

  • Any topics/discussions about individual games should be placed inside of their individual forums and NOT in General Discussion.
  • Topics not put in the correct place will be immediately moved and topic creator sent a message.
  • Constant continuation of above after PM will be met with an official warning,


We all love the fast paced, seemingly chaotic influx of news and games coming from E3.  But, we don't want the chaos to infect the Giant Bomb Community.  To keep this place the best it can be during next week's E3 2010, we need to make sure what we post and discuss is in the right boards and the right threads.  
If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask them here!
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 Screw E3 man, I'm all 'arms in the air' over the next Bloons Tower Defence game!
Totally place holding for my comrade moderator in case he needs it.
But yes, I concur with and endorse this topic!
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neat. thanks guys

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@Hamz: You know Hamz, with PSP minis you can now get crappy flash games on your PSP! 
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Sad that these have to be made :(

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@Synthballs said:
" Sad that these have to be made :( "
Do not underestimate the predictability of stupidity...
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@Synthballs:  It didn't take much of my time and I like creating these.  They make the community seem more professional/orderlyl and gives a sense of collectivity
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so glad I read this

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Man, it's such a bummer that I will be gone from a computer for the week of E3... and the week after that as well. I'm going to come home and look through the archive news to see what was announced. Also I will probably have like 5 bombcasts to catch up to.

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@CitizenKane: I agree, and thanks! Can't wait for Tuesday! :)
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@ArbitraryWater:  That really sucks.  I will waste 2x as much time on the internet next week for the both of us!
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very nice 
and theres a typo

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@Synthballs:  A lot of new users come to the site for E3 and they might not know how to post properly.
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@ZombiePie:  B-but...they're all clearly partying outside the house :o
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@ZombiePie said:

That right there's a pretty lame party.  I think a representation for E3 would be more like this: 

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@BeachThunder: You obviously don't know the difference between hizouse and house .
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@ZombiePie:  ...Hm, fair call, I guess I retract my statement :(
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@FluxWaveZ:  It's not a party until middle aged white people try to dance.

 Awww Yeahhhhh! Now it's a Party
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I like these rules.

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i can't wait for it. i hope that there is going to be another translator guy :) those pictures were funny.

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I hope people will actually read these rules.

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I'm ready for E3, I've got my beer and my snacks.

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It's a pity that I am busy during E3 but I look forward to getting my E3 fix a week after its over.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

Augh! The lasers in that picture blinded me in the right eye! I'm gonna sue you!
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@Symphony said:
" Augh! The lasers in that picture blinded me in the right eye! I'm gonna sue you! "
That's a good thing, no?  Blinded by the awesomeness? 
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I already know that Sony won't utter the words that I want to hear, so I'm still a little less excited. 


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I don't know if this is relevant but Jeff's doing a live stream right now.  Probably E3 related as he just reached "The house" and Ryan greeted him and all...

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@CitizenKane: What's the point of having an overall press conference thread, when we should be discussing the games that were released in that press conference not in that thread. Is the official thread supposed to be only discussing hardware, and trying to come up with memes such as the one below, and not discussing the games announced?

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@LiquidPrince: They are for the overall discussion of the press conferences:  your thoughts, feelings, and opinions as the conferences go on.  You can briefly talk about the games that are shown as well as any other parts of the conferences, but no long discussions into certain aspects of each game.
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@LiquidPrince: It's not that you shouldn't be discussing games, it's that you shouldn't be discussing them in too much detail. Gut reactions and brief discussions are fine, but if you try to get into too many in-depth discussions they're quickly going to become hard to follow due to talk of other things going on too. In depth disussions about specific game announcements should be in separate threads about those games so that they are much easier to follow.
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Is anybody going to be doing a play-by-play commentary on the conferences as they happen this year?  Dave?  Matt?
I hope so, that's where the fun was at last time around.

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@CitizenKane:@MattyFTM:  Alright, got it. Thanks.
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@Jimbo: Dave & Matt have the fort covered, don't you worry ;)
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Dave and Matt are alone in the basement?  Oh God, what have we done!

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Don't worry, they have Luchadeer with them.

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Dave has attempted to take control over Giant Bomb before, and we all know Matt has maniacal tendencies... 
So, how long before we see Giant Bomb dedicated mainly to PC RPG's & space-sims, mixed in with an unhealthy amount with Path of Neo and WoW content?

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I'm looking forward to Monday being re-named Turkey Time.

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Should be fun. I hope I can catch it all, might go out of town. Maybe I'll hook up with some wi-fi.

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I was kind of thinking of that there should be an E3 2010 forum that would cover E3 in general.
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Microsoft's Press Conference is ON!
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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
" very nice  and theres a typo "
There's a typo.
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@eag67 said:
" I was kind of thinking of that there should be an E3 2010 forum that would cover E3 in general. "
I second this. Maybe for next year's E3?
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Only thing I'm worried about it Xbox and Sony craming their whole motion control and 3d crap. 

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Hopefully Sony's conference will be better...

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these are good rules.
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Glad to see that we can discuss these kinds of stuff in the forums, as well. Hopefully, everything goes well.
I won't be able to watch it all live. But be sure I will watch everything!