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This is probably talked about across the forums but I been at and Adobe event last week and catching up on E3 the past day or so.

Looking at games such as the new star wars game and watch_dogs, seeing a 360 controller for example on games that are not due till sometime next year makes you think.

Especially watch_dogs as the graphics look great, the animations look good when you look around there is a LOT going on. While the current game systems are being pushed to amazing levels right now and you can see from the last of us what the PS3 can do, some of these new announced games with no real ETA just have that little bit more to them, not just graphics but seemingly running tapping into more power. Especially with the 360 which amazes me what can be done considering the hardware now and its age but I get the feeling that we may be seeing some new MS console launch lineups in their early lives.

Well, I hope so, Next year really has to be the year of the new console for MS at the very least. Sony may have to show or say something but be another year away but MS could show off and launch for holiday season 2013. I think they have to more then anything else. I can see toward the end of this year a more downward slope in sales.

What are your thoughts?

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1800th thread on the matter, GG!

Also, Watch_Dogs is this gen. Fact. What you saw was a PC game, which has been looking better than consoles for a long time now. 360/PS3 versions of WD will most certainly be graphically gimped. They might look good for a console game though, idk.