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Poll: EA Published Star Wars 1313: Would You Buy? (and other things) (99 votes)

Yes 65%
No 35%

So, with the announcement that Disney did not choose to renew the Star Wars 1313 trademark, the hope of the game ever coming to light is pretty dim. My question is this:

If Star Wars 1313 was as near completion as LucasArts claimed before it went under, and if EA were to give what the studio had to a studio like Visceral (Dead Space) to finish it for a late 2014-early 2015 release, would you buy it?

This poll has two main purposes:

1. To see if we can get enough people on board with this idea to convince EA to follow through with it and put the game out.

2. If we can get the support to get EA to put 1313 out, can we get enough support to get EA to do other things it desperately needs to do, like put off the next Battlefield for a couple of extra years and let DICE focus on supporting BF4 and making Mirror's Edge 2 and Battlefront, among other things.

I've never been a part of an internet poll/petition before because I've never found one that I can get passionate about, but if 2013 showed us anything it's that they can have a profound effect on what these large corporations do. The reason I'm putting this up is, not only for the reasons stated above, but to show EA (and particularly their new CEO Andrew Wilson) specific things that they can do to not only become a better company, but to show us that they care about what we want and what we will put up with.

If you think this is a good idea and could work, please participate and encourage others to as well. If not, then don't.

#1 Posted by Example1013 (4807 posts) -

I don't boycott games based on publisher, so theoretically I might buy it. But knowing EA they'd probably rush it out to get it on shelves after tacking on an extra versus mode and bolting in some sort of always-on DRM that ruins the experience because they can't seem to figure out how to run a dedicated server to save their lives.

#2 Posted by Example1013 (4807 posts) -

So probably not.

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I'd buy it. If it was a good game.

#4 Edited by Kraznor (1588 posts) -

I mean, conceivably yes but I'd want to know more about it beyond the flashy footage we saw of what looked like a sci-fi Uncharted game. I wouldn't refuse to buy it just because EA had its stamp on it, but I might refuse to buy it if it looks to be a shallow game with not a lot of long-term value. And by "refuse to buy it" I mean "wait until its 75% discounted on Origin or part of a Humble Bundle", which probably doesn't qualify as the type of purchase you're talking about.

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If it was good, yes. I certainly liked the direction of a criminal take on Star Wars, with the grunginess of the original trilogy at the forefront.

#6 Posted by Tobyus (100 posts) -

For sure. This game looked very promising.

#7 Edited by Nodima (1319 posts) -

Considering I don't really sign up for any new IP before I see it running, no. But I would definitely be very interested, I'm not a PC or FPS player so I don't have any ill will directed towards EA, really. They've been nothing but good to me IMO going back to the SNES (though it is a bummer that their sports games are no longer very appealing to me).

#8 Posted by BBOYS2231 (233 posts) -

I loved the direction they were taking 1313. I would absolutely buy "Uncharted in Space" purely based on the tech demos we saw at E3 a couple of years ago. It's a shame, it looked so promising.

#9 Posted by Lyisa (411 posts) -

No, but it has nothing to do with EA and more that I wasn't planning on buying star wars games.

#10 Posted by ILikePopCans (782 posts) -

Where can I sign up for this hotz petition?

#11 Posted by joshwent (2426 posts) -

I've never been a part of an internet poll/petition before because I've never found one that I can get passionate about, but if 2013 showed us anything it's that they can have a profound effect on what these large corporations do.

I lack the vocabulary to express, "NO", in a forceful enough way to communicate how wrong this sentiment is. Spend every cent as if it has a profound affect on businesses, because it does. But internet petitions for this kind of nonsense is just sad.

#12 Posted by RonGalaxy (3301 posts) -

Why were people so hyped for that game? It looked like a shameless uncharted clone, and everyone knows the star wars universe went to shit when return of the jedi came out.

And why would a future man with lasers and shit need to climb up stuff? Dont make no sense. He could just get a jetpack.

#13 Posted by Levius (1255 posts) -

I would play it if it was cool, but I wouldn't go crazy to try and get it made. There are better things that can be done with Star Wars than a Uncharted clone.

#15 Posted by BabyChooChoo (4941 posts) -

I dunno. It has less to do with EA themselves and more to do with the fact I'm so fucking sick of being signed up for and keeping track of a million and half games and services that the fact it would take all of 30 seconds for me to track down my forgotten Origin info, let alone install the damn the client, is a big enough deterrent to keep me from playing the game.

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@joshwent: I don't know, if that was truly the case, they wouldn't be making Mirror's Edge 2 at all since no one bought the first one but everyone wants a sequel.

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@amatureidiot: I agree, I can't say that I ever was super excited for this game, but I know a lot of people were, and I think that finishing it up and putting it out would be a good thing for EA to do after the disaster for them that was 2013. I think a better gesture of goodwill would be to not put out a Battlefield game in 2015, but to push that to 2016-2017, let DICE focus on fixing the issues with BF4 and making sure Mirrors Edge and Battlefront are up to par. The voice of the people was able to sway Microsoft from their always-online XBone and EA to get rid of Online Passes. Andrew Wilson says he wants to engender goodwill with the community, then here are some ways to do it. I don't have any influence in anything but I know that enough people united in a cause can change things.

#18 Posted by senrat (333 posts) -

1313 looked amazing and got me really excited when I saw it. If they delivered on the potential I would absolutely buy it.

#19 Edited by joshwent (2426 posts) -

I don't know, if that was truly the case, they wouldn't be making Mirror's Edge 2 at all since no one bought the first one but everyone wants a sequel.

It may seem that way to you, but not to EA themselves. Sales numbers can never really be trusted, but 2.5 million units are a bit more than "no one bought the first one".

#20 Posted by HatKing (6202 posts) -

Well, not that a Giant Bomb poll is going to convince a company to put out a game or not, but sure. I still have some shreds of existing nostalgia for the Star Wars universe, and this looked like it was targeting the good parts. Also, it's been kind of a long time since we've seen a decent Star Wars action game. They're kind of few and far between these days, and the ones that do drop are hit or miss. I thought the first Force Unleashed was fine, but the sequel was very clearly unfinished and not even that great to begin with. And since I've no interest in playing an MMO or revisiting Lego games, this looks like the only option for me.

#21 Posted by flameboy298 (63 posts) -

Im a Star Wars fan and yes I was pumped for it,but I doubt some petition is going to pull it out of the grave.

#22 Posted by Village_Guy (2694 posts) -

If it was good, then yes, I don't have much reason to say no, unless the game sucked.

Actually maybe not, I don't have much love for Star Wars anymore, so the universe isn't really a draw, so the game would have to be really good.

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I'd buy it if it was a good game... but EA in the last few years has been a really shitty company. They've decided that after winning 2 "Worst company in America" awards in a row - they decide to go for a third and continued to release games broken (while I haven't played BF4 - the list of bugs that was read during the GOTY deliberations clearly demonstrated that there are major issues with the game - there's also their basketball game) so on the basis of 3 straight years of EA being utter garbage, no, I likely wouldn't buy it.

There's also the issue of EA pursuing microtransactions in full priced retail games (like Dead Space 3) which I have a fundamental problem with.

#24 Posted by Sammo21 (3709 posts) -

Honestly, I want a game that is more than just "Star Wars: Uncharted" and everything about this game made it look like that is what it was going to be. Since it was an in-house game at Lucasarts I feel safe to say it would probably have been barely OK at best. Forced Unleashed 1 was buggy and boring...and don't get me started on Forced Unleashed 2. 1313 was apparently such a mess that they made it a Boba Fett vehicle and then they cancelled it themselves before even the Disney deal. I wouldn't mind a Boba Fett game that was good but 1313 was probably not that.

#25 Edited by crithon (3462 posts) -

EA is just the closest thing to cancer at this point..... so no.

was there really enough video to show of Star Wars 1313? The E3 reaction from press was positive, but then that video was..... well mild taco sauce at best. Force Unleashed was dogshit, scared this devoted Geek with General Ackbar figure right beside his desk go "I give up."

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i wasn't super hyped for it, it looked like star wars uncharted. So it coulda been cool. i woulda waited a week or two to see how people reacted.

Lately EA has had a VERY bad track record with games. Releasing broken, or requiring ridiculous online modes, or full of microtransactions. It's made me fairly wary of EA as a whole. Granted if theres a game i want ill still buy it, but seeing EA as the publisher would give me pause to maybe wait a bit and see.

I'd like to be positive and think they'll get their act together, but....

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@crithon: I didn't get a daily dose of extreme hyperbole yesterday, so thanks for making sure I at least got some today.

#28 Posted by Kedi2 (255 posts) -

I'd buy it. If it was a good game.

My thoughts exactly. I'll buy a game if it's good, regardless of who publishes it.

#29 Posted by Emoney244 (165 posts) -

I would strongly consider it especially regarding its history and a gritty, criminal Star Wars sounds pretty rad.

#30 Posted by crithon (3462 posts) -
#31 Posted by cyberbloke (60 posts) -

I would definitely buy it, It looked like the Star Wars universe I always wanted.

#32 Posted by Ezekiel (586 posts) -

No. I lost interest in the game when I learned that they changed the protagonist to Bobba Fett.

#33 Posted by Darji (5293 posts) -

why would i not? if its the same game and is good sure. I do not care who makes it. I will however be skeptical if some company i don't like is announcing a sequel to a game I love.Like Bethesda and fallout for example^^

#34 Posted by CreepingDeath0 (178 posts) -


"1. To see if we can get enough people on board with this idea to convince EA to follow through with it and put the game out."

I'm pretty sure it's Disney that would need convincing, not EA. Unless your intention is to get EA to reskin it and release it without the Star Wars brand.

#35 Posted by Bollard (5935 posts) -

This thread idea is dumb.

I would buy 1313 if it was a good game, period.

#36 Posted by Gamer_152 (14126 posts) -

I don't have any particular interest in Star Wars, so unless 1313 looked like an amazing game I wouldn't be buying it anyway. I wouldn't feel that much more dissuaded even if EA did put it out though.

#37 Posted by MildMolasses (3230 posts) -

I'm not sure why people are so attached to this game. It looked like a really pretty, cover based shooter. I'm sure there will be plenty of those over the next few years that they don't need to resurrect this one.

#38 Posted by connerthekewlkid (1843 posts) -
#39 Posted by CrimsonAvenger (307 posts) -

If it were good and sold at a reasonable price then sure. $15 would be a good price.