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I'm feeling like it's pretty unacceptable that games are getting shut down only a few years after their release, i just realised MMA has been shut down, a game I've been excited to come back to and had a pretty awesome set of online features.

It's especially insulting when these games are online pass titles which implies even more value attached to the online component.

surely there's a way of running a smaller less expensive framework, shutdown matchmaking, that's fine, but let us host our own games.

EA is a big horrible monster, how can we combat this?

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Shut down the old one so that you buy the new one.

UFC 2013 coming this fall!

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Stop buying EA games, duh.

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I completely agree.

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yeh, boycott is the only way I suppose

Turning bioware into a hollow shell of what it once was was also unacceptable

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He tried, guys. He really did.

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@MikkaQ said:

Stop buying EA games, duh.

Best advice here.

It's not even that the servers are too expensive to uphold I would think. They've just made the clinical, calculated decision to shut down old servers so that you have to keep buying new games. EA has made Activision look really good these last five years.

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@Draxyle: Activision takes down servers just as bad as EA. When they bought Sierra a bunch of servers were turned off.