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Any opinions on the 'viral marketting' EA's PR employed to market Dante's Inferno?

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( the giantbomb guyz talked about it a couple of times on the podcast )

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What you mean those fake protesters?

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It worked, I want to buy it because of the people complaining about the obviously fake protestors.

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So far, they seem about as effective as the marketing department of the Acclaim of old.  Their viral marketing efforts and promotions have been nothing but obnoxious and ineffective, unless you subscribe to the idea of there being no such thing as bad publicity.  That EA has stooped to some of the things that they've done in order to market the game just says to me that they have little faith in the game itself.

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 Ah yes, Dante's Inferno. Talk about bad marketing. First there was the fake protesting, which was offensive enough (Which lost a few people). Then there was the Twitter contest they held, which was essentially being lustful to a booth babe and send a picture. PixelPoet sent a letter after winning second place, which was nothing but greatness (Full letter here for those who want to read) describing why this whole series of bad advertising is bad for EA's image.
I mean the concept for bad publicity is good publicity doesn't work when the product already has a ton going against it as a clone of God of War. They failed tremendously in terms of advertising.

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@FrankCanada97:  Frank you better be a tragically hip fan or i'll be a little sad inside. 
Also...Tim Horton's just opened in NYC!! *humps air*
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what are we talking about here exactly ?

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"  Also...Tim Horton's just opened in NYC!! *humps air*" 
Seriously? Off Topic, I know, but like wow.. there's a Timmy's on every block in toronto, and they're finally coming to the states now eh?  
Fair 'nuff I guess. All of Canada has only one Chipotle to share. Thank god it's next door!

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@XII_Sniper: No, they've been in the states for a while now. They just recently moved into the Manhattan area, taking over old Starbucks places.
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The advertising for NFS: Shift hasn't been good. Subtle advertising works better than basically drowning everyone in advertising. Every game store there are huge posters telling me to preorder, and every day they release a new trailer or gameplay video. I'm drowniiiing.

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I think people getting indignant about this marketing campaign don't like marketing in general.  Any alternative to just bombarding websites, tv channels and magazines is scoffed at with various forms of butthurt. 
The fact that we're still talking about it and debating it means it worked.  By continuing to complain about it, you're pushing F5 on the community and renewing discussion of their product.  That's what they want, and it definitely leads to more units sold.  Good jorb.
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Viral marketing has never got me to buy any product. If a person is so easily influenced, that's their problem.

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That's not really up for debate.  The fact of the matter is it works on a significant amount of other people, and communities (including this one) which is more than enough reason to keep this crap coming. 
They have no incentive to stop if we keep doing things like making threads about it.
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@kenjisalk: Why would they stop? It's a business and they have to market it some how. Discussing it doesn't equal sales.
BTW I think the OP is a viral marketer. Only two post, the first two here. About such a specific topic. We've been had. You were right!
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That was my point, bitching about it on message boards doesn't do anything but aid them in their job.
about the OP: lol that figures.  clever bastards.

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The protest thing was hilarious, especially when Christian organizations started backlashing with this whole "we don't act like that" kind of response...which a lot of Christian groups DO act like that! 
The check thing is pretty cool also, as it's a really really REALLY nice piece of gaming swag.  I mean, seriously...Brian at Kotaku was FUCKING INSANE to burn that check, as he got rid of a really cool-looking piece of swag.  I do agree with his end statement, however.  EA could seriously use that money for better purposes...but at the same time, is Brian donating to charity on a regular basis to back up that kind of statement?  I mean, instead, he BURNED a $200 check. 
Personally, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna dig the Hell out of this game (no pun intended).  People said this same exact crap about Dead Space. 
"Oh, it's just an RE4 rip-off" 
"It's not going to be any good" 
Then it came out, and people shut the fuck up with their negativity. 
I think Dante's Inferno is very much on the same path.  Games do NOT have to be ORIGINAL.  They simply have to be GOOD.

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oh well for the record i'm not working for ea! 
btw any opinions on jack black's return?