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Hi folks,

while doing a student exchange in Scotland I became a huge fan of the EDGE magazine. For those who don't know it: http://www.edge-online.com/. In my opinion (and I have read a lot of gaming magazines) this is by far the best gaming magazine out there. However it is a british magazine which means getting the magazine outside of the UK is kind of hard. However I just realized that on http://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/gaming/edge-magazine-back-issues/ you can order the current issue (and some back issues) for the standard retail price, without any shipping costs. I bought the current issue and they sent it to Germany for the same price (5 pound) I paid in Scotland at WH Smith! I don't know why they are not charging any shipping costs on single issues (because for a yearly subscription they include almost 30 pound shipping costs!?). So if you interrested in reading a high quality gaming magazine go ahead and order yourself the current issue. With free delivery you can't go wrong.

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Print is dead, unfortunately. God knows i spent endless amounts for money on gaming mags and car mags when i was younger, its just as soon as its printed, its obsolete.

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@randiolo: EDGE is actually one of the few magazines which I think are still worth buying. The design and layout tends to be top notch and they do lengthy articles and features about the industry.

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@GS_Dan: Sure i agree, its a good magazine, but over here it cost around $15. I dont find it worth it. I can find similar content on the net, for free.

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Their covers have been awful over the last year or so tough. Used to be the best bit.

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Edge is so hit and miss now. I just picked up this month's issue - there's a great article about avatars in games, and then there's about 5 fluff pieces about nonsense (Leigh Alexander on hipsters? no thanks)

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@9cupsoftea: I agree the Leigh Alexander articles are the worst part of the magazine

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Bring back Mr Biffo. He was my favourite games journalist during my formative years, reading Digitiser on Teletext was a daily ritual.

Ths website: http://www.btinternet.com/~moononastick/sp58/Index.html & it's archive of Digi's best moments is out-dated but still wonderful.

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@alternate: Really? I actually like the covers...especially the golden Zelda cover and the Last Of Us cover

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They give you EDGE for free in games convention press rooms. That's where I get my copies.

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EDGE is less about reviews and more about long form journalism, which I think is great.

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I bet that'll be cheaper than at my local bookstore that imports it to Canada. Now that I have a job I might look at getting it regularly but first I need the back issues of Killscreen.