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Me well i start at uni next year doing a BSC (UK degree course) in computer games programming.

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going to college for computer engineering.............if that counts

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In college on a games development course in Manchester. No idea about Universities yet.

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Not entirely, but i would like to go into video games, possibly in the business side of things, though.

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neuchus_pius said:
"Awesome. Any idea where you would like to go after the course?
well i live in UK actually near rockstar Lincoln which would be cool, but then again codemasters isnt far away either
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Ain't got no need for book learn'n.

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duxup said:
"Ain't got no need for book learn'n.

Streets SON, fucking books didnt stop Method MAN, so it aint stopping us son,  motha fucka
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No, not at all. I'm currently a university instructor. I teach sociological theory as well as research methodology. That's not really the right profile for something game related, right?