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Well now giantbomb is going back its roots I went back to gamespot to check my old account I found this


I'll quote it for the lazy

"recently the presindent of sony stated that the ps3 controller was not theived of ninendo's wii whihc has a built in motion sensor etc. this seems to be sony's strtigady steling good ideads e.g. gamboy-psp so only well hard ding-charvers out there who think psony is better than nintendo screw you NINTENDO 4 EVA"

This and lots more awful blog posts is what i found. This was back when i was 15 ...I was a total asshole haha (still am probably) but im glad I grew out of fanboyness

So do you have any skeletons you want to get out of your internet closet ?

EDIT : OH GOD MY REVIEWS http://uk.gamespot.com/users/self/contributions?mode=reviews

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You were young, all is forgiven. Allow yourself a past.

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Oh man... it's been a long time since I read the blog post I made as my final act at the site when Jeff left. I think that was the first and only one I made though. I hope...

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I have a PM that I sent to Bob Colayco, after Jeff been fired, pretty much crying and begging for answers about the whole thing. Dude, actually replied to me at the time. He was also confused about the whole thing. And no, I won't post the message I wrote.

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I could spell much better at 15.

You where a prick

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@turbomonkey138: You did that at 15? >__>

It's alright, I forgive you.

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I most certainly have some old posts on the GS forums that are just...retarded...but I don't think I can go back and look at them. It would make me cringe too much lol. I'm 21 so i've long since (feels long anyway...) grown out of my arrogant, ignorant, stupid fanboyish ways and I can't look back for fear I might build a time machine and punch my old self in the junk.

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There's actually a lot about GameSpot that I'd rather forget, just like everybody else here. What the hell were we thinking?

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@Asseroth said:

I could spell much better at 15.

You where a prick

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Let's just say I really wish I could delete my old account and post history. The ignorance, cockyness and downright twaddle I put in those overwinded posts are shameful. But who ultimately cares? Haha.

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Shit like this is why I stopped using my old handle everywhere, some of my posts from the days of being 15 were...unsavoury.

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Glad I'm not the only one. The stupid shit I say nowadays is nothing compared to stupid shit I used to say as a teenager. I read a review I wrote years ago recently, and it was just too much. I could not cringe harder.

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Everyone is terrible when they are younger. That was the origin of Hardcore Dave.

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Am I missing a part of the joke? Do you mean "siege"?

Besides that, funny enough and we do love Hardcore Dave. x)

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You should see the shit I did on the internet between years 13 and 15.
Let's just say there was a deviantart account and blog posts. Lots and lots of blog posts...

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I wrote a short melodramatic blog post after Jeff left, and at the time was following Drift City.

I suppose it could have been worse.

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@Funkydupe: Those are actual posts Dave made on a site when he was younger.

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@Vodun: I see, all is well then. :)

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I found the first reviews that I posted to GS, and they were horrible. I don't even have the excuse of being a young 'un, either. I was 25 when I wrote them.

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Did you eat paint chips as a 15 year old?

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I can't remember the account information I used for my GS account :(

Have had an account since 2003 but I have no idea how to log in, haven't logged in since 2007

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@Asseroth said:

I could spell much better at 15.

You where a prick

My brain just had an Irony-gasm, I love it

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*points and turbo and laughs*

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I can't remember what email I used to use so I've had to create a new account.

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My worry is attracting the fucking filth that is the Gamespot/GameFAQ forums. We might have some assholes here but still mostly lovable assholes. The GAMEFAQS forums are just filth.

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@turbomonkey138: I hope you know with that blog entry you made the internet a worse place haha. 15 would put you in what, grade 10? I gotta say that is pretty hilarious, thankfully from what i can judge the spelling and grammar fairy did eventually find you.

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I just get this:

Well, at least that is one game I completed. I found it tedious, repetitive and annoying. It was poorly scripted and could do with a lot more development time. 0.5/5

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Everything I write on the internet is embarrassing. I just checked and I have 7000 posts on my GS account. That's a whole lot of embarrassing material.

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just went and looked at my old blog posts over there and surprised at how well formatted and thought out some of them were and the fact that there were a lot of posts as well. definitely could see the difference between when I first started and when my last one was. and sure enough there was a few posts about the whole Jeff being fired situation. kind of funny reading some of them.

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Nothing. I have a clean account from eight years ago.

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Oh god. I signed up for Gamespot when I was 9 years old. When I was 10, I felt jealous of a friend who had a PSP so I wrote a review that was pure quality. (I never actually played the game.)

...forum posts consist of little more than bragging about atheism, hating the PS3, and talking about how great Spore will be.

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All of my message board posts were wiped long ago, and I never made any blog posts prior to Giant Bomb. Hell, I didn't even know you could do that on GameSpot, so there isn't much embarrassing stuff to dig up. The way I remember things, though, I was at least cognizant of my grammar and spelling, even as a child.

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Dark Sector 9.5
The Club 8.5
Man. I still kinda like both of those games. There's something very Half-Life-ish about DS

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Yeah, my old GameSpot profile is pretty embarrassing.But those where the good ol' teen days and I have done soem growing up since then.

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My 13-15 year old internet posts have long since been purged.
What horrible thing did Virtua Fighter 5 Online do to only get a 9.5?

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It seems GameFAQs purged my account, at least the email I used in 2002~ doesn't seem to be used anymore. I can easily dig up some inane and ignorant stuff I posted on the Stick Soldier forums, and apparently the website and forum I made in middle school is still intact as well, which is fucking ridiculous, I'd assume that stuff would be purged by now.

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I have a blog post consisting of a letter I wrote to Roger Ebert arguing that games are art.

It's pathetic.

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I'm not even looking at my old GS account. In MY defense I used that site when I was 11-13. If my own memories serve I was less "OMG Halo U GAIZ, SONNY SUX 4EVA" and more fanboyish really dumb stuff,Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Smash Brothers Ect. Not that I'm not into dumb stuff now but I remember being FEVERISHLY into that shit.

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I'm so glad I never made a Gamespot account. I was at the perfect age when I discovered the site, around 12 years old with Nintendo fanboy tendencies. Sure, I made embarrassing forum accounts on some other websites (I seem to recall posting a lot on a Fire Emblem fan-board that went under in the most spectacular way possible), but never anything that could be traced back to me, as that was before I was using this particular name.

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I have some dumb blogs on Gamespot. Mainly cus at the time I really needed a job and the internet was another place to attempt to make a name for yourself. I'm not very good at that- needless to say my blogs were kinda dumb (although there is some salient points). 
I like to believe I have honed my blog writing to be at least a little better but I get that its a meaningless task (I do it more for fun now when I have something I want to say or whatever).  
On Gamespot I used to write reviews, too. I found that I'm not really very good at that. Didn't make an account on Gamespot until 2004 but I had been reading stuff on there since like '98 or something. 
I also remember getting UHS hint files from Gamefaqs back in the early 90s (they are still there for games of that era). 
I had some self made sites on AOL and Geocities in the early 90s too. I have no idea how to find them though- they're more then likely gone. 
The history of the internet haha. Crazy.

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I don't remember my log in. What I wrote about was fairly cliche teenage things though. I have since..grown out of that!

I think :/

#42 Posted by DonutFever (3817 posts) -

I'm fairly young right now. Everything I write looks like garbage about a month after. Even this.

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  • Member since:Nov 4, 2003

And never a single post/blog on there!

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@turbomonkey138: Yeah, my account is banned so i can't go back to check my "reviews". But from what i remember it was just me writing down swears and shit i thought was funny, it wasn't, people liked it though, somewhat.

I actually managed to find my Medieval II Total War thing.

What do you wanna be when you grow up son?

I want to be a medieval warrior!


Imagine,a perfect morning,the sun is rising behind the hill,the birds are singing...

And then...

Imagine 4000 men taunting and shouting at the same time while charging...

Imagine those in the first lines,who are bravely runing towards the enemy...and then,imagine the impact...

Thats also the greatest quality of Medieval II!

When you are mercilessly slaughtering your enemys on the battlefield,you will feel the kind of joy those lucky bastards that lived in the medieval era felt when they guted their enemy!

In other words,ordering your army to kill some poor,dumb ****s who messed with you never felt better...in a game...

The gameplay of a Total War Medieval II is amazing!

You can command many different types of units...

Light infantry,heavy infantry,archers,light cavalry,heavy cavalry,artilery etc.

The beautiful thing about battles is watching as you outwit the AI and watching enemy troops fall,or retreat...

When you are on the world map you can:

You can manage your empire spaning over 3 continents...

(you will have to expand to get there,but yeah)

You can make military alliances,and use them to destroy your enemys,use many other forms of diplomacy,you can spy,trade,

assassinate,sabotage etc...

If you choose to be a state with Catholicism as it main religion, your cardinal can be elected pope...

You will wage a religious war against heretics!

You will make a legendary Crusade,to take over the Holy land!

Besides the campaign Medieval II also offers Historical battles,where you can take the armys of Richard Lion Heart and Cortez or Henry V and many other historical characters!

Another great mode is the custom battle....

You can choose any nation that is in the campaign (however the Mongols and Timids are not a playable faction in the campaign where as they are in custom battle),and pit them against another nation of your choice!

All in all,you love strategy?

Dont own this game...?

Go and buy the strategic sensation,before we all murder you!

Because in all fairness this is one of the (if not) the best strategy game i ever played!

And because the Total War series is the best strategy series up to date!

Graphics 10/10

Sound 10/10

Gameplay 10/10

AI 9.5/10

Overall rating:10/10

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.

#46 Posted by Kevin_Cogneto (1339 posts) -

The internet barely existed when I was 15, and thank God for that. Though I'm sure if I had the ability to dig through a few Prodigy message boards right now, I'd be equally appalled.

#47 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

Luckily I was posting elsewhere when I was actively visiting GameSpot regularly.

#48 Posted by AssInAss (3062 posts) -

@skrutop said:

I found the first reviews that I posted to GS, and they were horrible. I don't even have the excuse of being a young 'un, either. I was 25 when I wrote them.

Holy shit bro, I remember you! From the community contributions union!

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I logged into my old VE account last night. Nothing really embarrassing, but nothing to be particularly proud of, either.

#50 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -
@Hailinel That should be GS account. Stupid autocorrect/no post editing for the mobile site strikes again!