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I spent all of my youth playing video games until I became a junior in high school, when I met the woman who would eventually be my wife, and the mother of my child. In these off years I got away from big gaming and into Steam indies, and into emulation. I played lots of SNES, NES, Sega Genesis, etc, and while I would have fun, a lot of times emulators left me cold. I was playing on my tv with a controller paired to my laptop, but it just didn't feel the same. It didn't scratch the itch that having a real console, a correct controller, and a plastic cart staring at me would give.

So I'm wondering, with the Retron console and the retron pad, does it give you the right feeling? I also feel like I'm partially missing out on the true nostalgia factor, because while I started out with these games, I didn't grow up with them proper.

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I think the trick is using a proper controller. I played on an Amiga 500, so I went out and bought the same joystick I used as a kid

and bought an adapter for it and it was glorious.

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I definitely enjoy playing on the Duo Retro I have because in my opinion it plays snes and nes games very well. I did buy a snes controller as the stock one is garbage.

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The Retron 5 is just emulating, so going the emulator on PC route is about $150 cheaper with no downsides. Of course those aren't quite exact and if you want it to be absolutely perfect you will need to get the actual system.

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The only difference between the Retron and PC emulators is that it takes real carts and comes with the option of using the real controllers. Otherwise, it's an emulator like any available on PC.

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I think the nostalgia factor is key with going back. I have a "Retron 3" which I think was about $40 on Amazon when I bought it a few years ago.

It doesn't have the snazzy features of the 5, but I can plug a controller into it and play any of my Nintendo and Genesis games. It does a solid job.

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Putting a game into an toaster-style NES over and over again until it works is one of those joys that was super annoying at the time but you look back fondly at. You don't get that kind of experience from emulators, for better and for worse.

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Idk, I'm using my kickstarter Ouya as an emulator box right now. If the RetroN5 just dumps cartridges instead of reading them like original hardware did, I'd see no reason to change.

Nothing beats the original, though.