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Let's post some music to listen to while waiting for the supposed end of the world, shall we? 

  And just to add some discussion value, how do you think the world would end, or how do you want it to end? 
Personally, I would love for magic sheep to rain down from the skies destroying every tree on Earth, and then absorbing all the oxygen into their wooly wool, leaving us all to die a horribly painful death. 
Also, do you know anyone that really believes the world will end today? Would love to hear what they are saying. 
EDIT: Here's a nice link to keep track of the time, Terrible Fate
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The only song you need.

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awwww fuck yeah.

It'll end with a bang and a zip.

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What time exactly is the link counting down to, Is there a specific time people think anythings going to happen. Have any of you guys heard about these couple of acres in France which some people believe will be the only safe place. This just reminds me of that Simpsons episode where they thinks its the rapture.

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The world might end,
The night might fall.
Rain on down and cover us all,
And drown us with the burdens of our sins.
Maybe I'll look you in the eye,
Tell you, you don't wanna die.
Maybe I'll hold my breath and jump right in.
Maybe I'll hold my breath and jump right in.

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@Andorski: Darn it. I was just gonna upload that.

Anyway, here's my pick:

How would I want the world to end? That's God's decision.

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@HistoryInRust: that'd be good i think this would too

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I'm going to use the same joke I did in other threads, quick use the Song of Time!

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  I feel this is fitting, the video at least.

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If the end of the world sounded like this then I think I would be OK with it.

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We're already IN the apocalypse over here. Have to admit, it's been awfully disappointing so far.

Also here's some music:

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SexyToad beat me to it, but since he didn't post any embed:

Also, can't have an apocalypse without that sweet saxamaphone! Amirite... amirite?

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This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is perhaps the end of the beginning.

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Old high school songs, go!

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I'm not staying up till 5am central time.

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And finally...

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I cant decide which .. but it will be one of these albumns

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@Yummylee said:

We're already IN the apocalypse over here. Have to admit, it's been awfully disappointing so far.

Nooooo! Come back Yummylee! Damn it, they got him! THEY GOT HIM! Crap, I only have 40 minutes left myself.




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Well, I dunno about you folks, but...

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In about 28 minutes I plan to listen to this:

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+1 to the godspeed mentions. and the maiden! as for my picks:

edit: bah! the embeds got switched! the first is happy, the second is sad, but they both sound like the sun is exploding!

1) similar to godspeed, but a bit more metal and off one of my favourite records this year- for those wanting something bleak and beautiful:

2) and the above is something equally beautiful and intense, but substantially more uplifting- one of my favourite tunes.

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Well, there we go, the time on the link I posted just ran out. 
Now we just have to wait until we reach the next suggested time for the end, which I think the next one I heard was in about 3 hours or something?

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Always felt this would work well:

Also, , thank you for linking to Theophany. Never heard of him/them before, must monitor closely from now on.

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I'd argue that Godspeed You! is more appropriate for the Post-Apocalypse but I guess that's close enough!

Just because of Armageddon...

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I wanna go out with this song blaring in the background:

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@Andorski: and that is what i was waiting for.
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Clint Mansell's theme from Requiem for a Dream makes my vacuuming the house epic.

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We should have listened.

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I'm either going with "It's Not the End of the World, but I Can See It From Here" by LostProphets:

Or "Tonight the World Dies" by Avenged Sevenfold:

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~ Dawning of the Eschaton ~ Delivered unto Light from Darkness ~

And a happy end of the world to all of you wonderful Giant Bombers <3 Some great music being posted here. Nice to see Godspeed got posted so early.

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I'd say "bring it on!" but I've already survived it... but still, here's something more. And video game related too!

And if you want less of a downer for your world's end:

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@Sploder: Ah man... I was totally going to go there next...

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This one works for me. Sets the mood nicely.

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@AndrewB:Well, there's still The Battle for Everyone's Souls :)

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Or just look up the entire Icewind Dale I and II soundtracks. Different composers, but equally good music. It's all kinds of sinister.