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Looking at the majority of the top stories on sites like IGN and Gamespot, I am baffled. They are all rumors about the PS4, and they all contradict each other. One says the PS4 will be $500, one says $430. Others claim various things ranging from a smartglass type service, streaming PS3 games, and release dates.

What I want to ask is why? The thing is being announced tomorrow. Why bother publishing all these fucking rumors, which there have been tons of since the conference was announced, when we'll have actual concrete info tomorrow? Are they just trying to get as many bad predictions published before we have real info?

As someone that has been trying to get into game journalism, this is a part of that really turns me off. The focus seems to be more about generating clicks rather than providing actual worthwhile content, which is an insult to the readers, and I wish it didn't work. That's another reason why I love the way Giant Bomb operates.

So, what do you guys think? Are you sick of all these damn rumors or are you one of those that wants every piece of information you can get, whether it's true or not?

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Rumours generate clicks ... simple as that , and there is still the possibility that this is no PS4 anouncement ^____^ that would be awesome and make all those people who make rumours look like mayor asshats

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Rumors generate discussion. Discussion is good for journalism. It might even be argued that discussion is paramount to journalism, but I digress.

It's speculation and there's nothing wrong with it.

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Mayor Asshats! :D

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Next gen rumors get page views. Always.

Be thankful that Giant Bomb doesn't post this bullshit like everyone else.

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It’s on the viewers for clicking on them. We should be able to blame the writers for publishing shitty questionably-sourced rumours, but let’s be serious, games journalism is very rarely done by journalists.

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I hear Brad's leaving.

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Rumors are fun. The endless possibilities are always more enticing than when you actually know what it will be.

Edit: Actually, I just was looking for a chance to use the word "enticing" without it sounding creepy.

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Stop seeking them out. If you'd just stay here at giantbobdotcom you won't be bombarded with shit new stories