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Are you aware of any RTS game that also allows players to employ politics to weaken opponents?

I like Shogun Total War, it is difficult and I have never conquered the entire map but I enjoy it a lot.I am looking for a similar game but with the option to weaken opponent society via espionage.

I am also interested in any role-playing games that have similar foundations.

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RUSE. and if you want to try turn based Alpha Centari

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I am surprised there aren't more games with similar foundations. I'd like to play a RTS game in which you have to play co-cooperatively. one player deal with diplomacy, another take charge of covert military operations, another take control of propaganda and espionage and of course another command the usual standard military forces.

Even though it would cause a lot of arguments, I would like play this type of game online with three other people. Even with people I do not know.

I suppose Shogun Total War has all these features subtly intertwined in the game except propaganda but I would like these features to be prominent a game.

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What you're really looking for is a game Crusader Kingdoms 2, or perhaps one of the other time periods. I too am a big fan of the Total War series, and certain factions can indeed do a lot with diplomacy. However, Crusader Kings 2 and its ilk are actually more about political maneuvering than they are about combat. You need to manipulate your vassals to behave, plot against them to seize their land for the crown, devise cassus belli to declare war on your neighbors, and form alliances to prevent them from attacking you.

Personally, I am not the hugest fan of the philosophy of those games. They're not meant to be won, just to be enjoyed while you play them. A random ailment can totally throw off your quest for domination. But a lot of people swear by them and I can totally vouch for the fact that there's a lot to enjoy.

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Yeah play Crusader Kings 2, it's awesome. The whole game is politics, you want to not only insure you have an heir so you don't lose when your guy dies, but also through politics and marriages and such make sure your heir is set up to have as much (or more) power than you do when your dude dies.

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Civ 5 is supposed to have went into similar territory. Check it out.

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You could play Diplomacy with your friends. You might lose some of them, though.

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East vs West - which isn't an rts at all - should be out sometime this year and is all about espionaging the shit out of your cold war enemies.

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Real time isn't the greatest "time" for that kind of gameplay. Look towards turn based games like Civ V, Crusader Kings. Alpha Centauri is basically old (and way more awesome!!!!!!!!!!!) Civ V that takes place on a space moon or something. It's fantastic, but the "espionage" isn't great in that. Not much different from core Civ V but Civ V has expansions that... expand upon the non-combat mechanics. Adding stuff like spies, religion, stuff like that.

Go for Civ if you want to have an easier time. If you want to just dive in to really crazy shit, try Crusader Kings. It'll be deeper and more complex and as a result harder to get into.

Not sure how the multiplayer is in Crusader Kings, but Civ V is great with a few friends. If that matters to you.