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#1 Posted by Odie_Esty (29 posts) -

Pretty straight forward. I feel like 2013 had a lot more articles about singular games and their moral quantities than years past, a few of which I've wanted to join in on. I probably would if I had more cash. I also bought ALBW and Fire Emblem to be part of the GOTY conversations last year since I played 1 game from '13 in '13 before that.

#2 Posted by LucidDreams117 (425 posts) -

Didn't buy, but I played The Last of Us just to be part of the it. Played half way through and said no thank you. I get the praise for the story and the character but I could easily do without the actual gameplay. I get it. I just don't care.

#3 Posted by crithon (3462 posts) -

hmmmm not usually, but more with the indie games not because I want to be part of the conversation. Because word of mouth is the only way I get to hear about these games.

#4 Posted by AMyggen (3862 posts) -

Fez, and I ended up loving that game.

#5 Edited by ZolRoyce (886 posts) -

I bought things I was going to buy anyways a lot quicker then I might have otherwise taken to buy them to get in on the conversation/avoid spoilers. But I've never outright bought something I had no interest in just to talk about it.

Although I did borrow my friends copy of Deadly Premonition after hearing how absurd that game was.

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Not really. I do end up buying games when there's an overwhelming buzz around a game, and I'd say half the time I end up wondering what all the buzz was about. I end up playing a lot of games after the buzz has waned and end up missing "the conversation", which I'd say isn't really that much of an issue. I think a game should be enjoyable independently of the zeitgeist. Maybe I'm missing on something, but I can't see myself enjoying something more because of what people are saying about it on a message board. I like hearing interesting ideas from people though, but the signal to noise is pretty high on the internet sadly. Also, I like mechanics more than plots, so often time I end up completely missing in on what others find fascinating. Recently a lot of the game that got buzz were plot heavy games.

#7 Posted by Video_Game_King (36271 posts) -

Spec Ops, probably. Kind of a moot point when I'm playing it long after the conversation, and posting my blog about it even longer after.

#8 Posted by TreeTrunk (186 posts) -

I've definitely bought games that others have talked about and praised, but I don't think I've bought a game just because I want to talk about it?? if that's what you're asking.

#9 Posted by Brendan (8268 posts) -


#10 Posted by Canteu (2821 posts) -

No. I play what I like, regardless. I'm not playing shit just because "you" did.

#11 Posted by ViciousBearMauling (1300 posts) -

Gone Home.

Turned out to be a really overrated conversation.

#12 Edited by Spoonman671 (4828 posts) -

I buy Bioshock games so I can explain why they suck to people.

I guess some small part of me hopes they won't suck, but I pretty much know what I'm getting myself into.

#13 Posted by Random45 (1316 posts) -

Well, not necessarily a game, but I did force myself to finish a story I found awful today because I wanted to point out all the flaws the damn thing had and not be told that "I can't do that because I haven't finished the whole thing" or whatever stupid arguments they might have had for me.

#14 Posted by csl316 (9733 posts) -

I played Bioshock and Gone Home in November just to prep for the GOTY podcasts.

But no, not to #jointhething.

#15 Edited by wjb (1718 posts) -

Final Fantasy XIII.

Demon's Souls before Dark Souls came out.

#16 Posted by ichthy (593 posts) -

Dead Rising 2. And I ended up hating the game.

#17 Posted by cannedstingray (417 posts) -

Sometimes I buy games just to fell like I'm part of the conversation. I rarely actually participate in the actual conversation. But I also buy A LOT of games, so Mostly I would have played them anyway

#18 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (6086 posts) -

I ended up playing Super Metroid and A link to the past last year, so I could finally relate as to why people love those games. I ended up adoring both because of it.

#19 Posted by TrafalgarLaw (1475 posts) -

I will with Dark Souls 2, but also because I adore the series. There is nothing better than discovering intrincacies with a new game.

#20 Posted by Generic_username (648 posts) -

I end up playing games wayyy after they're released sometimes and wishing I could have been there for the conversation.

I bought Dark Souls because it was on sale for five bucks and the because of the hype. Best five bucks I've ever spent.

#21 Edited by gregoryc (170 posts) -

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Dark Souls. Hated Zelda (still finished that damn game, though) and really enjoyed Dark Souls.

Edit: Also, I purchased Fire Emblem: Awakening this year on 3DS. I thought that game was fun.

#22 Edited by CornBREDX (6244 posts) -

No, I play a lot of games in general. Giantbomb has given me a focus and I tend to play games that are covered here in some capacity more likely than others (and sometimes even ones that aren't if I really want to play them- like Ni No Kuni for example) but I probably would have played them anyway.

I will check out games a lot of people are talking about just to see what that's all about. Like Patrick I like to experience things before I make a judgement on it. Sometimes I get it and I find something new to enjoy (DOTA 2, League of Legends) and sometimes I get it but it isn't for me (Minecraft). At least I know, though.

For me it's more about broadening my horizons than being a part of a conversation- although that does naturally tend to happen.

#23 Posted by Generic_username (648 posts) -

I guess I also bought Terraria on hype. that game is fucking rad.

#24 Edited by MeldingPlague (44 posts) -

Well, I can't think of another reason as to why I'm considering purchasing Rust, so...

#25 Posted by medacris (678 posts) -

It depends. Gaming has, I realized, made me feel very guilty for what may be a very stupid reason. Dislike a popular game/like an unpopular game? The community will make you feel guilty. Skipped out on a popular title because it wasn't your cup of tea? People will try to pressure you into buying (and liking) that game anyways. Haven't played a game because it came out before you were born, or because you couldn't afford it? Others will shame you into feeling like a "stupid casual" and telling you you can't give your two cents on something unless you've played the entire genre that game is in. I do want to be part of the conversation more, and I want to feel like part of a group, but at the same time, spending money is very inconsistent, and I don't want to drop a lot of money I don't usually have on a game I end up hating.

#26 Posted by Freddie_Bert (46 posts) -

World of Warcraft. I work with literally a dozen people who play it and them talking about it whenever they were in together, coupled with my own desire to know why it was so loved got me to buy it earlier this year. Now, I sit at 60 full days play time on my Paladin, I've fallen far.

#27 Posted by cmblasko (1383 posts) -

Thinking of doing just that with Spelunky. Generally, though, I buy games well after their release date so I don't really get to talk about them with the internet.

#28 Edited by McShank (1630 posts) -

@luciddreams117 said:

Didn't buy, but I played The Last of Us just to be part of the it. Played half way through and said no thank you. I get the praise for the story and the character but I could easily do without the actual gameplay. I get it. I just don't care.

I bought it on sale, beat it then havent touched it since. I will not say GOTY but it was a good game. Alot of the Gameplay was. Well it was lacking. I got it simply to be apart of the craze.. Not doing it again.. I like being that Friend that has Catherine while no one else does, have Persona and No one else does "out of my friends", have Neptunia, yakuza, Katamari and more niche style games where I can start a conversation about them and have my friends Join me.. I enjoy my games more that way.

#29 Edited by Fredchuckdave (6269 posts) -

Nope, a lot of games are better at launch for multiplayer or if forced patching happens later so I might buy those but generally I don't really care that much. Also apparently every game ever made will eventually be on PS+, so there's no harm waiting. I'll play Dark Souls 2 because it's good and I'll write about it, but I won't play it because I have to talk about it for some strange reason.

#30 Posted by VoshiNova (1779 posts) -

@cmblasko said:

Thinking of doing just that with Spelunky. Generally, though, I buy games well after their release date so I don't really get to talk about them with the internet.

Do it Do it Do it~! ^_^

And Fez for me. I really just wanted the soundtrack to be honest - but I just HAD to know what the crew was talking about with secrets/decoding etc.

#31 Edited by Generic_username (648 posts) -

Oh yeah, I played some League of Legends just to be able to talk with my friends about. I like the idea of the game, but it is wayyy too high pressure for me. I've considered trying Dota 2 out just because of the talk, but I already know I'm not going to enjoy playing it.

#32 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3110 posts) -

I borrowed Saints Row the Third from a friend. Not a fan.

#33 Posted by SJQPersonal (120 posts) -

Dark Souls. I can't believe how invested I became in the videos. I wanted more. I am good at it, but it's the most terrifying game i've ever played.

#34 Posted by BestUsernameEver (4825 posts) -

Gone Home.

Turned out to be a really overrated conversation.

Yeah, did the same thing. It was a fine game, worthy of that amount of praise? Absolutely not, I don't think it's the important game people think it is, just a pretty well done "mystery" game.

#35 Posted by probablytuna (3886 posts) -

Not sure if it counts but I bought Saints Row The Third despite never being interested in doing dumb shit in open world games but was nevertheless hyped up by how crazy the game is by the GB staff, but that was months after it came out so I'm not sure if the "conversation" was still happening. The other two games I can think of are Farcry 3 and Black Flag, both games I never had interest in playing but again hyped up by the staff.

#36 Posted by Joe_Wildheart (77 posts) -

Saints Row The Third. After the game of the year bombcasts I thought I was missing out on the greatest game I never played. I just didn't get all the hype it got. I just thought it was incredibly average. Borderlands 2 for pretty much the same reasons as well.

#37 Posted by TobbRobb (4877 posts) -

In recent memory it would be Bioshock Infinite. But that was also because I was bored and it was supposedly short. I also had somewhat decent hopes for it. Decent and still somehow crushed hopes.

I also borrowed Last of Us just out of curiosity and wanting to know what the deal was. Though I should buy that at some point just because it's good.

#38 Posted by Gruebacca (576 posts) -

I don't buy games purely for the zeitgeist, but if it's a game I've been waiting to play, it makes a strong case for buying it around release day.

#39 Posted by JadeGL (991 posts) -

This is the awesome thing about having a husband with different tastes. I buy games I like that he will watch me play (BioShock Infinite, Dragon Age, Skyrim) and he will buy games that he enjoys. So I get to see The Last of Us, Uncharted, Tomb Raider and the Assassin's Creed games and I don't have to play them. Then we both get to be part of the conversation since we saw the games in their entirety (mostly) and we also got to hear our SO complain or praise the game as they played it. Win Win.

#40 Posted by AlexW00d (6491 posts) -

Have I played things because people were talking about them? No not really. Have I played things because something someone had said in regards to a game had piqued my interest? Yes, absolutely. It'd be dumb to not listen to other people's opinions, but it's also dumb to only listen to other people's opinions.

#41 Edited by Scampbell (501 posts) -

No, I have better things to spend my money on.

#42 Edited by Veektarius (5064 posts) -

No, if anything, the fact that a game is the subject of any conversation other than 'this game is good' is something I consider a negative rather than a positive.

#43 Posted by medacris (678 posts) -

@viciousbearmauling said:

Gone Home.

Turned out to be a really overrated conversation.

Yeah, did the same thing. It was a fine game, worthy of that amount of praise? Absolutely not, I don't think it's the important game people think it is, just a pretty well done "mystery" game.

It's important for having an openly lesbian protagonist, which very few other games have done. That, and it had good writing. Game-play wise, no, it's not important, but I'd be hard-pressed to name one game in any genre in a few years that didn't do something game-play wise that some other game hadn't already done. I haven't seen something new mechanically since maybe Portal.

#44 Posted by Superkenon (1516 posts) -

I only bought GTAV because I figured I should know what literally everyone else was going to be talking about.

'Course I never got around to playing it.

#45 Posted by Questionable (619 posts) -

Starcraft and Diablo; had no experience with the series, just knew that they were classic games that are still very highly regarded. While i can apreciate the games as being very polished experiences the genres don't click with me at all.

So yeah, just because everyone around ya likes a game. it does not have to mean you will personally have a fun time it.

#46 Edited by NTM (7605 posts) -

Yes, I guess so. I mean, I do have to be interested in it to play it, but usually, when I game gets high ratings, I'll want to play it because those are the games most people talk about, and I want to play games and discuss them because that's what I like to do. I mean, I don't buy games because other people like them or dislike them; other peoples opinions are never on my mind when it comes to games.

I just like being part of the game conversations, though peoples opinions on it don't sway me. In the end though, the game has to look interesting enough to me. So yes and no. I was thinking about this just yesterday actually. I feel like gaming wouldn't be gaming without the conversation; it'd be a lot less exciting to me. Whether it be in person or not, gaming to me is a social thing, even for people like me that really only like single player games.

For me, there are two parts, the actual playing of a game, and then talking about it, whether that be with strangers (like on the internet), siblings, or friends; I love playing games and talking about them. I guess, the real answer is no, because I never ever thought "Well, people are talking about this game, so I should probably get it." There is a part of me that does love to play games that is being discussed though, and at times I don't like playing older discussed games when there's a new thing.

For instance, if I didn't buy a game that came out a year before, or a couple or more, that were huge titles, but I could, or I could buy a game that's in this year, and is largely discussed, I'd probably rather get the one from this year. I think my answer is actually no, but I do love conversing about games, I guess that was more of my point. I'm just saying that if there was no conversation, I probably wouldn't play games as much, and it'd be somewhat depressing.

#47 Edited by NTM (7605 posts) -

@veektarius: I hope that's a joke, otherwise it makes me wonder why you're even on here. It's like another way of trying to deny the fact that you're a nerd, at least that's how I read it. I see no problem having an interest and somewhat deep talk about a game, whether that be story; characters and what have you. To simply say a game is good or bad is what I would say to someone that doesn't really play games: the uninformed, since they don't, and really couldn't have much input, but with people that avidly play games, I think it's great to discuss it in detail. You make it seem like gaming is less important than it actually is to you, when the simple fact that you're on here shows that you probably care a lot about them. I don't know, I found that awkward.

#48 Posted by Yesiamaduck (1305 posts) -

The Walking Dead... I didn't like Telltale games at all up to that point... it was worth it!

#49 Edited by NTM (7605 posts) -

@mcshank: Neptunia? GAH! I can't stand those games. Sorry, no disrespect. My brother likes those games, and that's fine, but I'll never care to play them.

#50 Posted by SomberOwl (751 posts) -

Not really but I actually plan on doing so many times this year to not miss out on anything that may be a major talking point of 2014.