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#1 Posted by kishinfoulux (2983 posts) -
#2 Posted by Slaker117 (4862 posts) -

Should Final Fantasy Versus XIII be a jRPG?

#3 Posted by Fishow73 (11 posts) -

Big fan of the top 10 fastest screen resolutions.

#4 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19833 posts) -
#5 Posted by Storphrax (187 posts) -

"Is Pet Vet a Sin & Punishment for adults?" is pretty good.

#6 Posted by Fenrisulfr (151 posts) -

Top 10 Moistest Anime Pillows in Video Games.

Ew. Just fucking... Ew.

#7 Posted by Chop (2010 posts) -

"What could Gran Turismo learn from RapeLay?" 
Hey, Patrick should write that article.

#8 Posted by Seedofpower (4017 posts) -

Man you reminded me of how I hate top 10 articles. It's when companies run out of ideas they start putting everything in lists. Just like VH1.

#9 Posted by Slaker117 (4862 posts) -
What Castlevania could learn from Metroid.
#10 Posted by Mikemcn (7742 posts) -

Is Darksiders a Catherine for adults?

I thought Cartherine was Catherine for adults, but who am I to say really.

#11 Posted by jelekeloy (469 posts) -

Should Zelda be a breeding simulator?

#12 Posted by endaround (2258 posts) -

How castles could increase Castlevania's popularity

#13 Posted by BeachThunder (13668 posts) -

Is Epic Mickey a Call of Duty for adults?

#14 Posted by VanillaPlant (155 posts) -

How manchildren could increase Imagine: Babyz's popularity.

#15 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5150 posts) -

Is Call of Duty a Gran Turismo for adults?

#16 Edited by DonutFever (3963 posts) -

Is casual games a Gears of War for adults?

Top Ten most moneyhatted love interests in videogames.

#17 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2534 posts) -

Should Alan Wake be an adventure game?

#18 Posted by 49th (3240 posts) -

Should Rapelay be a racing game?

#19 Posted by pjacobson21 (215 posts) -

"how season passes could increase Silent Hill's popularity"

#20 Posted by TheInsider (55 posts) -

Top Ten brightest underwater sections in videogames.

#21 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5150 posts) -

Top Ten most hardcore balls in videogames.

#22 Posted by Gumby (236 posts) -

"Top Ten coldest thighs in videogames."

CHUN-LI!!! Wait, what...?

#23 Posted by BeachThunder (13668 posts) -

How guns could increase Brain Training's popularity.
How babes could increase Beyond Good & Evil's popularity.
How game-breaking bugs could increase Zelda's popularity.
What iOS games could learn from Facebook games.
Top Ten most unexpected balls in videogames.

#24 Edited by kuz101 (223 posts) -

Should Megaman be a tech demo?

Sad. Also,

Top Ten most Japanese credit card information in videogames.

Top Ten most realistic balls in videogames.

#25 Posted by ozzy369123 (46 posts) -

"Should Professor Layton be buried in the desert?"


#26 Edited by onarum (2673 posts) -

Should Animal Crossing be buried in the desert? 
Is Brain Training a Rapelay for adults?

#27 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

"How space marines could increase Tony Hawk's popularity." You know that Activision was thinking of doing this, at some point. You just fucking know.

#28 Posted by LibraryDues (343 posts) -

"Should Tomb Raider be a flight simulator?"

#29 Posted by Reddy1124 (146 posts) -

What IGN could learn from Rapelay.

#30 Posted by SamFo (1642 posts) -
Should Rapelay be a Facebook game?
#31 Posted by Moonshadow101 (687 posts) -

"How space marines could increase Mario's popularity."

I'm down for it.

#32 Posted by probablytuna (4394 posts) -

Should Sonic be a dating simulation?


#33 Posted by aceofspudz (937 posts) -

"Top ten most realistic exploding barrels"

God dammit! I would read that.

#34 Posted by MiniPato (2818 posts) -

Well BAM there it is.

Thanks for the link though!

"Is IGN a IGN for adults?"


#35 Posted by Indiana_Jenkins (412 posts) -

It sound's like I should be reading IGN.

#36 Posted by FluffyZombeh (58 posts) -

Is Resident Evil a Kinectimals for adults?

#37 Posted by MiniPato (2818 posts) -

Should Imagine: Babyz be a trading cards game?

#38 Posted by SlightConfuse (3995 posts) -

How credit card information could increase Rapelay's popularity.

a lot i suppose all that DLC

#39 Edited by musclerider (684 posts) -

Top Ten most unpleasant balls in videogames.

How guns could increase Resident Evil's popularity.

#40 Posted by K9 (643 posts) -

Top Ten most hardcore preorder bonuses in videogames.

What Resident Evil could learn from Farmville.

Should Rapelay be a fitness game?

Top Ten longest loading time in videogames.

Patrick needs to be ferociously taking notes while reading this read. These are all great ideas for videogame articles.

#41 Edited by ShaggE (7573 posts) -

"How freaks could increase Kinect's popularity."

They did. Ever see a Kinect ad?

"What Metroid could learn from Crackdown."

You can turn into an orb, then collect yourself!

"What Pokemon could learn from Monkey Island."

I'm selling these fine Pikachu-skin jackets...

"How balls could increase Professor Layton's popularity."

No joke needed. It's perfect already.

"Should Imagine: Babyz be considered vaporware?"

Because it has all the substance of vapor! Amrite?

"Top Ten fastest crates in videogames."

Kart racing featuring gaming's most famous crates and barrels. MAKE IT SO.

"Top Ten baldest flags in videogames."

... We're done here.

#42 Posted by SlightConfuse (3995 posts) -

@K9 said:

Should Rapelay be a fitness game?

that would be interesting to see

#43 Posted by MiniPato (2818 posts) -

Top Ten most moneyhatted load times in videogames.


How escort missions could increase Uncharted's popularity.

Is Professor Layton a Catherine for adults?

Top Ten sexiest cameras in videogames.

How freaks could increase Imagine: Babyz's popularity.

Top Ten ugliest elevators in videogames.

Top Ten hottest credit card information in videogames.

What Rapelay could learn from Halo.

Any phrase involving Rapelay is gold.

#44 Edited by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4313 posts) -

How stalkers could increase Kinect's popularity 
Should Facebook games be set in space 
What LittleBigPlanet could learn from Farmville
Is Skyrim a Catherine for adults?
Top ten brightest man children in videogames

#45 Posted by Willin (1369 posts) -

"Should Facebook games be a farm simulation?"

This is scary...

#46 Posted by amomjc (978 posts) -

Lol, this was quite hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

#47 Posted by MiniPato (2818 posts) -

Top Ten most hardcore balls in videogames.

alright, I'm out!

#48 Posted by Saethir (357 posts) -

"How Health Kits could Increase Halo's Popularity."

well I never.

#49 Edited by Getz (3654 posts) -

Is Cave Story a Cave Story for adults? Is IGN a RapeLay for adults? These are the questions we need answered.

#50 Edited by RE_Player1 (7971 posts) -

Top Ten Most Boring Love Interests In Video Games... I would like to congratulate whoever made the site because that is without question something IGN would put up. What a joke of a website.