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Your video games need you!

Our goal is to create the world's largest community edited video game database. Gamewise will catalogue every detail related to your games - from the characters, locations and items found within them to who made them and how to complete them.

Gamewise is:


Each game, character, platform, company, person or franchise can have their own profile with unlimited pages of quality user contributed content.

Vast amounts of detail can be achieved while being displayed in a clean and clutter-free format.


Gamewise allows users to catalogue all types of data related to games, giving them context and a place within the gaming universe.

Using our menu editor pages can easily organised in a logical, hierarchical format - allowing for everything to be where it belongs.

Easy to Use

We've built powerful, user-friendly tools that are easily picked up and allow for efficient creation of quality content.

No knowledge of code is required, you won't see any curly brackets here! Anybody can use our visual editors and begin adding content instantly.


Every contribution made rewards the user with points - it's an open system that's fair and above all, transparent.

Become the top contributor to a game (or any other entity) and you'll be rewarded with a 'master' badge - along with the knowledge of being completely awesome!


Gamewise is an interactive experience - you can follow your favourite entities in order to receive a bespoke feed of news and updates which accurately reflect your interests.

You will receive tailored recommendations for other entities to follow, allowing you to discover new games and interesting content.

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That's pretty funny

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Good luck buddy.

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@Video_Game_King said:, your days are numbered.


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@FredPeterson: The way you post so much about Gamewise makes me wonder if you have another motive.

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What are you doing, Fred?

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@Atramentous said:

@FredPeterson: The way you post so much about Gamewise makes me wonder if you have another motive.

Yeah I can't believe how they can just rip off GB like this??

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I only visit gaming sites that do Persona 4 Endurance runs, perhaps you guys should do one!

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How isn't this advertising?

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The most blatant attempt at advertisement I have ever seen.

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I don't like you and I don't like your site. I really don't like advertisement threads. That is why I flagged this. Now...

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This sounds like an awesome idea. I'm gonna rip it off.

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This hasn't been locked yet?...

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Yes, I'm almost certain that many of the pages submitted there are grammatical atrocities. Good luck with that.

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Pretty sure I spend a lot of time at a website that does exactly this.

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@FredPeterson: Copy-pasting a a bunch of text and then dropping a link to another site isn't the way to start a thread on Giant Bomb. We ask that those starting up threads put some original text in there written in a way that will spark discussion. This is just spam and I was a little hesitant about treating it as that, but judging by how many times the community have flagged it, it seems they agree.

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