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Sony: Twitch streaming? Minecraft? Yeah, we got those too.

It's really good of Sony to be stepping up and getting serious about these things. There's no good reason why things like this should be exclusive to one platform, and it's a smart decision to make sure that they are not.

So then, what "exclusives but shouldn't be" are either platform missing, at this point? Dedicated Servers for Call of Duty could be very important. Has Sony or Activision said anything about them coming to PS4?

On the other side of the coin, now that Microsoft are going to support self-publishing, will titles like Warframe be coming to their console? It should be interesting to see.

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EA is the best example. Showing off timed exclusives to X1 which will eventually come over to the PS4 is ok but just shitting over the wii u is horrible. Im glad i have a prettty powerful PC for games that dont come out for the PS4 but on the other hand i wanted PC and XBOX people to experience The last of us.