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You should go over to comicvine. Just saying. They got a whole wiki about this stuff.

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DC has repackaged Batman: Hush a bunch of different ways. If you just want the story sans extras, the regular Batman: Hush paperback is fine.


Heart of Hush isn't really a formal sequel to Batman: Hush. It's just the next major appearance of the character. I remember it being quite good.


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 Batman: Hush is what you need to read.

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Hush is hyped so much because Jim Lee drew it, I personally hate his art almost as much as Liefeld; but I recognize that I am in a very small minority in that opinion.

Check out the Long Halloween / Year One / Killing Joke / Dark Knight Returns if you want to read good Batman stories.

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You want the one that collects Batman 608-619 I think. The Loeb/Lee issues. It's a pretty entertaining story.

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Also not a Batman focus book at all, but takes place in gothem and is written really really well, try out Gothem Centrel its about the cops who have to live in a world of superheros more specifically Gotham.

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Batman: Hush is where Hush got his start.

Also read Batman: Under The Hood. It's pretty similar to Hush IMO.